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Top 10 Pissing Off Your Cat List – What do cats like and dislike

Top 10 Pissing Off Your Cat List - What do cats like and dislike


Top 10 Pissing Off Your Cat List – What do cats like and dislike

Are you aware of the things that are annoying to your cats? check out this Top 10 listing of What do cats like and dislike. A cat needs not only good nutrition, veterinary care, and caress, but also freedom for her favorite activities. Sometimes, wanting to protect, you are too restricting your cat and this causes stress and illness.

Learn about 10 things that cats love, as well as about 10 things they don’t like at all.

What do cats like and dislike

Top 10 List Of What do Cats Love

1. Sleep

Cats love to sleep. For them to sleep normally from 15 to 16 hours a day. When a cat sleeps so long, it is difficult to avoid the temptation to wake her up to play or give her a little caress. Do not do this, since in the long run this can cause stress episodes in cats.

2. Hunts

What do your pets love

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Cats have a hunter instinct. Care must be taken to ensure that a cat that goes outside and catches its prey is safe. If the cat lives at home, it must offer entertainment that imitate the pursuit of prey. You can buy or make toys, which consist of a cord, on the end of which is attached an imitation of a mouse, a ball or a doll.

3. Scratch

Scratching is another thing cats love. Cats scratch for fun, to sharpen fingernails and mark territory, scaring potential competitors. You need to arrange a scratching area near your home or make your own homework for sharpening claws.

4. Bask in the sun

cat Bask in the sun

Cats love warm and comfortable places, so sunbathing is another favorite activity. If your cat walks outside, place a comfortable floor for her in the garden where she can sunbathe quietly. If the cat is home, open the curtains or blinds so that they are not deprived of this pleasant occupation.

5. When they are stroked in the “right” places

Cats love to caress only certain parts of the body, so it is best to stroke them on the back, scratching the chin and behind the ears. Few cats like to stroke their belly, they only allow it when they feel a lot of confidence. Cats also do not like to touch their paws.

6. Watch the world

Cats love to look out the window. They can spend hours watching people, objects flying in the wind, insects – everything! Especially if they spend a lot of time alone.

7. Favorite Food – Fish and Meat

Cats love food, sometimes they can eat their favorite food, even if they are not hungry. It is better if their food is diverse – food can vary from dry to wet, in addition, sometimes offer fresh food – meat or fish to diversify the taste and smell of food.

8. Be on top

Cats, both small and large, like to sleep in high places, and also watch from there for everything that happens around. If you live in an apartment, consider a multi-level perch – a viewing platform for your pet.

9. Playing

Cats love to play, no matter how old they are. With other cats or pets, with you or any intriguing object. In addition to buying or making toys for cats, spend more time with them. Because a bored cat is an unhappy cat.

10. Be with your family

When you have a cat, it’s easy to see that she loves her housing and the community of family members. Cats have different ways to express their affection. Does the cat want to cuddle up to you before going to bed? Has she ever left fresh prey at your feet? Welcomes you to the door when you get home? Does she lick you? Does she like when you iron her? These are just some of the signs that demonstrate the love of your cat.

Now that you know 10 things that cats love, make sure that your cat is able to enjoy them in full!

Top 10 List Of What Cats don’t like?

And now 10 things you shouldn’t do with cats. They don’t exactly like when you

1. Ignore them

Cats do not like if they are not noticed. They need displays of tender affection! Hugs, soft stroking and scratching the head they need.

2. Do not clean their sanitary trays often enough

Do not clean their sanitary trays often enough cat

Cats are very clean animals and a stinky toilet box does not fit into their neat lifestyle!

3. Iron them aggressively

Dogs sometimes love energetic scratching behind the ear, but cats prefer softer caress!

4. Dressing them up

Dressing them up

Cats hate being dressed. Clothing does not allow to move freely and enjoy life.

5. Carry them by car

For most cats, it is a stressful state of insecurity, anxiety, confusion, and they are swayed!

6. Forcing pose for photos

Forcing pose for photos cats

The cat does only what it wants, and the attempt to get him to pose for a photo is likely to end not in your favor.

7. Loud sounds

Loud, unexpected sounds, rooms where too much noise will force your cat to go to its top-secret shelter.

8. Put on them collars with a bell

Put on them collars with a bell on cats

Cats are naturally graceful and cunning, and will not appreciate the noisy collar, which will surely blow them off the roof!

9. Ignore their eating habits

Cats are known to be picky in their habits. You may have to try several different foods, bowls, places until you find the perfect combination.

10. Interrupt their sleep

Interrupt their sleep

Cats love to sleep. If they are distracted from one of their favorite activities, they will inevitably express discontent.

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