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HOW ANXIETY MANIFESTS IN DOGS: What can I give my dog ​​from anxiety?

What can I give my dog ​​from anxiety

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HOW ANXIETY MANIFESTS IN DOGS: What can I give my dog ​​from anxiety?

HOW ANXIETY MANIFESTS IN DOGS: What can I give my dog ​​from anxiety? Dogs and other pets that experience stress and anxiety are normal. Like us, humans, dogs and other pets are also stressed. And the signs can sometimes be too subtle to notice.


There are many possible reasons for anxiety in dogs. These are the most common:

  • Lack of socialization . Socialization is the process through which your dog learns to relate to people, other dogs, and his environment. It is very important to expose our puppy to everything that will be part of his environment , especially from the first to the fourth month of life. If we skip this phase, he will not know how to relate to his environment and this will cause anxiety in the dog.
  • Separation anxiety . Dogs are social animals , that is, they need to feel part of a group to feel safe. This is because the group increases their chances of survival, such as a pup being next to its mother or wolves hunting together.As a puppy grows, his tolerance for separation increases and he becomes more independent . But some dogs that have suffered abandonment, have been separated from their mother before 8 weeks or have suffered abuse, do not manage to tolerate separation from their owners because they feel totally helpless
  • Spending many hours alone at home. If your dog spends many hours alone, he will get bored and he will probably end up suffering from stress.
  • Lack of attention and interaction with the owners.
  • Fear of noises, such as firecrackers, storms…
  • Cognitive dysfunction . This problem, similar to dementia in people, appears in older dogs. In these cases, the dog feels disoriented and sometimes is not able to recognize his own house or his family. The symptoms of it usually appear more at night.
  • Changes in the environment . Moving house, the arrival of a new member of the family or the absence of someone can cause anxiety in dogs.
  • Lack of exercise and activity . 


The changes in behavior that a dog with anxiety shows are its mechanism to release all the discomfort it feels. Here are some of these signs of anxiety in dogs:

  • He has destructive behaviors that consist of breaking furniture, clothes and everything he finds, especially when he is alone.
  • He relieves himself at home despite being used to doing it outside.
  • Demands attention excessively with tremors, nervousness or moans.
  • It eats its own feces to attract attention.
  • He rides other dogs or people, even if he is neutered.
  • He is always alert , with tense muscles and vigilant.
  • He barks non-stop, whimpers and howls .
  • Shows hyperactivity at home, jumps and runs everywhere.
  • He licks himself, licks objects, his bed, the floor… and he can even get wounds.
  • Sick more often. He suffers mainly from vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Shows aggressiveness .
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If your dog has anxiety, you can follow these tips to try to help:

  • Do not leave him alone for many hours . And when you leave, leave him toys that he can play with, like a kong stuffed with food.
  • Establish a routine of walks, games and meals . This way your dog will know what he can expect at all times and this will reduce his anxiety.
  • Exercise and play with it. It is essential that it receives different stimuli, discharges energy and interacts with other dogs . If your dog belongs to a very active breed, practice a sport with him such as agility. The two of you will strengthen ties and it will be beneficial for your health.
  • Ask your vet about calming pheromones for dogs.
  • Wear a compression shirt . It is a special type of shirt that puts a little pressure on your body and helps you relax.

Anxiety in dogs can be annoying and even serious , so we recommend that you visit your veterinarian or an ethologist , a veterinarian who deals with behavioral disorders. This way you will be able to discover what causes your dog anxiety and what is the most appropriate treatment . On some occasions, the anxiety in the dog is so strong that he may need medication and very specific coexistence guidelines, but, following the advice of the veterinarian, the problem will be solved.

What can I give my dog ​​from anxiety?: Top 5

This simply prevents dogs from performing normal activities. And because dogs can’t show their inner feelings and emotions, they exhibit strange behaviors that are unusual.

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Dogs express changes in their behavior, stress, fears and other problems.

Therefore, it is important to know how to recognize the signs of stress and what can be done to relieve it.

There are many things and equipment designed for dogs and their needs. Devices and tools help to calm the dog from anxiety and stress.

Some of the best tools you can easily USE to help dogs worry:

Comfortable bed

Who doesn’t love a cozy and comfortable bed? Nothing can relax and soothe a dog like a comfortable bed on which it can lie at any time. Sometimes all you can do is create a safe space and environment so that they feel safe.

A soothing dog bed provides them with such a space, it has a raised edge that creates a barrier between the dog and the outside world, so they can easily lean back and relax their mind.

Buying a dog bed is one of the best decisions you, as a dog owner, can make for your dog.

Thunder Shirt

The ThunderShirt is also one of the easiest and safest solutions to try to overcome your dog’s anxiety or stress. Thundershirt provides gentle and gentle constant pressure to calm dogs. It acts as a wrapper for anxious dogs.

Even dog experts recommend wearing a shirt with thunder, who constantly suffer from anxiety problems.

Even during any fireworks or thunderstorms, they are the best support system for them. It is made of soft fabric that can be washed and soothes the body.

Soothing chewing

Using organic ingredients and treats can really relieve their anxiety and stress. There are many benefits to soothing chewing gum and chopsticks, including improved mental and physical well-being, dental health and bone health.

Dogs love to chew, and it is very useful for puppies, these soothing chews may be best for their overall health and mental behavior.

Chewing them can be a great way to occupy their mind and body in a healthy way, giving them mental stimulation.

Aromatherapy or essential oils

The use of essential oils is another alternative method to soothe dogs from anxiety.

Using slightly diffused essential oils and giving them a soothing massage can give them a completely different atmosphere.

CBD oil is considered to be excellent in such cases. CBD ultimately helps to cope with stress and makes the dog calmer and better.

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The growth of the CBD health sector is growing rapidly every day. But sometimes dog owners find it difficult to find the right combination of oils for their dogs. Here, when it comes to CBD oils, this material offers the best guide and oils for dogs to suit their needs.

Soothing spray

Because each dog is different, different strategies work for different dogs. And because of this, dog owners sometimes feel depressed. Therefore, another alternative and safest option is dog sprays or pheromones.

Soothing pet sprays help dogs and other pets alleviate their anxiety and aggressive behavior.

In addition, there are still no reports of side effects. These are fast, odorless sprays that promote a healthy energy balance and calm during intense stressful situations for older dogs and puppies.


When all the above traditional and herbal methods do not help, it is better to stop your choice on medication. But before treating any dog ​​with medication, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

There are many foods and medications that help relieve anxiety and have long-term benefits. They are also more useful for separation anxiety and situation anxiety.

Medicines for dogs during anxiety can be a little difficult to understand, you should always take a prescription and dosage from a veterinarian.

Other proven benefits of mediation include improved cardiovascular health, gut health, and better physical and mental well-being.

Dog anxiety can be a common problem, but there are several ways to deal with it and help them. This is the least we can do for pets that give us so much in return.

There can be many reasons for anxiety and stress, but it is more important to notice their symptoms and take action.

Katie Shuttler, MS, BS, RDN is convinced that prolonged anxiety can be harmful to a dog’s health, and if left untreated, it can lead to behavioral and other chronic problems.

Sometimes dogs can’t relax or cope well with anxiety in their daily lives. If so, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian or an experienced trainer.

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