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How to make a drinker for hamsters – Drinking Bottle (DYI)

What and how to make a drinker for hamsters - Drinking Bottle


How to make a drinker for hamsters – Drinking Bottle (DYI)

What and how to make a drinker for hamsters? – Hamsters are among the most popular pets in the world. Unpretentious, cute and small, they won the love of adults and children. Do not forget that with all the ease of care, they need at least a minimum of comfort. Therefore, in each cage there must be a drinking bowl for hamsters. Thanks to this, your pet will always have access to clean, fresh water, which means it will not experience discomfort. Yes, and care for him will be even easier.

Types of drinkers

Today, in any pet store you can buy all the accessories that provide the hamster the most pleasant and comfortable life. Still, many animal lovers are interested to learn how to make a drinking bowl for hamsters with their own hands. Indeed, to cope with this task is not difficult. And the ability to make such a device will save money. We will talk about the methods of manufacturing drinkers of various designs. Often, no tools or materials are needed for work. They are mastered from improvised means, and the necessary tools are available in almost every apartment.


Homemade Nipple Drinker
Homemade Nipple Drinker

In the manufacture of such a drinking bowl for hamsters is not too complicated and at the same time allows not to waste water once again – water will flow only at the moment when the rodent activates it by clicking on the nipple. Before you get started, make sure that you have the following tools and materials at hand:

  • ruler,
  • marker,
  • stationery knife,
  • ball bearing with a diameter of 3-5 mm,
  • small plastic bottle or another capacity,
  • a cone-shaped thick handle body
  • strong cord
  • hacksaw,
  • Scotch,
  • Moment glue.

Perhaps most of this can be found in any apartment if you wish. So, you can safely get to work.

  1. Lower the ball into the body from the handle from the wide side. Mark with a marker exactly where it is stuck.
  2. Carefully cut the body with a hacksaw on the metal exactly at the place where the mark is held – the ball should stick out a little from the future tube, but not fall out and close the hole tightly.
  3. Using a clerical knife, make a hole in the neck of the bottle into which the body partially passes through the handle, sticking and sealing it.
  4. Insert the tube into the lid (you can make it stick out perpendicular to the plane, but better at a slight angle) and gently grease the outside with glue, eliminating the possibility of water slipping or leaking.
  5. Secure the two ends of the cord on the surface of the bottle with tape.

This work is over. It remains only to collect in the bottle the distilled or boiled and cooled water, tighten the cap and hang it on the cord in the cage or outside so that the tube is in the cage. Now that the hamster is thirsty, it will be enough for him to slightly nudge the ball of the ball bearing so that fresh, clean water flows out of the tube. When he gets drunk, he will stop pushing the ball. He will immediately fall into place under the pressure of water.

Whole bottle

If the previous instruction seemed to be too complicated, you will surely like a homemade hamster drinking bowl made from a regular plastic bottle. All you need for productive work is:

  • 330-500 ml plastic bottle
  • office cutter,
  • a simple pencil or pen
  • plastic cocktail tube,
  • Moment glue.

It is very simple to make such a drinker – even a child can easily cope with the task. All work is done in several steps:

  1. Unscrew the cap, attach the tubing to it and circle to determine the diameter.
  2. Make a hole in the tube slightly smaller than the tube.
  3. Cut the straw, leaving the upper part with a corrugated section. Below the corrugations leave only a few centimeters – the length depends on how the hamster drinker is installed.
  4. Insert the tube into the hole in the stopper. From the outside, glue around the perimeter with the glue and let it completely harden.

The drinking bowl is ready. When you pour water into it and turn it over, the moisture will gradually drip into the set-up bowl and the hamster will always have the opportunity to get drunk. True, the state of the cup, from which the rodent drinks, will have to be monitored and regularly washed and cleaned.

From a cut bottle

By design, this cup strongly resembles the one described above. For the work will need the same materials, and the basic stages of manufacturing are no different. The only difference is that the bottle should not be left entirely, but cut off the bottom. This has both pros and cons.

On the one hand, the owner does not need to remove the bottle from the fixings every time, remove the cork from it to fill it with clean water. Instead, simply pour water into it through the cut bottom.

On the other hand, if you accidentally drop a water bowl when it is full of water, then most likely you should wet the hamster, its house and the floor around it. A very unpleasant prospect, requiring to act very carefully and fasten the tank as tightly as possible so that the rodent does not accidentally knock it over.

Pet Shop

Everything is very simple here – you don’t have to assemble a ready-made construction from available tools. You can just go to the store, select the appropriate drinker and set in a cage. In addition, in this case, you can buy autodrinkers for hamsters, characterized by visual appeal and ease of use. The only disadvantage is the higher cost – the simplest models cost at least a few hundred rubles. Therefore, think and decide for yourself whether you want to spend on an accessory for a hamster a sum close to the cost of the rodent itself, or it makes sense to spend half an hour of your time to make a drinking bowl with your own hands.

How to attach to the Cage

This is a really important stage. It is necessary to choose the right place for the installation of the drinking trough, and also to fix it securely so as not to drop it by chance.

Mount the drinking pot to the hamster cage
Mount the drinking pot to the hamster cage

Let’s start with the fact that the device must be outside the cage – inside it is necessary to bring only a tube through which the rodent will drink. Otherwise, there is a great risk that the curious hamster will taste the plastic and damage the drinking ground, which is fraught with a small but unpleasant flood.

Fastening methods can be very different. Some store models are equipped with special clips. Having put the last one between the bars of the cage, it is enough to tighten the clamp so that the feeding bowl is securely fixed – you can only drop it together with the cage itself. However, for self-made counterparts, this method is not suitable.

You can use the method described above – with fastening on a cord. But in this case it is better to suspend it separately from the cage – on another suitable object. Otherwise, moving the hamster’s dwelling, it is possible to drop the bottle.

If you like the idea to make a bottle out of a cut-off plastic bottle, you can make an awl with two or three pairs of small holes in one wall. After passing the wire through them, you can attach the bottle directly to the bars. Make it very easy, and the mount is reliable.In the case of fixing the drinking pot with a wire, make sure that the sharp ends of the wire are in the bottle, not in the cage.

You can gently clean the container from the inside and pour water into it. But not too smart, but a curious rodent, most likely, sooner or later will scratch the wire on the face, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

How to teach the Hamster to Drink

It is not enough to equip a hamster cage with a water supply structure. You also need to teach your pet to use it. With those in which water flows by itself (made from a bottle or a cut bottle with a straw), there are no problems. After all, they use the usual bowl, which accumulates liquid, which the hamster can easily drink.

But what about the automatic drinker equipped with a nipple tube? This question needs to be studied more closely.

Hamster drinking water from the trough

Usually there are no problems. Little hamsters, having seen several times as adults drink from the trough, quickly understand how to get the desired water. If your pet does not have this skill, it is enough to show him the drinker, press it with a finger, squeezing a drop of water, and wet it with the rodent’s nose. Then move the hamster to the drinking bowl and gently press it with the nose on the nipple, causing the water to flow. After several such exercises (repeat them with an interval of several hours or even days) almost all rodents understand what to do to get drunk.

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