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Stop Killing Your Cat – Wet Or Dry Cat Food (Professional Opinion)

Stop Killing Your Cat - Wet Or Dry Cat Food (Professional Opinion)


Stop Killing Your Cat – Wet Or Dry Cat Food (Professional Opinion)

Do you think you have been lied about which food is best for your cat (wet vs dry cat food)? More than 20 years on the American market there is dry food for cats, and the attitude to this method of feeding pets is still ambiguous. Many pet owners have a negative attitude towards “breadcrumbs”, believing that dry food is too poor and monotonous food, and they prefer to feed food from their table. However, this erroneous understanding of animal care can lead to serious health problems later on: the cat is not human, food containing salt, pepper and sugar is unacceptable for it.

It is extremely undesirable for adult animals, especially for cats, cow’s milk – it is poorly absorbed by the body and can cause intestinal upset. The natural nutrition recommended by some experienced owners means something completely different – a strictly measured and balanced diet of turkey meat, seafood, cottage cheese, boiled (without salt!) Or steamed cereals. A list for a grocery basket of a competent host may surprise you.

wet vs dry cat food

Selecting a natural menu so that all the useful trace elements are present in it in the right quantities is quite troublesome, and for those who do not have the time and energy to cook separately for a pet, professional cat food can be an excellent option.

Regardless of what you have on the table today and whether there is a mood to cook at all, the problem of the cat dinner will be solved by a couple of simple actions.

Many pet owners have a negative attitude towards “breadcrumbs”, believing that dry food is too poor and monotonous food, and prefer feeding food from their table

How to choose cat food (video)

Three types of cat menu

Types of cat food by consistency are divided into dry, wet and canned. In this regard, the choice of food rests on the personal preferences of the owner and the animal. Dry food is convenient for owners who are rarely at home: the portion left in the bowl in the bowl will not deteriorate, even if the cat eats it during the day in several approaches. An inconvenience is the need to provide the pet with constant access to fresh drinking water – the feed’s own moisture content is extremely low. This type of food will be inconvenient for owners of small kittens, which are still hard to crush large pellets, and older cats with dental problems.

A good option for them would be wet food – jelly or pieces in a sauce. Conveniently, usually one bag corresponds to one meal of an adult cat. It is inconvenient that the uneaten food should be removed immediately – it dries quickly and deteriorates.

The undeniable advantage of canned food is a long shelf life and high humidity, which is especially convenient for cats that drink little. Canned food is tasty and attractive for the most fastidious cats. The disadvantage is that after opening the jar, the contents should be consumed as quickly as possible: just as they breathe, they quickly lose their taste and nutritional properties in the air. Not every owner is ready to do wet food with a pet’s daily ration, but many consider canned food and sachets as a pleasant addition to dry food, designed to pamper a pet. In this case, it is desirable that canned food or pauchi be of the same brand as everyday food.

royal canin cat food

The undeniable advantage of canned food is a long shelf life and high humidity, which is especially convenient for cats that drink little

But which feed is better? To trust advertising is doubtful: what manufacturer will say about his product that he is bad or mediocre? Reviews on the Internet about the same product are controversial, the debate about which dry cat food is better, which is more reliable – professional food or personal nutrition, and how to choose food for a sick animal, consistently occupy the first places on cat fan forums. And it’s not always possible to rely on the experience of acquaintances, according to ten of your friends, the best feed may not suit your animal at all. How to choose cat food with the greatest benefit for her and the least damage to the family budget? What indicators affect the cost of feed?

What cat food to choose (video)

What do classes tell the buyer

There are the following classes of cat food:

  1. Economy class, which includes brands such as Whiskas, Kitekat, Darling, Friskies. The popularity of these feeds is based on three whales – advertising (who does not remember the cat from the video, thanks to which the color “black spot on silver” was popularly called “Whiskas”), availability (these feeds can be found in any supermarket or kiosk of pet goods) and low cost. But, choosing the economy class feed, it is worth considering that in their manufacture raw materials of low quality, dyes and flavor additives are used. These feeds have low digestibility, and therefore a high consumption rate. In addition, they are poorly balanced in mineral composition. The opinion that dry cat food causes urolithiasis has arisen largely due to the popularity of economy class feed. Animals with sensitive digestion and food allergies products mentioned brands can significantly undermine health. If a cat with an appetite eats Whiskas sachets, it does not mean that it is the best wet cat food. This suggests that there are many flavor enhancers in the composition.
  2. If everything is simple with economy class, then it is more difficult with division of higher classes. – the same brands can relate to premium or superpremium in different articles with recommendations on the selection of food for cats: each has its own rating, there is no single, officially approved classification. Brit, Bozita, Iams, Eukanuba, Hill’s, Royal Canin can be cited as an example of premium cat food. Of these, the last two names are more or less familiar to the average consumer – these brands can be found in many pet supply stores. The composition of these feeds also contains flavorings and dyes, but the percentage of animal protein is higher, the feed is better balanced and more nutritious compared to the economy class. It is important that premium class cat food already has medical lines and products for different age groups and breeds.
  3. Bosh Sanabelle, 1st Choice, Acana, Royal Canin (French) can be classified as super-premium class feeds. These brands are almost not advertised, and they can be found mainly in veterinary clinics and online stores. Super-premium class feeds are made without the use of dyes, with a high, more than 50%, natural meat content, have high digestibility and, in the opinion of veterinarians, will be the best choice for a caring owner, ensuring a high quality of life of the pet. But the price of these feeds is high.
  4. Almost unknown to a wide range of consumers is the Human Grade class, or holistic, – both because of the high cost, and because of the lack of retail. These feeds are bought, as a rule, in online stores. This class includes brands such as Origen, Go Natural, Almo Nature, Now Natural, Felidae. Producers of holists position their product as exemplary, made from environmentally friendly raw materials and as close as possible to the natural diet of cats. Holists by many breeders and wealthy owners are advertised as the best dry cat food possible, which is largely explained by the fashion for natural food and labels “non-GMO”, “without antibiotics”, etc.
royal canin for regular cat

The given gradation, of course, is not an unequivocal answer as to which cat food is the best. The choice of brand depends on the financial capabilities of the owner, breed, age and other individual characteristics of the cat. It is best to rely on the advice of veterinarians when choosing a pet food ration.

Royal Canin British short hair

What, first of all, will have to make a start, choosing what kind of food is better to feed the cat?

The balance between desired and possible

The financial criterion and the issue of accessibility will be decisive for many owners. If your family budget does not pull the food of a super premium class and, moreover, of the holistic or in your area is not delivered from online stores, will have to focus on the range available on the shelves. However, among the premium cat food it is quite possible to find an acceptable option.

It is clear that the most affordable and tempting for the price will be economy class products, but veterinarians are not by chance warned the owners of such a choice. After all, to spend money on the treatment of upset digestion or vitamin deficiency, if the selected food turns out to be of poor quality, it will be much more serious.

And if you absolutely do not want to be in veterinary clinics with the same frequency as at work, and your cat does not have serious problems requiring a special diet, then premium food is your choice.

Age requirements of the animal

It is clear that in kittens that are just starting an independent life, and in older animals, the needs will vary. In order for a kitten to be healthy, it must not only get a full-fledged mother-feeding but also use good food from the very first steps. Help in this you can advise veterinarians and more experienced owners.

In cat lovers’ forums, advice is often given by professional breeders with years of experience, who can not only name the best feed for kittens from their own experience, but also suggest other important nuances of responsible animal care.

Age requirements of the animal cat food

If you are the owner of a purebred animal or do not plan to engage in breeding, the next important milestone in the life of your animal is sterilization. There are many erroneous ideas about the operation itself and about the content of sterilized animals, in particular that sterilization provokes urolithiasis, especially when feeding on dry food. In fact, this is not the case, and properly chosen food for sterilized cats reduces the likelihood of developing the disease to a minimum. The same applies to another opinion – about the propensity of castrati to obesity.

It is important to understand that a castrated pet consumes a third less calories than its fertile fellows. The generally accepted minimum age of castration is considered to be 7-8 months, but doctors keeping up with the times carry out this operation to animals of both sexes from 3-4 months. Some manufacturers have a line of feed for sterilized kittens.

If you dream of breeding cats, then you need to consider that this requires not only a divorce assessment but also a willingness to improve your literacy. It is important to know how to choose the right cat food depending on its age, what to feed and what vitamins to give to the mother cat during pregnancy, how to choose cat food, what types and brands can be recommended to future owners of their graduates.

feeding pregnant cat cat's food

Older animals tend to be less active than in youth, and, moreover, they often have health problems and food whims. Cats that have lost part of their teeth due to age will naturally prefer liquid food. Selection of feed in the presence of chronic diseases is best done after consultation with a veterinarian. As for the food whims, among the wet food for cats super-premium class, you can find an option for the most demanding tailed gourmet.

club 4 paws cat foods

Nature has no bad breed

Another factor influencing the choice of the pet’s diet is its breed characteristics. Breed feed line, produced by many manufacturers – not a marketing ploy. For example, The feed for long-haired breeds includes substances that help to clear the stomach of lumps of wool, and trace elements necessary to maintain a luxurious animal fur coat in decent condition, and food for sphinxes is made up taking into account their increased need for calories.

Thus, in the matter of how to choose a dry cat food, you need to consider: age, breed, the lifestyle of the animal, the presence of chronic diseases and, of course, the opinion of the veterinarian.

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