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Viewing videos of cats is good for your health



Viewing videos of cats is good for your health

The phenomenon of cats online has become the subject of a University research conducted by Jessica Gall Myrick, from the University of Indiana who wondered why movies with protagonists are so successful.

According to the data, i feline movies exceed the average viewership of any other category of YouTube. In 2014 they were published further 2 million videos on the video platform, collecting 26 billion views. Dizzying numbers that indicate the importance of this phenomenon.

“Studying those who watch videos of cats on the net, while they are in the books or at work, does not seem like a serious topic and instead it is. We all do it, I believe that for the global reach it must be considered a sort of cultural phenomenon, “said the researcher, explaining the beneficial contribution of the video views of the cats.

“Take away anxiety, sadness is boredom. You gives energy, making you more productive at work, “therefore concluded the scholar.

A research that also meets some innovations in the business sector in Japan, where in some companies cats have been introduced in the offices with the aim of relaxing employees. A strategy that has proven successful for many companies as workers have proven to be more productive and positive in the workplace.

Now, with this new study, you can think of a sort of low cost pet therapy with beneficial effects on the body and mind. So from today onwards, employees will be able to relax and view their feline videos at any time. If the company controls the PC, they can calmly reply that it is a therapy to be more efficient!

In fact, the researcher assured that “even if you watch cat videos on YouTube postponing a task or when you should be working, the emotional reward can actually help people achieve those tasks more easily.”

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