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Unlikely friendships do exist, the proof in 16 photos

Animal Fun

Unlikely friendships do exist, the proof in 16 photos

Animals make friends with other species. It’s proven and it’s true every day. You just have to adopt a dog and a cat and you will see that the enemies of always on paper will be the best friends of the world in real life! But some friendships are more than unlikely …

Here is a top of the 16 most improbable animal and human friendships in the world. Nobody could have seen them coming! And you ? Do you live an extraordinary friendship? Have you ever met animals of different species, be very good friends? Tell us about your experience in comments!

1. This seal and this penguin never tire of cuddling!

© bellaluna / imgur

2. These little monkeys love to look for the fleas of this capybara and the latter seems to enjoy their company!

© fnordsensei / imgur

3. This pit bull is friends with this chick and here is the evolution of their friendship in 4 images

© hannahftw / reddit

4. This cat and calf love to be pampered!

5. Zenitude pushed to its climax!

6. This cheetah and this dog grew up together!

7. This fox and this cat are inseparable

© standstrong / imgur

8. Difficult to be friends with an elephant given its imposing size … Despite everything, this dog has shaken up the codes!

9. Would you have bet that this dog's best friend is this rabbit?

© Shevildead / imgur

10. The myth of dog and cat friendship has once again fallen with this adorable photo!

© yummie4mytummie / reddit

11. This duckling loves to go find comfort with his dog friend!

© gmwdrumbum / reddit

12. Babies at the very least different and yet very friendly!

13. Another couple of friends who break the rules of "sayings"

14. Calves are very friendly with this pig!

© lnfinity00 / imgur

15. "Hey friends, I said OK to come and warm up, but maybe not all at the same time, eh! "

© HiImBobHiImBob / imgur

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