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Traveling with your dog: 10 things to take with us



Traveling with your dog: 10 things to take with us

In fact it is not easy to navigate the huge range of products available on the market, directly to the store or online.

For example, how do we know which is the best of leashes or harnesses?

In fact we spend so much money on products for our four-legged friends are useless or even harmful. Better not to throw the money out the window, therefore, but spend it well.

Here a guide for a dog owner with ten essential items to take anywhere with us, even when traveling. They are all sensible, functional and long lasting.

However, take this guide as something essential and subject to change over time, to adapt to your dog, who is always unique and unrepeatable.

The criteria that we use for the selection of products are:
• Security: The materials must be non-toxic and must not show abnormalities such as risk of splintering, breaking suddenly etc.
• Functionality: products should be comfortable and serve the purpose for which we buy them.
• Reliability: All accessories should be reliable and durable.

Many of these items are easily found in stores for animals, though not all retailers are illuminated or adequately prepared.

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1. Leash and harness



It should always be used, even in the city.
With both hands he manages perfectly, shortening and lengthening it necessary to make 1.5 meters, as required by the law.
Anyone who tries it in all its three meters in length, where allowed, notes an immediate response of calm and relaxation by the dog, who can smell and communicate much better with his fellow humans.
It would be preferable that no double snap, because it becomes heavy.
The important thing is to give, however, the dog the opportunity to explore the environment with long leash whenever possible.
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With five points of adjustment is more convenient and comfortable collar.
It not only protects the trachea, lymph nodes and cervical spine, but allows dogs who wear it to communicate better with the head, which can be raised, lowered and placed on the side, when Fido goes into non-verbal with his fellows dialogue.
This reduces the frustration and stress of compulsion in our four-legged and decreases the risk of confrontation and conflict between dogs.
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2. Toys to be filled and balls

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Dogs love not only to eat a delicious morsel, but also to spend time looking for it.
The research neural circuitry, when activated, they release dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasure.
It is important, therefore, to put the dogs in “challenging” conditions to get something, exactly as it is more fun for us to have opponents, instead of putting ourselves in front of a football goal to throw the ball directly into the net.
The toys can be filled with food have a certain degree of difficulty to obtain it, which works in our favor.
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It is sad to see dogs chasing a ball thrown several times in monotony.
In the game you have to be really involved. We too must laugh, run, hold the ball or chase us.
If we just throw the ball like we are a car, the dog will notice it and we will miss a delicious opportunity to live emotionally important moments with him, which will strengthen the bond and improve the understanding.
For this reason, and for us to release the ball quickly, it is better to have two balls, plus a spare. We launch one and, when the dog leaves it, it must be rewarded with the launch of the second.
And in the meantime we run, we fake, etc. The pellets must not be tennis, which contain toxic material. They must be resistant and not heavy.
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3. Braid and bowl



It can happen to see around giving dogs tug, even slaps on the head.
There are those who use the collar with spikes or even electric for “leave” training.
All this is not necessary if you teach the signal immediately “leave.”
When you do the “push and pull” it immediately teaches the dog to leave the object during a bland game, before his excitement becomes so high as to make the “leave” more difficult.
Only then you can increase the degree of involvement of the animal, managing to get good “leaves” also filled with beautiful bites.
No need to scream, punish or scold.
Do this: he pulls, you stop keeping the braid steady, as soon as he shows signs of giving up, you say “good” and press it with a morsel or, better, with the braid itself.
It is good that the braid is large and long enough to allow you to hold it on both ends with your hands, allowing the dog to grab it in the center.
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That the resealable carry with you.
Because of its light weight and the small footprint it is preferable to use especially when it comes out for long walks.
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4. Bag for dog treats and cloth wipes



The tidbits are a useful resource for playing with the dog, which, for example, you can teach research.
In pet shops are baby carriers specially made to contain morsels.
With them not soil your pockets and pull them out quickly.
Baby carriers must be washable, allow hands to quickly grasp food inside them, and should not dance too much while walking or bending over their legs.
When you choose it, try it on your belt, open it, put it in your hands as if to take food and bend forward, sideways and on your legs while you try it.
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Dogs need to get out even if it rains, to roll around in puddles and take a dip in the river or the sea.
There are gods “Magic dog towel” with whom always you come out victorious. Just ask the shopkeeper for help.
The best are made of synthetic fibers and rolled up to be placed in a kind of giant cocoa butter container.
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5. Cover and pet carrier



Never scold the dog by saying “go to the doghouse!”.
To cover associates, however, always just positive emotions.
It will be a calming “anchor” and when you put it in your car, hotel, vacation or friends’ house, your dog will relax more easily.
It is important to understand that for the “home” it is where dog recognizes his smell.
The cover is right for us when we want to make it feel at home even when we are traveling.
A special cover is also a well-washed bed sheet and clean to store on the bed or on the couch hotel. So, if we salt our dog, he will not leave hairs or dirt, making befriended by our hosts.
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It can save your dog’s life on the go. You can turn his crate into a comfortable den.
Place the dog’s cover in the initially disassembled pet carrier and store it in a room without rugs, so that it is the most comfortable place to stay.
When the dog will be considered as kennel, you can use in your car.
Keep in mind that the rear seats are safer than the trunk, which is specially made to curl up and cushion the impact in the event of an accident.
If you can, place your bags behind and carry your dog on the rear seats.
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