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Top 10 Toxic Foods for Dogs that Will Kill Your Dog

Gli alimenti che fanno male al tuo cane

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Top 10 Toxic Foods for Dogs that Will Kill Your Dog

Top 10 Toxic foods for dogs: Our trusty pets are truly gluttons. It is quite common that during a meal, or even just a snack, we find the dog between our feet wagging its tail and looking at us with hopeful eyes.

Even more it is common to believe that feeding him this rather than that other thing will not hurt him so much. Still, many of our foods aren’t healthy for animals at all, even if they don’t seem to cause them any kind of problem at first.

It would be wise to be very careful what we choose to feed our dog, preferring commercial solutions or foods with characteristics and processes different from those we are going to see.

Believing that our 4-legged best friend can digest and dispose of any type of food just because we are asked and eaten willingly, would be wrong. Animals are not, in fact, able to distinguish in every occasion what could hurt them, especially when the foods require particularly elaborate processing.

Let’s find out together 10 of the foods your dog should never eat!

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