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Top Curiosities That People Have about Sphinx Cats

Curiosities about sphinx cats


Top Curiosities That People Have about Sphinx Cats

Sphinx cats (sphynx cats) They are very elegant and slender cats, quite different from others. But what makes them really original is that they are hairless cats. Meet the sphinx cat and its most interesting curiosities.

Praised, feared or hated, so are the sphynx

Probably their thin and wrinkled appearance (and obviously their lack of fur) makes many people reluctant to have a cat of this breed or to see them ugly. But really they have a special and very particular beauty, very different from ordinary cats.

They are often associated with evil or perversity, but they are really cats as good and affectionate as any other It all depends on your personality, like us.

Sphinx cat or sphynx cat

Baldomero, the cat of Dr. Maligno / Austin Powers -Image:

Curiosities about sphinx cats or hairless cats

  • Really They are not 100% hairless. A cloak of hair envelops your body, and some have more than others.
  • Many may think that by name they come from ancient Egypt, but really They come from Canada.
  • They appeared in the 1960s because of a recessive natural genetic mutation of the Devon Rex breed. From there, breeders in Canada they wanted to keep that peculiarity and create a new breed With those characteristics.
  • Currently, all sphynx cat bloodlines descend from 2 families of natural mutations: Dermis and Epidermis, 1975, Pearsons of Wadena (Minnesota, USA) and Bambi, Punkie, and Paloma, 1978, found in Toronto, (Ontario, Canada) and raised by Shirley Smith.
Egyptian cats, sphinx cats, Sphynx cats
  • Their body temperature is higher than that of other cats. It can be up to 4 degrees higher!
  • They are generically called “sphinx cats” or “Egyptian cats” but the sphinx cat is only one of the hairless cat breeds. Really There are 6 breeds of hairless cats: Donskoy (Don Sphynx), Sphinx Cat (Sphynx cat), Elf Cat (Elf cat), Ukrainian Levkoy Cat (Ucrainian Levkoy), Peterbald, Bambino.
Sphinx cats breeds hairless cats


  • A possible 7th breed of hairless cat could be called Kohona (also known as Hawaiian cat) although it is not yet recognized For no feline club. Is a totally bald cat, this one 100%.
Kohona hairless cat sphinx cats


  • The vast majority of them do not have mustaches, eyebrows or eyelashes. But this does not prevent them from hunting and unfolding normally.
  • His life expectancy is 10 to 20 years approximately.
  • As usual They have green or yellow eyes.
  • They have a faster metabolism than other cat breeds. Your appetite may increase and need more food than another common cat.
  • They are not hypoallergenic. Obviously they will leave much less hair than any other cat, but Allergic people may show allergy symptoms anyway. Of course, much less than with other cats with hair.
  • They require more care than a cat with hair, or perhaps different care. But they don’t have to be more fragile than others.
  • Although they are usually slender and stocky, we should not lower our guard. They can get chubby like any other cat too!
Sphinx cats and hairless cats

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