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Top 9 of 10 Best Reason Why Dogs are Men Best Friend


Top 9 of 10 Best Reason Why Dogs are Men Best Friend

There are reasons why we call a dog a person’s best friend. A person is able to learn a lot from the behavior of a dog, its character, habits, and most importantly, its readiness to provide all members of his family with unconditional love, devotion and friendly communication until the very last breath.

Unconditional love

You enter the door after a long day at work. A dog will never judge, it doesn’t matter how you are dressed or if you just had a really bad day. Regardless of the situation, the dog is glad to see you. You are greeted with equal enthusiasm every day when you enter the door.

The dog has the ability to live in the present. She does not regret the past and does not worry about the future. In the presence of a dog, everything else does not matter. The dog gives out pure love, not sparing money and asking for nothing in return.

Dogs have great long-term memories.

The dog will very soon forget when you pulled him by the tail too much, but he certainly will not forget how kind you are to him. She will adore you for her delicious treats, because you presented her with a new toy and scratched her ear. Even if you are not the owner of the dog, however, you always play with it when meeting, having seen the animal after a long time – it will certainly recognize you and will be very glad to see you.


If the dog likes you, it will definitely protect you. The breed of the animal is not important at all, even if it is a small pug, it will guard and protect the owner with great zeal. Whenever a creepy lawyer or cookie entrepreneur knocks on your door, the dog will be by your side. She will bark at them while you tremble around the corner and are afraid to answer.

Dogs can imitate emotions.

Based on the tone of your voice and body language, the dog will do everything possible to imitate your current state of mind. She will support the owner with all her might. When you are sad, she looks at you with big eyes. When you get angry, she will begin to bark and growl at inanimate objects. While people may not respond to your emotional ups and downs the way you want them to, the dog will always be there, regardless of whether you are excited, depressed or cheerful.

Dogs – Dishwashers

It may sound a little rude, but everyone has come across this. Ever ending your dinner you had too little delicious food left on your plate to leave for tomorrow, but too much to throw out. Well, your dog will definitely help. Just give her the plate and let the dog lick it. In a couple of seconds, it will be perfectly polished. The dog will be happy, and you are happy.

Dogs are a great motivational tool

Dogs prefer to be active, at least when they are young. Use them to good use, indulge them with walks and at the same time go in for sports. The dog will appreciate jogging, cycling and rollerblading. They will be exhausted and highly satisfied, and you will be on the way to becoming a healthier person. Large breeds of dogs will appreciate traveling and spending the night in the forest, they will be happy with unexpected walks in the parks and fishing.

Dogs are damn smart

Intelligence varies by breed, but overall, dogs are some of the smartest animals. This is demonstrated in their versatile facial expressions, in their ability to skillfully hide toys in the strangest places and much more.

Dogs will no longer allow you to eat alone

Who wants to eat one? Of course, sometimes it’s nice, but even introverts like to have dinner with other people. Do not be afraid if you have a dog, you will always have company for dinner, even if you do not want it. They will sit at your feet, breathe hard, ask for food, but it will still be a funny and sweet company.

Dogs Won’t Leave You Alone

Make plans with another person, and at the last moment he canceled the meeting? With a dog, you definitely do not need to worry about this. Dogs do not know how to use phones, so there is no reason to be afraid that they will call a poodle neighbor to leave you alone.

Simply put, dogs behave like people who don’t care about the more ridiculous aspects of intelligent existence. All they want to do is wake up, run, play with their toys, eat, sleep, eat and play back. Of course, people have thousands of duties and daily routines thanks to our “intelligence”, but it would be nice if we all could walk through life like dogs – carefree and completely self-confident. At least if you have a dog, you definitely have a real friend.

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