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Top 8 Out of 10 Hypoallergenic dog breeds: |Names |features


Top 8 Out of 10 Hypoallergenic dog breeds: |Names |features

Hypoallergenic dog breeds: photos, names, features – Happiness comes when dreams come true. It often happens that on the way to a dream there are obstacles that are not dependent on you. For example, if you want to have a puppy, but you or someone in the family is allergic to animals. Dreams must come true, especially those! Breeders have long been breeding hypoallergenic dog breeds and are doing well. We present a list of breeds whose representatives practically do not cause allergic reactions in humans.

Miniature yorkshire terrier

The main factor influencing the development of allergies is regular molting of dogs. Yorkshire very rarely part with their hair, which reduces the risk of allergies. The miniature size of the animal reduces the amount of hair remaining on the floor. If you regularly carry out a short haircut of Yorkies, then grooming is reduced to weekly combing with a special brush. Dogs quietly tolerate a haircut, hygiene procedures.

Bichon Frize

Snow-white fluffy fun people will fill the house with positive. Their short silky coat is reminiscent of human hair in structure, which reduces the risk of allergies. Often these dogs are sheared shortly, which facilitates grooming and prevents hair from falling onto horizontal surfaces. This breed is resistant to infectious, skin diseases. These animals are small in size, which allows them to be kept in small private houses and apartments. Dogs have a high intellectual level of development and are easy to train, which makes them ideal pets for families with children.

Chinese Crested

The hypoallergenic nature of this breed is the absence of a coat on most of the body. The remaining parts of the body covered with hair are sheared, which facilitates the care of the animal and eliminates the spread of wool. Chinese crested ones do not need to be combed out; on the contrary, they need to be insulated in the cold season. These dogs have a peaceful nature, they are devoted to the owner, not capricious. With all the positive aspects, there is a drawback – they cannot be trained, suffer from loneliness.

Shih tzu

The breed is low-allergenic due to extremely rare links, lack of salivation. Six in animals is heavy, which does not allow the hairs to break quickly, rise up with air currents. These “dogs” are famous lizuns, but this does not mean that their saliva can provoke an allergic reaction. Shih Tzu lacks excessive salivation. To minimize the risk of allergies, it is necessary to cut the animal at least 1 time in 1.5 months.

The small size of the breed does not prevent them from fully performing guard functions. To the approach of a stranger, an unusual action, they react with a loud flood bark.

Portuguese water

Medium-sized dogs are covered with curly hair. However, they completely lack undercoat, and the coat is so heavy that it does not rise with air currents. To minimize the risk of allergies, a regular haircut helps dogs treat them with pleasure. A visit to the groomer should be at least once a month. Every week, Portuguese water needs to be combed out.

This breed is smart, the ability to memorize a large number of words in human speech, commands. They occupy a leading position in the lists of easily trained dogs.


The ancestors of these dogs lived in areas with harsh climatic conditions. Nature took care of the conservation of heat through thick, hard coat. The period of molting would leave the Samoyed without a protective air layer, saving from severe frosts. In rare periods of molting (if the dog is sick), heavy hair falls to the floor without the ability to rise into the air, into the respiratory tract of a person. In other periods, the hair does not fall out, does not emit an unpleasant odor. Animals have a freedom-loving nature, it is difficult to train. Adore active games, children steadfastly endure pranks. They are stubborn and need regular exercise.


This breed belongs to the oldest of the canine family. These dogs are small in size, they are covered with stiff short hair. Affenpincher’s muzzle resembles a monkey. They are smart, love all members of the family, willingly make contact with strangers, animals. Do not show aggression, do not burden owners with frequent care procedures. They love to play with children, everywhere follow the owner, in the hope of encouragement, affection. The breed is suitable for housing in small areas.

Spanish water spaniel

Despite the medium-length coat, these spaniels are low-allergenic breeds. For the entire period of life, the animal’s hair does not fall out on its own. Dogs need a weekly combing, regular haircuts.

Due to reduced salivation, Spanish water spaniels do not cause allergies in households. Dogs are active, smart, devoted to one owner.

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