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Top 8 Dogs Never Seen: Photo and Characteristics

New dog breeds


Top 8 Dogs Never Seen: Photo and Characteristics

In this article, we present you photos and physical and character characteristics of eight new dog breeds born around the world.

Chowsky (Facebook photo)

Here is the Chowsky. Let’s start with the most tender and cute of the tracking shot, perhaps! It was born from the cross between a husky and a Chow Chow. But do not stop at the appearance, it is also a fearless guard dog.

The other seven new dog breeds

New dog breeds
Mini Husky (Screenshot YT)

Mini husky – What you see in the picture is a mini husky. We all know huskies, but you must know that in the seventies and eighties a new breed was selected … in miniature. It is still a husky, but smaller. They exist in three different varieties: toy, miniatures is standard. There are no character differences between three of the three varieties but only differences in size.

New dog breeds
Mini bull terrier (Screenshot YT)

Mini bull terrier – Just like the mini huscky, the bull terrier also has a “little brother”. These dogs are slightly larger than a chihuahua but are much stronger and more muscular. According to the standards defined by the standard, a specimen of Bull Terrier Miniature, to be defined as such, must not exceed 35.5 cm in height at the withers and 9 kg in weight.

American bully
American bully (Screenshot YT)

American bully – It is a very popular breed; many muscles and meek character make him an affectionate friend of the whole family. It is not a working dog but it is an excellent guard dog and also a companion dog, a breed very suitable also for children. It was recognized as a breed only in 2004.

Chinook (Pixabay Photo)

Chinook – A sled dog capable of dragging heavy loads. He needs physical activity and movement so he is not suitable as a houseplant. Selected in the first half of the twentieth century, this breed risked extinction in the seventies, but was recovered and is now one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

Pitbull dachshund mix
Pitbull dachshund mix (Screenshot YT)

Pitbull dachshund mix – Born in 2015 in the United States from the random cross between a dachshund and a pit bull, this new breed quickly became viral thanks above all to the web.

New dog breeds
Cheagle (Screenshot YT)

Cheagle – It comes from the cross between a beagle and chihuahua. Some specimens of this breed have become real instagram stars!

bull pei
Bull-Pei (Screenshot YT)

Bull-Pei – This instead comes from the cross between an English bulldog and a shar pei. He is a lively and stubborn dog and therefore requires a lot of training. They are muscular, sociable and playful dogs with both people and animals and they love being outdoors.

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