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Top 7 of 10 Ways – What to occupy Your Pets Time


Top 7 of 10 Ways – What to occupy Your Pets Time

What to occupy a pet: ways, activity, reasons, behavior – The problem many working pet owners face is how to entertain the animals when the owner is out of the house for most of the day. Boredom of pets and a feeling of separation are manifested in their negative behavior, such as scratching, smashing, chewing and digging. Here are a few proven ways you can keep your pet busy while away from home. This will allow the animal not to be bored during the day and live a healthy and happy life.

TV access

From the outside you might think that programs for dogs and cats are just fiction. However, more and more dog and cat owners are observing how their pets are watching the TV screens with interest. According to experts, the animals did not see anything on the TVs of the old models, since the flicker frequency of the image was very slow. Now, on modern LCD screens, the dog is able to see everything that the human eye sees.

Simply turning on the TV is all that is needed so that your pet does not get bored when you are not playing with it. The TV does not allow the animal to be bored, and also stimulates their brain activity. Some cats like to watch documentaries about birds, but dogs like to watch movies about other pets. Nowadays, you can set up channels designed for animals or enable youtube channels specially created for bored pets at home.

Smart toys

In the modern market there are enough interesting toys for cats and dogs to diversify their daily lives. There are automatic laser toys for cats that will entertain your cat while you are at work or busy with household chores. High-quality toys are thought out to the smallest detail, they can create 360-degree laser beams throughout the room and your cat can chase them. Most models have a “Slow”, “Fast” and “Random” mode so that your pet never gets bored. This toy works silently and does not create unnecessary sounds that can scare the animal.

The automatic laser is a great toy for dogs. In addition, a smart bone will interest a dog of any breed. It is not cheap, but it will become a great friend for your pet during your absence.

You can show imagination and come up with a toy yourself. Fill a hollow toy with natural peanut butter. Most dogs like the smell and taste of peanut butter, so they can spend hours looking for a treat in a toy.

Get a pet brother or sister

Adopt a girlfriend or friend for your pet. Adopting another dog as a companion to your furry friend will help both animals. You give your existing animal someone with whom you can communicate during the day, in addition, you save the life of the second animal and create full comfort for him. However, we advise you to make sure in advance that the new animal entering your house is healthy and has all the necessary vaccines.

Hire a dog lover

If possible, you can find a person who will walk your dog for a couple of hours every day for an additional fee. Many reputable animal care facilities include dog walking services. For those owners who have a long working day, a walk with a dog lover may be the only way that their dog can get the necessary physical exercise and activity.

Cardboard boxes for cats

Cats love to play in various boxes. Whether it is to jump into them and unexpectedly you from them or use them as a personal fortress. A simple cardboard box is a fun, cheap and easily accessible item that allows your cat to have fun while you are at work.

Additionally, place rustling paper bags near the box or in it. Your kitten can jump in and out of the bag, gnaw holes and use the bag as a tunnel. The sound of folding paper and its ability to change shape create an attractive and inexpensive option for games that your cat will definitely like. Leave a few pieces of such paper, skillfully scattered throughout the house, so that the pet can stumble upon them during the day.

Give your pet a free window

Cats are drawn to the outside world and watch him, especially from a hill. If you have a balcony, window sill or a large floor-to-ceiling window – leave the blinds open so your cat can watch the street. She is especially attracted to birds. The dog, too, may like to sit on the windowsill and watch what is happening outside, but most of all she will like to wait in front of her master’s window.

Fun in the aquarium

Although fish and cat are not always the best combination, a properly protected and inaccessible aquarium can keep your cat tense and visually stimulated while you are at work. Just be 100% sure that your cat will not be able to get into the aquarium or knock it over.

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