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TOP 7 facts why you should have a dog

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TOP 7 facts why you should have a dog

What lowers blood pressure better than medicine? How to treat depression? How to predict a headache? Scientists agree – adopt a dog. Here are seven facts and information from the world of science that prove that a dog is a cure for all evil.

1. Best in the fight against depression

Research by Polish scientists leaves no doubt. The dog helps in the fight against loneliness and in the fight against depression. This is evidenced by an experiment carried out in one of the retirement homes, where the residents were divided into those who had contact with animals: they could look after dogs, and those who did not have this contact. The results were clear. Those who looked after the dogs were happier. They complained less about loneliness, depressed less often, and those who already suffered from it coped better with its symptoms. The researchers said it was thanks to taking care of the dog, which allowed older people to feel needed and fulfilled. In addition, dogs are conducive to interpersonal contacts and building relationships. You do not believe? Read about the next study.

2. More effective than dating sites

why you should have a dog pickup
Do you want to meet someone? Take a walk to the dog park – scientists advise. Earlier, they checked themselves whether pedestrians smile and talk more often to someone who is walking alone, carrying a giant bear, or to someone walking with a sweet dog. The dog proved to be unrivaled. Every now and then new people came to the owner of the cutie and chatted. So the dog turned out to be a better lure than a dating site.

3. Takes care of our well-being

why should you have a dog's health?

Already in the 80s, researchers became interested in how owning a dog affects its owner. Research from Ireland proves that dogs are better than tons of medicine, because just stroking them and talking to the animal soothes our mood and thus the immune system. In addition, walks, which are necessary when we have a dog, perfectly affect our cardiovascular system and our weight.

4. Anticipates coming headache

why should a dog detect attacks

There are also studies showing that dogs can predict a migraine attack for their owners. The dogs under study sensed the approaching headache, catching the symptoms of the attack even several hours before its appearance. The animals then began to bark or sit on the owner intently staring at him. Due to such reactions of dogs, the patients were able to start treatment faster.

5. Helps survive a heart attack

why should a dog have a heart attack

University of Maryland researchers reviewed dozens of people who had a heart attack. It turned out that dog owners had a ten times higher chance of surviving the attack than people who did not have that animal.

6. Soothes stress better than a wife

why stress is a dog worth

Other studies have shown that we are best at performing stressful tasks in the presence of dogs. Even the presence of a husband (or wife) does not affect people as soothingly as a tail wagging dog. The subjects who solved difficult tasks by holding their hands in a bucket of water, had the lowest blood pressure and felt best in the presence of the dog.

7. Soothes stress better than medicine

why should you have a dog soothes stress?

To see if the dogs really reduce stress and pressure so much, they were offered a group of New York brokers to adopt dogs. Half a year later, it turned out that dogs lower blood pressure (and stress) better than medicines. The brokers, grateful for the help of the dogs, decided that they would adopt the animals forever, although at first they agreed only that the dogs would live with them only during the study period.

As can be seen from the review of the above studies, dogs lower blood pressure better than tablets. We also know how to treat depression and how to meet new people. And these are just a few of the many reasons why worth having a dog. Adopting a dog, however, remember that we must take care of him properly. So it’s worth spending time preparing and buying dog food, a leash for a dog, and investing in dog training.

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