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Top 5 Ways – How smart your cat is – Find Out Now

intelligence test cats


Top 5 Ways – How smart your cat is – Find Out Now

Cats are extremely intelligent animals and there are many small and large elements to prove it: find out which ones, with our intelligence tests for cats.

Intelligence test for cats (Pixabay Photo)

Although feline intelligence has been studied to date less than that of dogs, there are many signs to evaluate that could indicate that your cat has an intellect worthy of Einstein! In everyday life, in fact, it is possible evaluate the cat’s degree of intelligence through targeted observation of some of his behaviors.

For example, is your cat able to recognize his name? Can you distinguish your voice from that of a known one? Can you easily find hidden toys or tidbits? If the answer to these three questions is yes, you are already well underway: the intelligence test for cats will most likely give excellent results.

We see below a series of variables to be observed to try to measure the IQ. of our domestic kitty.

Intelligence test for cats in 6 key points

new cat at home
Intelligence games for cats (Photo Unsplash)

1. The permanence of objects

A bit like it happens with children, the cognitive study of domestic cat intelligence it also passes from the cat’s ability to understand that, even when it disappears from its sight, an object still exists. Usually it is enough to subject the cat to a simple displacement test: the cats see the object disappear and go to look for it where they last saw it. The researchers found that cats improve their responsiveness to the object permanence test over the years.

2. The internal clock

An essential aspect of feline acumen is given by its internal clock: the cats that live in the house are able to model their own times instinctively crepuscular and nocturnal to the daily habits of the host family.
Those who have adopted a cat know very well that kitty knows very well that when there is light outside, the owner must be woken up and the bowl filled, even if it is still dawn!

3. Seize social stimuli

Smart cats also have high social cognition, in the sense that they are capable of perceive and act on the basis of social stimuli that come from their reference environment. In particular, an intelligence test for cats on this aspect can be performed by examining how cats collect stimuli and signals from humans, for example if the cat knows how to understand a person’s emotions and adapt his behavior accordingly.

cat home hygiene
An intelligent cat (Photo Pexels)

4. Feline attachment

Another measure of cats’ cognitive ability is their ability to create an attachment bond with people. Just as happened in the past for children, the researcher specialized in feline behavior Kristyn Vitale of Oregon State University has subjected some cats to a test to evaluate their ability to attach and create a bond with their reference human being.

The cats were left alone by the owner in a room for a few minutes, to then observe their reactions to the return of the person: if the cat greets the person and then quietly returns to explore the room, we are dealing with a balanced specimen that has built a bond of secure attachment. The cats who show themselves upset by the separation with the owner are insecure, those who ignore him once they are back are instead cats that have an incomplete bond.

5. The cat follows the finger

Follow the master’s finger with the gaze represents a signal of tuning and a symptom of intelligence of kitty: in particular, the intelligent cat is able to follow the direction indicated by the person’s finger to reach, for example, the bowl with food.

6. Run the commands

Usually we talk about training the basic commands of the dog, but this does not mean that the cat is impossible to train, on the contrary: cats can learn many tricks and exercises, such as sitting, standing on two legs, jumping an obstacle, give high five etc.

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