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Top 5 Solid reasons Why Your dog



Top 5 Solid reasons Why Your dog

Biting and chewing is one of the favorite activities of pets. In the dog’s jaws, toys, balls, and even sticks hit, which are remembered by our pet. Many dogs also love edible chews – dried meat, bones, antlers, dental delicacies … and even carrots! Serving a pet with such snacks is not only a pleasure for him. It also brings many other advantages.

5 reasons to chew your dog

Here are just 5 of the many reasons why every dog ​​should regularly get snacks that require a longer bite.

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1. Chews kill boredom

Bad weather outside, and your dog is bursting with uncharged energy and you feel that the animal will literally explode? Serve him a hard food teether! A few hours wrestling with a treat will not only provide your dog with an interesting activity. Working with the jaw, chewing and fighting the teether will help him utilize excess energy in a way that is harmless to the environment.

2. Chewing teethers support dental hygiene

Eating properly selected teethers can be an irreplaceable support in maintaining proper hygiene of the dog’s mouth. Chewing hard treats mechanically cleans teeth and prevents tartar buildup. Feeding teethers is also a great idea for puppies and dogs during the tooth exchange period.

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3. Chews teaches independence

Regular feeding of dog chews and allowing them to eat them peacefully reduces the risk of separation anxiety. A dog who is taught to take care of his affairs (even when his guardian is at home), will endure being alone much better than a quadruped hanging on a human forever. A snack that will take a pooch for a long time is also a good occupation for the dog during our absence. However, it is worth choosing a congo filled with pate, not a dried bone, which a dog that is not under our supervision can hurt itself.

4. Chews are replacing the chair legs

Dogs like to bite and chew not only what is good for food. For lack of a better solution, they can gnaw on furniture, rug or even human hands! Providing the dog with the ability to bite and chew through appropriate treats significantly reduces the risk that our pet will bite something that it should not. Especially if the alternative we propose will smell much better than home appliances!

5. Chews are simply fun!

Anyone who has had the opportunity to look at a dog fighting a teether certainly noticed how great pleasure a quadruped is doing such a job. Chewing and licking are a great way to calm down and de-stress – whether after an active walk or after a stressful workout. Hiding yourself in a safe cage with a big beef ear in the evening is probably the dream of every home quadruped. So do not deny him this wonderful pleasure!

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