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Top 5 Reasons Why we love cats: Experts| studies


Top 5 Reasons Why we love cats: Experts| studies

Cats are one of the most popular pets. And this is not surprising, since cats literally captivate with their elegance, flexibility and grace. However, people rarely think about why they like these beautiful creatures. Experts tried to answer this question.

Cats are very cute and beautiful animals.

Cats look very attractive in appearance. Currently, there are more than 70 breeds of cats. Due to this diversity, everyone can choose a pet to their taste. Do not forget that these four-legged friends also have amazing charm. They are affectionate, obedient and friendly. Perhaps that is why many people do not buy cats, but pick them up on the street. Often they are driven not only by the desire to do a good deed. Just a kitten sitting at the entrance or the door of the store may appeal to one or another person.

Aesthetic appeal is one of the reasons why people like charming pussies so much. After all, indeed, daily observation of a beautiful animal gives almost every person a real pleasure.

However, experts found that there are also psychological reasons why people love cats. Women admire the elegance and grace of these animals. At heart, every member of the fair sex wants to be like a cat. Men most often like cats because they have a proud, independent and wayward character.

Communication with a cat helps calm the nervous system

Every cat owner knows that there is nothing better than lying under a blanket in an embrace with a pet. Many four-legged friends love to lie next to their masters or sit on their lap. Cats really like to caress and rumble at the same time. Scientists have proven that this interaction with pets helps to calm and relax. The thing is that cat purr helps relieve stress. Regular communication with cats reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, and also positively affects the functioning of the immune system. And when in contact with a cat, a person develops oxytocin, a hormone responsible for the appearance of feelings of happiness and love. This is probably also the reason why people love their pets so much.

Cats do not cause unnecessary problems

Cats do not require complicated care. These pets do not need to be walked, in most cases they are well accustomed to the cat tray. In addition, there are pets who even know how to use the toilet. In this case, the cat does not cause its owner absolutely no trouble, since he does not need to regularly take care of the cleanliness of the cat’s toilet.

All that the cat owner needs to do is to adhere to the feeding regimen recommended by the veterinarian, and at least occasionally comb out his pet. It is still necessary to take care of the pet’s hair, despite the fact that all cats are incredibly clean. They like to lick and therefore, always spend a lot of time to put themselves in order. Thanks to this, cats never smell anything. However, combing these animals must be done at least in order to avoid the appearance of warlocks.

Of course, there are favorites who bullies when they are left at home alone. But these are rather exceptions to the rules. Most cats behave calmly in the absence of the owner. They either sleep or decorously sit on the windowsill.

Cats feel humans very subtly

Every pet knows what mood its owner is in. If a person feels bitterness and sadness, the cat does its best to console him. And if the owner is in a great mood, then the cat will be glad of this and, most likely, will try to cheer its owner even more. But if he is angry at the moment, then the pet understands that it is better for him not to show his eyes. Cats are generally not overly obsessive. They like to receive affection and attention from their owners. However, pets are well aware when a person is disposed to communication, and when not.

Most cats are also silent and calm. They almost never have the desire to “talk” with their owners. They do this solely in order to attract attention or to report that they need help.

Cats are very funny and funny.

Cats cheer up people with their antics. These animals take funny poses, hide in the most unexpected places. They love to play with various objects. Moreover, the cat can always come up with entertainment for himself. The participation of the owner in this process is completely optional. Although, pets like to spend time with people. They enjoy playing with their owners.

If there are several animals in the house, then the process of observing them always gives a person joy. Because the fun of pets is always very unpredictable and funny.

There are many more reasons why people like cats so much. However, these were the most common and understandable of them. By the way, most cat lovers adore their four-legged friends also because they brighten up loneliness. And indeed, pets are a great company. A cat can always cheer up its owner, sit next to him at the TV and warm him on a cold winter evening.

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