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Top 5 Out of 10 Fashionable breeds of dogs: Names | Reasons | features


Top 5 Out of 10 Fashionable breeds of dogs: Names | Reasons | features

Top 5 Out of 10 Fashionable breeds of dogs: Names | Reasons | features – For the first time, fashion touched dogs when it was prestigious to give purebred dogs to representatives of the royal nobility, officials. Unfortunately, this trend in the modern world applies even to animals that ordinary families are going to have. When choosing a pet, most people pay tribute to fashion.

Fashionable sentence for pets

Giving preference to a breed that breaks records in a certain year, a person does not give a report that the chosen pet will be nearby for more than a dozen years.

Among the main criteria for fashion compliance are:

  • pet size;
  • length, thickness of the coat;
  • salivation intensity;
  • hypoallergenicity.

Even if large breeds of dogs are in fashion, it is worth adequately assessing the size of the living space, especially the nature of the animal, the rules of maintenance and care.

When choosing a four-legged friend, it is important to know the pet’s needs and measure them with their own capabilities:

  • physical health for active long walks;
  • material component;
  • the presence of young children in the family.

However, most future owners of four-legged friends do not pay attention to these nuances.

Introducing the dog breeds, leaders in popularity in 2019.

French Bulldog

Compact size, short coat and flexible character contributed to the popularity of this breed. The French are distinguished by unlimited fidelity, calmness and the ability to get along with the kids. They often get along with other animals, do not require large space for keeping. During walks to reach adulthood do not require excessive activity from the owners. They rarely bark, are unpretentious in food.

German shepherd dogs

This breed has been in demand for many decades. Despite their large size, the “Germans” are the ultimate dreams of many people of various ages. They are smart, obedient, distinguished by strength, endurance and devotion to the owner. It is worth remembering that representatives of this breed need a solid hand and training. The “Germans” also have drawbacks, among which are large sizes, a specific smell of wool, loud barking and frequent molting. However, if you decide to take a puppy of this breed, be sure that you have got a faithful friend for many years.


The fashion for dachshunds appeared due to the small size of the animal, short hair and unusual body shapes. However, these burrowing dogs are real hunters. Strong, hardy, with excellent instinct, they are able to determine the location of prey and in every possible way try to pull it out of the hole. They have strong short legs and a long nose. Dachshunds use these parts of the body as an ideal tool for tearing holes, undermines. Dachshunds love to sharpen their teeth on furniture. Moreover, these dogs have a complex character that not everyone can handle. In the family, they choose one person to whom they are devoted, the rest are condescending.


After a short period of oblivion, this breed is again at the peak of popularity. Small fluffy dogs with bulging eyes are great for keeping in the apartment. They do not require long walks, active entertainment. Pekingese prefer to take a comfortable observant position and enjoy life. They get along with other animals, but do not tolerate child molestation. The weak point of the Pekingese is the eyes. These doggies are not amenable to training, they are wayward and capricious.

Welsh Corgi

This breed gained popularity due to the fact that it became the choice of the Queen of England. However, this is not just a dog that the queen loves. These animals are intelligent, loyal and obedient. They are always positive, love to play. Understand a large number of words from human speech. They are happy to carry out teams. Corgis get along well with children and other animals. They do not bark for no reason; they are loyal to their master.


These silent giants are in demand in the conditions of the need to protect territories. It is not advisable to keep these dogs in a small apartment. Alabai choose one owner who will be protected until the last. They will not warn violators of territorial borders with a bark of bark, but calmly fight back. These animals are not amenable to training, but perfectly perform guard functions. Alabai freedom-loving, love long walks. They will not tolerate other animals near them; they can be aggressive towards children.

Siberian Husky

The natural habitat of these dogs is the northern regions of the planet. Their natural beauty was the impetus for the distribution of the breed around the world. However, these dogs are sled dogs, they need daily intense physical activity. Living in small apartments leads to the fact that animals are bored. They are hot in the room, out of boredom they gnaw at the property of the owner, arrange pogroms. Husky do not bark, poorly trained.

Chihuahua – Hua

Miniature pets have been in fashion for years. Breeders do not think to stop there.

Indeed, it is convenient to have a small dog that does not require daily walking, large portions of food and fits in a travel bag. They love the owner immensely, do not perceive dogs of other breeds and require careful care.

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