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Top 5 natural remedies to protect Your dog’s eyes (Blindness)

glaucoma dog natural remedies


Top 5 natural remedies to protect Your dog’s eyes (Blindness)

Natural remedies to protect Your dog’s eyes (Blindness)  – Glaucoma in dogs is more common than you might think and can lead dog to blindness: here are some natural remedies that can save his sight.

Glaucoma in dogs: natural remedies (Pixabay photo)

Eyesight is essential for humans and animals: in particular, dogs tend to rely heavily on their visual abilities, even if they have an absolutely incomparable sense of smell and hearing. Unfortunately, however, there are some pathologies that can put the sight of the dog at risk.

In particular, glaucoma in dogs is a fairly common and dangerous disease which can lead to total blindness of the animal: due to an increase in intraocular pressure, our four-legged friend may lose his sight in no time.

However, there are numerous natural remedies that can help you avoid glaucoma in dogs: here’s how to protect Fido’s eyes and save his precious sight.

Glaucoma in dogs: what it is, natural remedies and prevention

glaucoma dog natural remedies
Glaucoma in dogs: causes, symptoms, remedies (Pixabay Photo)

As anticipated, glaucoma is a condition caused by the increase in pressure inside the dog’s eyes: in practice, when intraocular pressure tends to become excessive, the eye begins to lengthen and flatten to make room for the accumulation of aqueous humor, the liquid substance that nourishes the eye tissues helping the eye to maintain its round shape.

If the shape of the eye changes, the dog begins to have difficulty seeing: that’s why glaucoma is a problem to be prevented, also through the use of natural remedies.

Symptoms of Glaucoma in Dogs

There are two types of glaucoma that can affect a dog’s eyes: the primary glaucoma, which has genetic or hereditary causes, and the secondary glaucoma, caused by trauma, injury, inflammation or eye infection. In both cases, i symptoms most common are represented by:

– the dog blinks more often than usual,
– red eyes with visible blood vessels,
– Fido’s eyes are slightly veiled,
– pupil dilated or unresponsive to light,
– loss of vision in the dog,
– the dog rubs his eyes with his paw (pain symptom),
– strabismus,
– swollen eye in the dog,
– loss of appetite and lethargy,
– the dog presses his head against the wall or the floor (pain symptom).

dog puppy eyes
Dog’s eyes (Pixabay photo)

Natural remedies for glaucoma in dogs

Glaucoma in dogs is a serious problem, for which it is essential to work carefully prevention: the best thing is to work with natural remedies which can help relieve pressure and protect the eyes of your four-legged friend.

1. SPINACH> spinach is rich in carotenoids which help to strengthen the eye tissue: they can be added to dog meals in small quantities even several times a week, giving preference to raw and organically grown spinach.

2. FENNEL> fennel are among the plants suitable for the dog’s diet that can contribute to eye health, both in the bowl and with an eye wash: just squeeze the juice on a clean cloth with which to gently rub Fido’s eyes.

3. CARROTS> dogs can eat grated raw carrots in their usual diet. These vegetables, thanks to the high content of beta-carotene, protect the retina and eye cells in general.

4. VITAMIN C> Vitamin C is a fundamental antioxidant for preventing glaucoma in dogs. It can be introduced into Fido’s diet through some types of fruit and vegetables, but be careful to choose only those allowed by the vet!

5. MAGNESIUM> magnesium relaxes the walls of blood vessels, improving blood flow and consequently intraocular pressure. It can also be given to the dog through special supplements for pets.

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