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Top 5 Cat Tips for Social Problems: A Nice Guide

advice from cats


Top 5 Cat Tips for Social Problems: A Nice Guide

Cats are very wise animals: the next time we are in some embarrassing social situation, we may want to follow these advice from cats.

Advice from cats can help us in life. (Photo Pexels)

The next time we are faced with a delicate social situation from which we do not know how to get out, let’s just ask ourselves … what would a cat do? While a dog will likely let you know that they haven’t been scratching his belly in the past five minutes, it is equally likely that it will take something more to panic the average cat. And if we’ve ever dealt with a cat’s freezing contempt, we know for sure that social appearances are strictly at the bottom of a cat’s list of concerns.

Learn from advice from cats

wise cat advice
The cat teaches us to live better. (Photo Pexels)

So, could we possibly learn something from our four-legged friends? Could borrowing feline behavioral techniques have a positive impact on our social life? Here are five typically embarrassing social situations, resolved by a more cat-like approach.

The first date

ragdoll cat
The look of the cat can make us understand that he loves us. (Adobe Stock photo)

We are on a date and, despite some decidedly lukewarm conversations about our work or where we went to university, it went quite well. However, we are not sure that there is a kiss in the near future. We would also like, but we don’t want to seem too needy, or worse, to have misunderstood everything and risk being rejected.

The solution? The “cat kiss”. Do we know that situation in which a cat stares at us with an extremely slow blink? This is how a cat shows that we like him. The person who is with us at the appointment will be so intrigued by our mysterious blink of an eye, that he cannot help leaning over for a kiss. Everything as in the manual.

The difficult menu

Food suitable for puppies
The cat does not settle on its menu. (Photo Unsplash)

We are having dinner with friends and although we have been very clear about what we want and don’t want to eat, everyone else is eager to share their dishes. We are now in the not very intriguing perspective of eating a small part of the dish we ordered, and most of our dinner will consist of other things that do not interest us in the least.

A cat would understand our pain. The optimal situation for a cat would be a bowl of water in one place, a bowl of excellent crunchies with a superfine taste somewhere entirely different, and one or two snacks among those most suitable for a big cat. Any other arrangement and a cat will likely walk away in disgust. Threaten to do the same if your friends don’t limit themselves to small dishes. Social embarrassment will see them bend every time, thanks to one of the simplest tips from cats we can receive.

The boring meeting

Cup of coffee
A cup of coffee ready to fall. (Photo Unsplash)

We have been sitting in a “strategy of the future” meeting for almost an hour now, and so far it looks suspiciously similar to the same old solfa we have participated in in the nearer past. We are really looking for the best excuse to go back to our desk, but the presentation still has 13 slides to show, so it’s time for extreme measures.

What do cats do when they are bored? They begin to throw things down from the nearest surface, of course. Putting a cup of tea on your lap will earn us a mix of worried and wary looks, but it will also give us a very solid excuse to get up and leave. We pay close attention when we pour it on our lap: we want to go back to our place, not go to the emergency room.

Last minute hole

cat sleeps cats advice
It is important for cats to sleep a lot. (Photo Unsplash)

We lazily agreed to meet an old colleague for a drink about six weeks ago and, rudely, he really expects us to go. Of course, on the day of the meeting, all we want to do is stay home and sleep. But if we hit the bottom, we will feel extremely guilty.

One moment. If our cat was offered the choice between sleeping and socializing, would it also take time to make a decision? As always, receiving advice from cats can help us: we follow our plans, we stay at home in a warm place as if they were pampering us, and we purr to the content of your heart. So when we feel totally rested, we will do the digital equivalent of scratching at our friend’s door and fill it with infinite messages on the mobile phone, until he gives us a new appointment.

The negligent partner

boredom pc
If the cat is bored, it does not waste time to make us understand. (Photo Pexels)

The other half don’t pay enough attention to us. Apparently he is very busy at work, and he really needs to finish this presentation, so maybe we could give him an hour to finish, and then watch TV together? But of course, all of this is not acceptable.

The only solution is to go around the room where he works, sit on his laptop and remain under his gaze until he gives us the attention we deserve. If he really loves us, this behavior will be welcomed with an indulgent exchange of glances, and perhaps with a beautiful photo on social media entitled “How can I work with all this love around?”. Problem solved.

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