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Top 5 + 1 Golden life lessons -What a cat can teach a child?

what a cat can teach a child


Top 5 + 1 Golden life lessons -What a cat can teach a child?

What can a cat teach a child? It may seem strange to you but a feline can really give life lessons to your little one. Here are 6 teachings of the kitty for your baby.

6 life lessons that a cat can give a child (Adobe Stock photo)

It will seem strange, and yet a feline, despite his unfriendly character, he can teach your parents a lot children. Indeed, a child growing up in the company of a cat, as an adult he can become a more sociable and more empathetic person.

Most of children who share their life with a feline, are less likely to have allergies. But life with pussycat it offers not only health benefits, but also the true values ​​of life. Here 6 life lessons that a cat can offer a child.

6 life lessons that a cat can offer a child

cat and child
6 life lessons that a cat can offer a child


A cat can teach a child the sense of responsibility. In fact, a child living with a feline can understand how to take care of his furry friend and therefore to take on his responsibilities, such as:

  • Feed him
  • Clean his litter box
  • brush
  • Change his water every day

It is also important to bring your baby with you when you go to the vet with a cat, in order to teach him not only the responsibility but also that the cat to be well he must be treated.

It is important that the child also understand that taking responsibility for your pet is a lifelong commitment.

Respect for animals and people

It has always been said that if a person respects an animal, he also respects people. So it is up to the parents to make their child understand that he respects animals, in this case the cat.

It is important that the child understands that despite pussycat be his playmate, he doesn’t have to pull his tail or chase him, but he has to deal with him kindness and respect.

Respect the times and spaces of others

Another teaching that the life of the cat can offer a child, is to respect the time and space of others. It is important that the child understands that it is not always time to play and that the pussycat:

  • Sometimes he wants to be alone
  • He sleeps many hours a day
  • You shouldn’t disturb him when he eats

This brings the child also to become more patient.

Cognitive development

Cognitive development (photo iStock)

There company of a cat can teach yours child to improve the way we speak. In fact, even though cats don’t talk, children spend a lot of time talking to them, sometimes they read real stories to them. Plus the company of a feline it can also help a child fight stuttering.


The company of a feline makes the child more empathetic and sociable. Indeed i cats they are very sensitive, for example when they hear a person cry immediately they approach and lick it to console them. So there cohabitation with a cat helps a child to understand the moods of people once they are adults and to identify with them.


It is known that i cats they are number one hygiene, while children often tantrum to bathe or simply brush their teeth. By pointing out to your own child that cat washes often and is always perfumed, can help you understand how important it is personal hygiene.

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