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Top 5 + 1 Effective – How to get a dog slim after winter?

slim down the dog after winter


Top 5 + 1 Effective – How to get a dog slim after winter?

Whoever did not gain weight during the winter, let him be the first to throw a stone! Bad weather and lack of sun effectively discourage us from physical activity. Instead of taking a long walk with the dog, we prefer to spend our free time buried under a blanket, drinking hot tea.

Unfortunately, this is reflected in our weight … and the pooch is getting fat with us! Fortunately, stored fat during winter can be lost quite quickly. Especially when we know how to effectively slim a dog after winter. Here are 6 tips that with a little determination will allow us to restore a neat figure to our quadruped.

How to slim a dog after winter?

For our dog to lose extra kilos, you do not have to save him to the gym or give slimming supplements. Even small changes in your daily routine can bring stunning results! However, if we want to effectively slim down the dog after winter, we should be consistent and not give up. Even if at first we don’t see any effects. Patience and determination are the basis!

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1. Start by consulting

A visit to the vet is a good idea to start your fight against excess kilos. The specialist will weigh and thoroughly examine the quadruped and then advise how much pooches should lose weight. If you are in doubt as to whether extra fat is the fault of pure winter laziness, you can ask for additional tests. Some diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism often cause weight gain in dogs – excluding them will give you the green light to take the next steps to effectively slim your pet.

2. Take your time, it’s unhealthy!

Even if your pooch has a lot to lose, you shouldn’t hurry while losing weight! Too rapid weight loss can have harmful consequences, such as muscular atrophy, malnutrition or general weakness. As with people, you should lose weight slowly and with your head. Every week, weigh your pet and record how much weight he has lost since the previous check – thanks to this you will be able to check what actions allow for a gradual fight against dog overweight.

3. Measure out the amount of food

Meals measured “by eye” is the biggest enemy of weight loss! The amount of food you give your pet should be weighed carefully. Unfortunately, plastic scoops for food are not always accurate enough – in particular, dogs whose carers use measures of a different company than the dog’s food are exposed to inappropriate dosage. The difference in the size of the granules and the calorie content of the food can make you unwittingly overfeed your dog. Therefore, the size of dog meals is safest to be measured using a kitchen scale. You can always find the right dosage on the packaging or on the producer’s website.

slim down the dog after winter
photo: Shutterstock

4. Avoid starving your dog

Less food is not just less calories. By drastically cutting your dog’s rations, you can inadvertently lead to serious shortages. Too little protein, micro- and macroelements and essential fatty acids are a simple way to destroy your body. Also, fat alone cannot be completely eliminated from the dog’s diet, even during weight loss. The doggy, who is still hungry, can also become irritable and even aggressive – after all, no one likes the feeling of constant drilling in the stomach. High-weight foods with a limited amount of carbohydrates are the most helpful in slimming the quadruped. They provide the dog with high levels of essential nutrients and prevent fat accumulation.

5. Give up caloric snacks

A piece of chop, a few chips or a cube of cheese is a real calorie bomb for your dog! Some rewards used during training or teethers may also interfere with your dog’s effective weight loss. Especially if they are not included in the daily caloric limit. Replacing the prizes with food granules set aside from a dog breakfast and serving low-calorie chews, such as carrots (instead of greasy dried ears), will allow the dog to lose weight faster!

6. Increase the amount of traffic

The spring sun and the awakening nature are asking you to take advantage of them! If you want to slim down the dog after winter, try to take him for long walks as often as possible. Avoid, however, forcing the quadruped to exert excessive effort, jumping over obstacles or running by the bicycle. The joints of an overweight dog without it are already overloaded. Bet on free, effortless movement on a long line and let your pet explore the environment at your own pace. Gradually lengthen your walks if you notice that the quadruped is getting in shape. Regular walks in the bosom of nature are a great way for the poacher’s shed to lose excess fat put away by winter!

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