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Top 21 Best and Most dog-friendly cities in the world

Pet-friendly city in Italy


Top 21 Best and Most dog-friendly cities in the world

Most dog-friendly cities in the world: Where does dog’s quality of life rise? Where does it go down? Here are the pet-friendly cities in Italy, the most welcoming for our four-legged friends.

Pet-friendly city in Italy: the dog’s quality of life is not high throughout the country (Photo Unsplash)

We now know very well, especially thanks to the television and the news that circulates on the net, that we do not live everywhere in the same way and that the quality of life can change not only based on people’s needs, but also with respect to customs and customs of each location. The countries all work very differently: it depends on the language, the culture, the historian who lived in that precise geographical point, the people who lived there in the past and the mentality of the people who live there now. In some states, the death penalty still exists; in others they have just abolished, after centuries, the barbaric custom of female genital infibulation; in still others you can end up in jail for calling a pig Napoleon. The stranger is strange par excellence, but we too have several inconsistencies to deal with here.

Speaking of which, did you know that your puppy is not welcome in all cities or regions of our country? Yes, it seems impossible, in the same way as it seems strange to us that there are people who are able not to love, or even hate, our four-legged friends. Dog is not always welcome, on the contrary.

The grandparents often tell us that at the time of the Great War and also pursued, before the outbreak of the Second World War, when in Italy it was so poor that the United States underwent our mass migrations, and were invaded by our people, as from the our food and our ways of doing so different, then you could often see a sign hanging on the door of the shops with the words “Entry forbidden to dogs and Italians”. Over time, fortunately, that cartel has changed. Unfortunately, however, it still exists, since dogs remain unwelcome within some public places and various commercial activities. Many managers have opened their minds from this point of view, but not all have managed to take this very simple step forward.

Here’s why pet-friendly city in Italy they are still so few (less than you would expect, surely) and because we need a further social and human revolution.

  • Pet-friendly cities in Italy: here are the regions that love our dogs most
  • Pet-friendly cities in Italy: here are the regions that love our dogs the least
  • Pet-friendly cities in the world: real oases for our beloved dogs
    • Toronto, Canada
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Paris, France
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • San Francisco, California (USA)
    • London, UK
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • Seattle, Washington (USA)
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Sidney, Australia
    • New York City, New York (USA)
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Vancouver, Canada

Pet-friendly cities in Italy: here are the regions that love our dogs most

Pet-friendly city in Italy
Pet-friendly cities in Italy: almost all of them are in the north (Photo Unsplash)

Think of everything you would need to take care of your puppy at three hundred and sixty degrees and what he would surely like: here, all that is in your mind now can only be offered by some of the most known and important cities on the Italian territory and they are all located in the North or in the Center – North. From what has been discovered by the National Observatory that collects statistical data, the Po Valley (but not all of it) could be considered a small happy oasis for dogs of all breeds and all sizes. Here there are a multitude of different services, all made available to pets, with the same commitment and courtesy and attention that are used towards humans.

The pet-friendly city in Italyin fact, they stand out not only for the incredible amount of spaces (not only green) open to the walk with our dogs, but also for the wide selection of services for their care, physical, mental, emotional and so on. Here dogs are treated precisely as people, not as things, and certainly not as unpleasant things.

Here are the regions with the most pet-friendly cities in Italy.


According to our data, Milan is the city of Italy that loves animals most. You’re not amazed, are you? In fact, from many other points of view this metropolis had already shown us to be one step ahead of the others: commerce, finance, fashion, communication, entertainment are just some of the sectors in which the capital of the Lombardy region is absolute first. If you are not from Milan, and not even from Lombardy, you may be wondering what is more here than in any other Italian location. The answer, without a doubt, is one: the multitude of services. The tertiary sector literally enjoys the presence of domestic animals in the area. The general economy also continues thanks to them.

In fact, there are many, almost infinite, professional figures linked to the world of pets, including:

These commercial and non-commercial establishments are in fashion nowadays, more than you can believe.


La Toscane, and in particular Florence, where the ZTL keeps traffic of cars on the road under strict control, dogs graze which is a marvel. It also seems to their owners to find themselves in a true earthly paradise, especially when they visit the areas dedicated to them, suitable for hosting all four-legged friends, making them feel comfortable and welcome. Precisely for this reason Tuscany is famous. Many of its cities, still maintained in perfect medieval style, as they have always been, and entirely immersed in the green of the woods, which closely resemble the enchanted forests that surround the walls of the castles in fairy tales, give the opportunity to anyone who lives with a pet to be able to carry it around freely. The cleanliness of these places, and in the culture of the people who live there, it is such that nobody risks stepping on something soft, smelly and brown even by mistake. It’s called “civilization”: here they know it, unlike other places.

Emilia Romagna

Among the pet-friendly cities in Italy, Parma and Piacenza, after Milan, they are the ones that provide more services to pets and help make their lives easier and above all pleasant. It is no wonder that Emilia – Romagna ranks third on our list. Even along its beaches, which immerse themselves in the waters of the beautiful and touristic Adriatic Sea, there are numerous structures suitable for hosting and entertaining our puppies. In fact, you can be spoiled for choice: there are many beaches for dogs, which are not simply stretches of sand where they can stay without being hunted, run and play in peace, even diving into the water to swim like humans , but they are equipped with playrooms, pet sitter and entertainers, made available there for their needs. Just like the beaches on a human scale, neither more nor less.

Also, to return to Parma, here it is the best kennel in Italy, compared by many to a real five-star hotel for dogs, where the staff are expert behaviorists and veterinarians and really take care, with all possible care, of looking for families capable of adopting these little puppies taken from the street.


The number of strays present here is almost the lowest in the whole country, especially in small municipalities and more rustic towns which, as we well know, largely fill this region, still so attached to its Alpine origins. From the parts of Novara, in all the villages that are part of its province, in fact, the vast majority of people live in large houses with a garden, have a vegetable garden, often even an orchard and sometimes your own livestock farm, in perfect “Heidi’s grandfather” style. This is also civilization, because everything is perfectly clean and tidy, life goes on quietly, in the big cities, in particular Turin, there are all the most avant-garde services, but the suburbs are immune to traffic and all those annoying side effects of a metropolis. That’s where dogs can live happily: in places like these, where families build a life equal to what we often see painted in romance novels or on television. Here dogs have space, serenity, affection and family warmth and, above all else, a job to do.

There are no abandoned dogs, because families need dogs: often they even adopt two or three.

Trentino Alto Adige

Speaking of Heidi’s grandfather and therefore wanting to move to the Dolomites, this is where dogs really feel at ease, but not all of them. Trento and Bolzano are the ideal provinces for some dog breeds, which live so well in these places that they seem to have been born to be only here.

To make things clearer, here is the list of dog breeds for which Trentino Alto Adige represents Heaven on Earth:

Pet-friendly cities in Italy: here are the regions that love our dogs the least

Pet-friendly city in Italy
Pet-friendly cities in Italy: in the South there are the less welcoming ones (Photo Unsplash)

Quality of life is a value that can depend on many factors, not just subjective ones. The lack of many basic necessities and services contributes to considerably lowering the level: this means that in those places where people are not adequately served, you don’t live well, in fact you are even very bad. Although you may not believe it (on the other hand we are in the twenties of the third millennium and evolution must have already made great strides by now), but as there are many pet-friendly cities in Italy, there are just as many (maybe many more) in which our dogs live in very bad conditions: they are “worse than in Africa”, to use an unhappy politically incorrect expression, but very popular.

Unfortunately, it does not simply depend on the mentality of the citizens, although to some extent this undoubtedly influences, but it is the Law that does not protect our beloved puppies within the confines of some particular regions. And coincidentally these “camps” are all located in the South. A shameful thing, if we think that the restrictions concern fundamental rights such as being able to walk in a public garden, the presence of refreshment areas, the existence (in this case, non-existence) of premises that also welcome dogs, the treatment of stray dogs and others things like that.

We do not know how long it will take before the whole world, and in particular Italy, evolves in such a way as to make itself increasingly dog-friendly. Surely the only thing we can do, in our own small way, is to adopt all the most correct behaviors towards animals and denounce, as far as possible, the incorrect ones. Admonish your friends if they behave badly with their puppy or with someone else’s: no human being has the right to dispose of others’ lives at will. It is valid in any context, let alone in the case of a poor little dog who lives by doing his own business and who, when you welcome him into your home, only repays you by covering you with affection and a thousand attentions. We should be grateful to them, not abandon them on the side of a road.


We will be very short and concise, since the problem here is precisely the total lack of services for animals. Consequently there is very little to say, especially regarding Campania, the worst region where a dog can live.

In addition to the lack, of course, of reasons why a dog should feel comfortable in cities such as Salerno and Naples (and surrounding areas), there are also in addition the reasons why these animals shouldn’t be there: stray dogs are incredibly widespread (let’s talk of very high numbers), the abandonment rate is high and mortality too, not to mention that there are no places (or there are very few) open or I dedicated to our four-legged friends. Naples above all is far from a pet-friendly city in Italy.


The happy island that was once the promised land preferred by all conquering peoples, while it is now the favorite destination for summer holidays for both Italians and foreigners, is not so happy for pets. The Isle of Men is not the Isle of Dogs and, on the contrary, it looks a lot like a real German concentration camp, in many ways: poverty, high mortality, lack of resources, vandalism and above all persecutions. Nothing to be happy about, in practice, if you own a puppy and the only thing you would like and see him smile.

In Sicily the dropout rate is tragic, the highest in Italy and there are much more cases of poisoning and torture than our four-legged friends compared to the rest of the country. In practice, a war zone to avoid if you have Count Dog.

Pet-friendly cities in the world: real oases for our beloved dogs

Pet-friendly cities in the world
Pet-friendly cities in the world: a model for all of us Italians (Photo Unsplash)

If you are looking to have your family move abroad or just want to run away with your dog for a few days, one of these dog-friendly cities would be a great place for you and your puppy to explore. Finding a host or hotel for dogs that will allow your four-legged friend to enter at least is only half the job. It takes much longer for a city to be considered suitable for dogs.

All the cities on this list offer parks for dogs, dog restaurants is beaches that allow puppies to swim and explore. The law and the authorities are also very sensitive to animals and will allow you to do more than in most other places. In addition, you will have the opportunity to do many different activities in the company of your puppy, not simply to abandon him in some kindergarten, while you are out there having fun for who knows how much.

The most pet-friendly cities in the world must be fun for both pets and their owners. There must be many things for you two to do without breaking the laws or constantly incurring the inconvenience of “being with a dog” (like blocked entrances and things like that).

Having discovered what are the pet-friendly cities in Italy, now let’s take care of our next destinations for holidays with the dog in the rest of the world.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is said to be one of the most dog-friendly cities in North America. With countless parks that allow activities both with and without a leash, dogs don’t realize they live in a concrete jungle.

Toronto also hosts the Purina PawsWay, the only learning and discovery center that hosts exhibitions and entertainment for pet owners. Here’s a fun fact: it’s also home to the Purina Animal Hall of Fame where dogs, cats and even a horse are honored for saving lives.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are known to be extremely dog-friendly. Puppies are generally allowed in most establishments, except for museums and galleries. This means you don’t have to seek permission from a “dogs allowed” sign. Instead, you and your dog can walk inside unless there is a sign indicating otherwise.

Dogs of all sizes, come on Great Danes to Chihuahua, they are also welcome on public transport for free, with the exception of trains that cost three euros for a daily season ticket for dogs. Amsterdam isn’t a hot country all year round, however when things start to thaw in the spring, there are numerous outdoor terraces, impeccably kept open parks and public gardens, and even a swimming area in Flevopark, where dogs they can row.

Paris, France

Paris loves your canine friends: whether you are exploring Montmartre or sitting in a bar, you will surely meet several nice dogs who enjoy the city as much as you do. Parisians welcome dogs to their boutiques and brasseries as they would any human being.

Some companies even provide a chair for your dog and a bowl of water to make sure she is receiving a warm welcome. As in Amsterdam, museums and galleries are less welcoming, since the objects contained therein have such a high value that they do not want to risk their fate (on the other hand there is no evidence to support thelove of dogs for art and culture).

For a taste of the Parisian air and the opportunity to explore paths lined with flowers instead of boutiques, Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes are two parks that your dog will love. They are so large that they make New York’s Central Park pale.

Geneva, Switzerland

Pet-friendly cities in the world
Pet-friendly cities in the world: Geneva, Switzerland (Photo Unsplash)

The Swiss take dog ownership very seriously. In this country, the owners must pass a written and practical test before I can even think of bringing a dog home.

Some may see it as too strict a system, but this is done solely to protect a dog’s rights. Thanks to this law and to the decidedly advanced mentality of the population, the city has no shortage of places that allow your four-legged friends to walk, jump and run on a leash.

One of the largest fenced dog parks in Geneva is located in the Parc Bertrand. The park is full of trees, benches, paths and open spaces, where you will see many dogs and owners who enjoy the space all year round. Geneva also hosts fifty-five hotels that accept petsso accommodations for you and your puppy will never be a problem.

San Francisco, California (USA)

San Francisco is considered to be one of the largest dog cities in the world and is almost home to two hundred restaurants for you and your four-legged friend. There are also many parks and free beaches for walks.

The Golden Gate Park it has over a thousand acres of green space to explore, including four areas where no leash is needed to play recovery. Sightseeing with your puppy is so easy in this city. Take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Coit Tower and the Embarcadero.

You can also do a cable car ride with your puppy if you are tired of walking the steep streets. In addition, San Francisco is home to the DogFest and the Pet Pride Day Festival, which are the celebrations of the canine and furry residents of the city. If you are looking for a city that loves dogs, here it is.

London, UK

We all expected to see London on this list, since this city is the main home where the British royal family lives and his queen is a great lover of the Corgi (the dogs of the queen are real icons, everyone knows them). There are many large parks throughout the city, such as Holland Park and Hyde Park, which offer opportunities to hunt and run on a leash.

Public transport is also quite open to animal traffic (in a good way). When it comes to bringing the dog on the train (subway or bus), as long as the puppy does not occupy a seat when it is already occupied by a person, everything is fine.

While shops and restaurants are stricter than other European cities, you can’t forget the big British pubs, many of which are suitable for dogs. Many of them also have beer gardens, so you and your four-legged friend can enjoy the rare London sun while sipping a pint.

Berlin, Germany

This cultural center is probably one of the destinations most suitable for dogs in Europe. You can explore the historical sites of the city on foot with your dog by your side, or take a relaxing trip on a steamboat: dogs are welcome on the boats Stern und Kreisschiffahrt.

There are also numerous restaurants, cafes and hotels that are welcoming to your puppy. Some hotels even offer a doghouse and a dog bowl to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Unlike most European cities, all public transport in Berlin accepts pets and allows you to visit the most distant areas of the city. You can also buy a dog train ticket so that your best friend can accompany you on the furthest trips in Germany.

Prague, Czech Republic

Pet-friendly cities in the world
Pet-friendly cities in the world: Prague, Czech Republic (Photo Unsplash)

Prague was not originally a popular tourist destination for pets and their human parents at all, however the city has changed dramatically over the years. Dogs are welcome to explore all the sites and join you while you dine in restaurants. Some places are also kind enough to provide a small meal for your puppy.

The Letna Park in Prague it also allows your puppy to wander and play without a leash while you indulge in the numerous beer gardens along the way. For a unique experience, you can bring your dog with you to see the latest hits at the dog-friendly cinema Aero. They also host a dog film festival called “Aero Pes Fest” every year.

Seattle, Washington (USA)

There are twice as many dogs in Seattle than children, making this city a Mecca for puppy lovers. There are fourteen dog parks on a leash within the city and a dozen in the surrounding areas: this offers your puppy numerous options for the walkie of every day.

The best off-leash park in Seattle, however, is the Magnuson Park (nine acres large). Attentive to our dog friends, the park is completely fenced, has a separate area for small dogs and allows you to access a part of the beach along Lake Washington.

For dogs that love to hike, there are also mountain trails not far from the city, which offer the advantages of a more natural exploration environment, but not too far from a city that hosts numerous restaurants, hotels and shops suitable for dogs. .

Tokyo, Japan

Whether you are looking to spend the day shopping, or plan to explore Tokyo sites, your four-legged friend is more than welcome to keep you company on your journey. There are many cute dining experiences and unusual to try for you and your puppy: one could live in the famous Snobish Babies, a bar and clothing store that offers a separate menu for humans and animals, plus great clothes if you’re looking to revive your puppy’s style.

Dogs in cute clothing aren’t unusual in Tokyo, so your puppy may also be joining mass fashion. There are also many beautiful parks to explore with your four-legged friend. Dogs are generally welcome in parks as long as they walk on a leash, but a great place to explore is Yoyogi Koen in Shibuya-ku: This park has so much that it may interest your puppy, such as fountains, forest areas, open fields to relax in, or designated areas for dogs.

Sidney, Australia

For dogs who want to live a surfer life, Sydney is the right place. Although dogs are banned from many of Sydney’s most popular beaches, there are many others that offer the puppy the opportunity to splash around in the ocean and try to catch the waves.

Rowland Reserve it is one of Sydney’s most famous dog beaches, with an exercise area plus a coffee cart, a dog washing company and a pub for you to relax. Another example is the Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve.

While the latter is not directly on the beach, there are grassy dunes that are ideal for running and off-leash play is allowed at all times. For dogs that don’t manage the heat well, there is a lagoon that is ideal for taking a dip.

New York City, New York (USA)

Pet-friendly cities in the world
Pet-friendly cities in the world: New York City, New York in the USA (Photo Unsplash)

New York City is an exciting city for four-legged visitors all year round. Hotels like the Loews Regency welcome all furry visitors, and for those who want to travel to New York for shopping, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale and Saks Fifth Avenue are department stores open to all pets.

New York also has the huge Central Park, a magical place for dogs who are tired of walking on the concrete sidewalks and are looking for more sparkling adventures, as well as numerous restaurants and cafes that will serve you and your puppy.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv calls itself the most dog-friendly city in the world. The city has everything for your dog: there are dog beaches, dog parks and even dog movie nights.

They even launched a municipal digital service for dogs: This is a membership card system that allows dog owners to access important information and special offers, including vaccination reminders, lists of nearby veterinarians, and directions to the nearest dog park.

Vancouver, Canada

With over twenty-seven thousand registered dogs living within the city limits of Vancouver, the Canadians have built a quite luxurious lifestyle for dogs for its residents. There are numerous pet-friendly accommodations in Vancouver and a public transportation system that allows small dogs to travel with you.

Although it brings your puppy to join you inside the restaurants, the patios throughout the city are more than welcoming, if you and your dog want to relax to have a bite or a quick drink. One of Vancouver’s main benefits, however, is the ease of getting into nature with your four-legged friend. There are many hiking trails for dogs just outside the city, from beginner’s trails to those designed for more experienced climbers.

As you can see, pet-friendly cities in Italy also have a lot to learn. We still have to take long steps in the correct direction.

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