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Top 20 Ways on How to save money on dog food

Save money with a dog


Top 20 Ways on How to save money on dog food

How to save money on dog food without denying yourself the joy of lifeWould you like to adopt a puppy, but do you think you don’t have the economic possibilities? We will explain how to save money with a dog, in a simple way.

Saving Money With a Dog: Spending A Property To Be A Good Parent? No! (Photo Unsplash)

We bet we caught your attention with this title. Who does not need to save some money. We all love saving money where we can, and there is no shame in admitting that we want to spend a little less on our pets. In fact, owning a pet is a real investment, no doubt about it. Estimates vary, but studies show that pet owners spend nearly a thousand and two hundred euros a year. This is a significant figure, especially when you multiply it for each year of your dog’s life.

What if there was a way to leave a little more money in your bank account, without sacrificing the health and happiness of your beloved Fido?

In this article, we will share with you some valuable tips, collected from the testimonies of various foster parents of puppies, to succeed in save money with a dog, in compatibility with his and your needs. You are welcome.

How to save money with a dog: the first steps to take

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: first of all, you need to know “how” to adopt (Photo Unsplash)

First of all, one very important truth must be taken into consideration: adopt a dograther than buying it, it is always the best solution, and from many points of view. This is not just an economic problem, although in this article we want to focus on ways to save you money with a canis. No, adopting is also better because dogs are not simply bought, they are not a commodity, but living beings. Spending money to trade a puppy’s life is no less serious than contributing financially to the slave trade.

So, assuming that you will be so smart that you will not go to a pet store, not even close up, we list the ways to adopt a dog that is specifically for you, completely free of charge (or almost).

Word of mouth among friends

One of the first things you can do, if you really intend and you are finally ready to adopt a tender puppy in need of a home and especially of all your love, is to spread the word among your friends, family members and possibly all acquaintances you have. Don’t skip anyone: you never know who might have an incoming litter or a friend who is no longer able to keep the dog at home and is looking for someone to trust him. In practice, open your eyes well, because your ideal dog could be just around the corner.

An announcement on social networks

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: just place an ad (Photo Unsplash)

Right now, there is nothing in the world that works better than a page on a social network, regardless of what it is. To take the example of Facebook: you could search for i specialized groups on animals or that relate precisely to the adoption of puppies, those of dog lovers like you (in this way you could also meet people with whom to share important experiences and who will be able to explain many important steps to becoming a good parent) and once inserted simply write a announcement and be ready to respond to any offer will seem appropriate. This is one of the absolute most effective methods.

Go to an animal shelter

Animal shelters, in general, are always full of poor dogs without a home, a family, someone who constantly takes care of them, apart from the volunteers of the shelter, who, however, often cannot guarantee their continuous presence. And even if it were, the conditions of a refuge they are certainly not the same as a proper home, where a family lives that is able to provide not only economic, but above all emotional, stability, to a poor helpless dog who unfortunately had bad luck in life. You can save one of them, you can turn the situation around for that wretched animal. You can become his home, his family. And he will be yours, until the end of his days.

Post advertisements in veterinary practices

Also post an announcement in a vet’s office can have its advantages. You will also understand well how many people pass by there, men and women with animals who, perhaps, are really looking for someone like you right now.

It is not uncommon for a veterinary surgeon to allow people to share their messages to patrons on their physical boards and, therefore, take this path as well. It could prove effective.

But if you want to buy it, know that …

Buying a dog is a bit like opening a business: start-up costs can be prohibitive.

Nevertheless, shepherd dogs they are much less expensive than many other breeds and in puppy shops you can find many specimens at a reasonable price. As an added bonus, these dogs, generally, from an early age turn out to be socialized, well trained, sterilized or neutered and in a very good state of health.

By purchasing another type of dog, there are not the same guarantees that you can fortunately have with a sheepdog. The most common in Italy is certainly the German Shepherdthat is the dog par excellence. Many believe that the bigger a dog, the more they will have to spend to take care of it, yet with this breed it is not quite like that. The German Shepherd is as disciplined as a highly decorated marines: he never complains, he is independent, he does not run away, he bites only in the presence of a danger, he is not quarrelsome, he eats everything (and by “everything” we mean everything!) he gives himself and his hobbies fall into a fairly economy range. He loves to run a little outdoors, that’s all. For the rest of the time, when he is at home, he will sit or lie down without bothering and, above all, without breaking anything, which is one of the reasons why other types of dog can make us spend a bang.

How to save money with a dog by buying the right food for Fido

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: you need to know which food to buy and where (Photo Unsplash)

We all know very well how much money goes away every month just to do the shopping and buy, for us, the things we need most, the necessary things without which we could definitely die: we are talking about food and drink. Shopping for a dog is equally challenging in economic terms. A puppy, not counting the vaccines or the vet extras, can request an investment of over one hundred euros per month, of which ninety go only for good quality croquettes (if you want to be a good parent, do not offer him poor stuff ).

In any case, even here there are stratagems to be adopted to be able to save money with a dog, without making it hungry.

Do careful research on the most suitable food

An absolute truth that you would do well to understand and memorize as quickly as possible, if you want to become a good parent of a dog is this: a “high cost” does not always always correspond to a “high quality” of the product.

Many dog ​​owners think they are giving their dog the best food simply because they have spent a bang. No, that’s not the case at all. And while there are many excellent but expensive dog foods (especially when it comes to exotic or “new” proteins, such as kangaroo or bison), in many cases you are paying an amount that is far too exorbitant for the simple word “premium”. ”On the packaging.

The most important advice for buying any dog ​​food is check the list of ingredients and select a brand that uses the least amount of filler that can be found. These are ingredients that make your dog feel full, but which contain little or no nutritional value. Thanks to this knowledge, you can now search for cheap food that offers at least one healthy and genuine meal to your best friend.

Buy in bulk or in large quantities

As with any food product, when it is possible to buy bulk (and / or wholesale) dog food, you can put aside a lot of money. Over the life of your beloved Fido, those savings obtained over time, once added together, will be a great deal.

If you prefer not to buy in such large quantities or you lack the space to store all those packets of crunchies and wet food, always choose a single large bag rather than several small ones. Yes, small bags are easier to carry, but you’re spending more on the same amount of food.

Go hunting for offers

Nowadays there are a lot of applications and strategies that allow you to do it: you can manage to spend almost zero to feed your dog for a whole month. How? Thanks to the super offers that sometimes, with a little luck or simply with a lot of patience and a great sense of smell, you can fish around, in the shops that sell articles for pets. In fact, as coupons exist for the services offered to us human beings, the exact same thing also happens with dogs. Nothing exceptional must be done to get them, neither deadly double somersaults nor challenges in some talk shows against other competitors to the death: you just need to be in the right place at the right time. What will the prize be? But of course a free monthly supply or the usual but highly appreciated two for the price of one.

So, raise your ears, as your Fido does, and pay attention to what you see around. At any time your advantageous saving opportunity could happen.

How to save money with a dog: toys may not seem like a necessary expense, but …

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: toys are an essential part of his training (Photo Unsplash)

Dogs are a bit like children and, in any case, once adopted, they become our children in all respects, which we must take care of and to which we must show our sincere and unconditional affection every day. They will reciprocate a thousand times more, but this is not the point. Since we have consciously taken on the task of wanting them good, then this task will also include their psycho-physical and emotional well-being. Everything is included in the package: we can’t think of simply giving them a hot meal in the evening, putting them to sleep in their kennel next to our bed every night and it’s over there. No, not even taking them out a day is not enough to fulfill their physiological needs or to allow them to stretch their legs. The duty of a good parent, an exemplary guardian is not limited to this.

An essential part of growing all puppies, of any species, is definitely the game: deprived of this element, living beings will never be able to fully mature, will not develop many essential skills for survival and will certainly not reach full maturity, even with the passage of many years.

That’s why, if you thought about saving money, you got a nice crab on toys. We can certainly suggest solutions to spend as little money as possible, but you will have to indulge your puppies in one way or another.

Do not buy in a specialized shop

Rather, you prefer the big bazaars or those “all for one euro” shops that fill the “chip” neighborhoods of your city and that will allow you to find a range of assorted products, but which certainly include what can be right for you.

By now everyone buys in the bazaars, it has become a kind of fashion. The more you save the better. Also because … who has the money to live today? Need learn the subtle and ancient art of knowing how to get by and these types of shops have been designed specifically to satisfy your need (but not only yours) for savings.

Don’t worry, you can find any one: from the most generic accessories for the animal, to all the more particular gadgets to keep it entertained and always keep it in shape. Go and take a look.

Make him play with your old toys (only if safe)

Who among us has never had a ball or a doll or anything else that can be chewed without risking any serious trauma raise your hand. Here, we knew it. Surely you too will have kept some of your old childhood memorabilia at home, a toy you loved and, despite being in poor condition now, you have decided not to throw it away to keep it as a souvenir, along with another pile of stuff. In fact, by looking for instructions on the internet, you can put up a list of items that we already have at home, available, and that would lend themselves perfectly as perfect toys for our dog, or at least trolls to make him spend time in all serenity, while we are busy doing other things and we don’t have the time to take him out to walk or in a garden to play carry over with him.

Sacrifice your object and make your puppy happy. We can guarantee you that not only will you not regret it, but his joyful looks, his licks and all his affection will be enough to fully reward you.

Try the DIY toy for dogs

When you enter the compulsive saver’s mood, you will find that thereMost dog toys are simple enough to build by hand: you can also do it yourself, while you are at home, in the free time you have after work, because it doesn’t really take anything. You will be able to make chewing toys, tug of war toys, toys to find and so on.

Creating toys for your dog from things you already own is an inexpensive (and fun) alternative to buying ready-made products. An old rope or worn belt can be the basis for a chew toy or tugboat. Fill an old sock with a bottle of crumpled water or use old clothes to fill a stuffed animal from the supermarket, but now completely empty.

These are just some of the best ideas you can find on the internet. If you need more inspiration, know that on the web you can find a lot of blogs that explain, by thread and by sign, how to make the best games with which to entertain your dog every day.

How to save money with a dog: training is essential, but it has a price

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: training is essential (Photo Unsplash)

The starting point for making reasoning that makes sense is this: a good one training is up to your dog how good education is up to your children. Neither more nor less. You will therefore realize for yourself how important it is to invest in this sector, well aware that all the work for which you will spend money (a lot of money) will be repaid with a good attitude on the part of your dog, full autonomy and, sometimes, even in assistance (some dog breeds, if well trained, can prove to be good guides and excellent companions for elderly owners). In practice, you sacrifice a few euros today to find yourself a real old age stick tomorrow. But it is not only this.

As long as he is not trained enough, your dog will never feel fully comfortable with the environment around him. Remember that dogs are always, after all, animals and like every other creature they are not made to live like us in a domestic environment, despite the fact that we have been able to get them used, over the ages, to rely on us and to feel good by our side . In any case, they too feel the so-called “call of nature” and this means that they will need to be used to contact with “human” things from a very young age. Untrained dogs destroy things, they are restless, they often quarrel with other dogs, they could accidentally bite people, they run away from home to chase their prey (they simply respond to their instincts) and above all they live badly their existence, despite all the good we can want them.

Here, what can be the right methods to decently train our dog, without having to pay handsomely for a professional trainer.

Read a manual and become a trainer yourself

If you go to any search engine on the web and enter the keyword “dog training book” in the search engine bar, you will see that you will get more than a thousand and five hundred results. Clearly there is a lot of information available in your local bookstore and a good book is certainly much less expensive than hiring a coach or even signing up for a lesson.

The used book stores they can save you some money and there is always the library for maximum savings.

Search the internet (the net is a cornucopia of possibilities)

Of course, you’ve already done it, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. The World Wide Web is a treasure trove of information on any possible topic regarding pets. You will find articles (like this) and videos that will help you solve any questions about dog training, and most of it is free.

The trick is to cleverly separate the wheat from the straw. There is a lot of questionable material online, with unverified sources, and only bad advice. If something doesn’t seem right, go with your instincts and move on to another site.

Follow the tutorials of an experienced trainer

Numerous are available online training programs. You pay a monthly or fixed fee to access a library of educational articles and videos. A well-made video is an excellent resource, because in reality it shows you the techniques in action. Didn’t you understand it enough the first time? Just rewind and watch it again.

Or search for a video that addresses the exact problem you are currently facing. It is much more efficient than following a simple YouTube channel.

How to save money with a dog: think of alternative ways to the “animal spa”

Save money with a dog
Saving money with a dog: grooming is a matter of hygiene and health (Photo Unsplash)

The grooming it is another fundamental step in your and your dog’s daily life. As you need to wash yourself every day not only to not let the people around you run away, but above all for your well-being and the health of your body (good hygiene prevents parasites from attacking us and makes our system work better immune), in the same way, or even more, your dog will need adequate care from this point of view. Reason why, perhaps, you really need our suggestions to be able to wash and clean your dog without spending a large amount and above all without fattening the pockets of super luxury beauticians for animals (it does not seem the case).

Set up regular grooming at home

Large dogs are surprisingly easy to maintain, when it comes to their coat. They don’t need to be shorn and don’t shed as much fur as other breeds. Certainly the Labradors are among the breeds that lose less fur, while the German Shepherds are definitely a middle ground. The dog that will drive you the most crazy will be the one with a thick and long coat and, above all, with an undercoat. In this case, you will often find yourself praying to some patron saint.

Good brushing from time to time to remove loose, dead hair and assorted fragments still clinging to their coat is all they need.

Buy yourself a decent comb and avoid groomers to do such a simple thing.

Buy a good nail clipper

Many dog ​​owners are opposed to the idea of cut their dog’s nailsso they end up spending money to get someone else to do it. The truth is, it’s nothing that complicated. A good set of nail clippers will probably cost between fifteen and thirty euros. If it seems a lot to you, consider that every time you bring your dog to the groomer for this reason, ten euros go at a time.

Make sure, of course, that the tools you buy are of excellent quality, in order not to have to change them often, otherwise the expense would prove to be quite useless. And keep a sterilizing powder on hand to stem the blood, in case you miss an inaccurate cut.

Once you become proficient, e your dog will have become used to your care, you will find that it only takes ten minutes to cut all four nail sets.

Take your baby bath regularly

Washing the dog this is another service whereby most people pay a really unwanted (and totally out of proportion) sum to a groomer. Unless you lack the physical ability to do it yourself, you are better pocketing that money and making it at home, by yourself. Chances are you won’t have to bathe your puppy very often, unless he has a propensity to find all the mud puddles that exist every time you take him for a walk in the park.

However, it is nice to keep your beloved Fido’s coat clean and fragrant: it is an excellent opportunity to carefully search all areas of his body to find things that may not go (lumps, sores, etc.), or it can also be just fun.

While the puppies can be easily washed in the tub you have in your bathroom (perhaps), bathe a large dog it is a job that can only be done externally.

An inexpensive children’s pool or a specialized dog pool (not of the inflatable type, for obvious reasons) will prove to be a perfect pool. And keep a supply of old towels nearby for drying, unless you intend to dry it naturally (wind and sun).

If you live in a place where the weather gets chilly and the outdoor bath is not much of an idea, unless you aim to bring bronchial pneumonia to your poor pet, check if there is a station of internal washing for dogs nearby. A coin operated car wash near your home will convert your life completely. You will never be the same after finding it. It really could be the most useful thing you have for your well-being and sanity.

In any case, as you have seen, it only takes a little determination and a lot of goodwill to be able to take care of a dog without spending a lot of money (which you don’t have). Saving money with a dog can be a simple thing if you try to rely entirely on your practical spirit and your infinite creativity, like any good parent.

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