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Top 20 interesting facts about cats

Top 20 interesting facts about


Top 20 interesting facts about cats

There are many curiosities about cats that many do not know

Cats are very popular pets. These felines They have been with us for a long time and many people are passionate. The truth is that it is difficult to resist their charms because they are adorable: 3

Here we have a good list of curiosities about cats !! Did you know them?

1. When cats rub against you is to mark territory, show affection, that they are happy or to ask for something that urges them (how to order food).

2. When they lift their tail up they usually indicate that they are happy or that they greet.

3. Three color or four color cats are all female, except for a male rarely but it is very strange that it happens.

4. A cat can have about 100 offspring throughout its life.

5. Cats do not detect sweet flavors.

6. They see color, but not all tones as we see them and depends on the lighting.

7. Hate strong odors such as lemon, orange, onion or vinegar.

8. Its average life is about 12 to 15 years. Street vendors usually die before.

9. They usually pay more attention to women for his high pitched tone

10. Cats nose is their fingerprint, and in each cat is different.

11. People who live with cats usually live longer and have less stress. Stroking them reassures.

12. Cats always (or almost always) fall standing due to its agility, lightness and bone structure.

13. Purring does not always indicate tranquility or tasteSometimes they purr when they are scared or sick and that calms them down.

curiosities about cats

14. In ancient times in Egypt women wanted to look beautiful like cats, many were called Miut (meaning cat in Egyptian) and they outlined their eyes to resemble them, which we currently do too.

15. Kittens born from the same litter can be from different parents.

16. When they have their whiskers stretched forward it means they are excited or plan to attack.

17. They prefer to drink from a tap than from their bowl, even if they have water in their bowl.

18. They make noises with their teeth or “sing” when they see prey they cannot reach.

20. Cats that have been weaned soon usually knead, suck and purr very soft clothes since it reminds them of their mother.

Cats are adorable and mysterious little animals!

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