Top 20 Hilarious Scenes – Never leave your puppies alone in the house! (photo)


“Animal Disasters” – There are many people who own an animal at home: dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters and many more! By now, they are more and more numerous in Italian families and around the world. And all this can only be positive, given that each little animal brings a breath of affection and joy into the house in its own way.

However, most of these puppies are also mischievous. If on the one hand they are good at learning good manners from their family (especially if they have good masters at educating them), on the other they are able to combine real disasters as soon as they find themselves alone in the house!

Certainly some of you know what we are talking about. But for all those who haven’t had the good fortune to own a four-legged friend, here is a series of images that wonderfully highlight (not for the owners) the famous saying “When the cat isn’t there, the mice dance”!

But in the end, we love them precisely because they are capable of surprising us every day More. And when they are caught in the act of crime, they are a sight!

20 “animal disasters”

pet disasters 1

pet disasters2

pet disasters 3

pet disasters 4

pet disasters7

pet disasters 8

pet disasters9

pet disasters10

pet disasters11

pet disasters 12

pet disasters14

pet disasters 15

pet disasters 16

pet disasters 17

pet disasters 18

pet disasters 19

pet disasters 20

pet disasters 21

domestic animal disasters23


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