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Top 11 Out of 20 Long tail animals: Photos | Names | length | Features


Top 11 Out of 20 Long tail animals: Photos | Names | length | Features

Long tail animals: photos, names, length, features – The tail of the animal is located on the back of its torso, it is a flexible extension of its body and has various functions. Tails can be found in all classes of animals, both vertebrates and invertebrates. These appendages serve a number of purposes, including: balance, communication, and protection from predators. The length of the tail can be measured in several ways, although two methods are most common: the exact length and the percentage of the entire body length of the animal. We invite you to get acquainted with 11 special animals that definitely boast their long tails.


Of all the amazing species, diplodocus is the only one that people have never seen alive. He died out about 154-152 million years ago. Despite this, it is still considered the largest land animal with the longest tail. The entire diplodocus body length averaged 33 meters, while the tail made up most of this length. Its tail consisted of approximately 80 caudal vertebrae.

Six-tailed longtail

Thanks to the photo, it immediately becomes clear why the scientists decided to call this lizard that way. The tail of an Asian grass lizard is not only incredibly long in relation to its body, but it is also dangerous and can be dropped during an attack so that the animal can escape from the predator. Over time, the tail will grow back to full length. In most cases, the length of their tail is three times the length of their body.

Long-eared jerboa

This small species of rodents is found in areas of northwestern China, in the desert. Their body is 5 cm long, but their tail is twice that length. The longest measurable tail of the individual was recorded with a length of 15 cm, which makes this tiny rodent of mammalian species number one with the longest tail in terms of how it relates to the total body length.

Longtail Velvet Weaver

This unusual bird lives in Botswana, Angola, Kenya and, South Africa. These small, colorful birds are known for their extremely long feathers on their tail. For males, the feathers of their tail are what makes it possible to interest the female. In most adult males, six to eight of their 12 tail feathers extend half a meter from their bodies. When they fly over their territory, their feathers follow them, making them look much bigger than they really are.


Stingrays are a family of cartilaginous fish found in the tropical and temperate waters of the planet. There are also a few examples of the family that exist in fresh water throughout Africa, Asia, and Australia. Like all stingrays, they are cartilaginous fish with a diamond-like body shape. Their tails are known to hurt people and lead to small wounds and painful cuts.

Ring-tailed lemur

Ring-tailed lemur is so named because of the presence of alternating black and white rings along its rather impressive tail. These primates differ from monkeys in that their tails are not very tenacious. They are mainly used to help in the balance, communication and cohesion of the group. The tails are significantly longer than their total body length, which can reach about 45 cm in the largest examples. As a rule, their tails reach as much as 60 cm.

Fox shark

There are four species of fox sharks and all of them have a characteristic elongated tail. Their tail, in particular the caudal fin, is much longer and better than that of other species of sharks, and can reach a length equal to the length of the body of the shark itself. A fox shark uses its tail as a weapon to stun its prey.

Angolan colobus

Angolan colobus is a species of monkey that is mainly distributed in central Africa south of the Sahara. As with most species of monkeys, their tail is used to balance when they run along the branches of trees, and may also be used in communication between animals. Their tail is much longer than their bodies and can be three times longer than their body length.

Slender armored spindles

At first glance, this species is easily mistaken for a snake, but in fact it is a lizard. This is an important difference, because the tail of the snake is actually just a tiny part of its body. , These lizards have no legs, therefore people, undoubtedly and mistakenly consider them snakes. Unlike snakes, they have moving eyelids, external ear holes and an inflexible jaw. The tail of these lizards often accounts for more than half of their total body length.


The giraffe may be known for its incredibly long neck and tongue, but these are perhaps the longest features of this magnificent animal. The tail of the giraffe is one of the longest in a living mammal, some samples reach up to a meter in length.


Why do peacocks have such unusual tail feathers? There is no doubt that the most widely known feature of the peacock is its blue and green tail feathers with a unique design and eye-catching eye. The open tail is several times larger than the peacock itself and besides this is so beautiful that it has long become a symbol of beauty and wealth for people.

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