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Top 10 Tips On How to Get along with Your cat

Get along with the cat


Top 10 Tips On How to Get along with Your cat

Top 10 Tips On How to Get along with Your cat – Here’s what you need to do to get along with the cat. In this article, we tell you what to do to have a happy coexistence with cats.

How to get along with the cat (Pixabay Photo)

Many Americans in times of distress, therefore, found themselves working from home and sharing more time with their animal friends. In this article we tell you what to do to have a happy coexistence with cats.

From games to the litter box: how to get along with the cat

Get along with the cat
Rule number one: do not stare at it (Pixabay Photo)

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do with your beloved four-legged furry friend.

  1. Don’t look into Micio’s eyes

The eyes of cats are expressive and beautiful due to their variety of colors, but these cats hate being stared at for a long time and may react with a paw. This event occurs frequently when the cat has just arrived home and a bond of trust between man and animal has not yet been established. In fact, Micio will interpret your gaze in the eyes as a threat or a challenge.

  1. The toys

To prevent Micio from scratching you and biting your hands and feet or from accidentally making some movement that injures him, you have to play with toys. There is a large variety of toys on the market; you will only have to find out what his favorites are.

  1. No to violence

Yes to patience and serenity, no to violence. Use positive reinforcement and therefore avoid screaming or physical punishment; the cat may react with scratches and groans and scratches.

  1. Don’t disturb him while he’s sleeping

The cat (like man) does not like to be woken up. If you see that Micio is dozing and calm, avoid disturbing him.

  1. Do not interrupt it when using the litter box

When the cat does his needs he tends to feel vulnerable and defenseless so he remains alert and very easy to be frightened by a noise or your movement. Leave him alone and don’t interrupt him, if you do he will begin to stop using the litter box and find another place in the house to do his needs.

  1. Don’t block it

A cat locked in a corner is frightened and annoyed. Reason? These felines are independent animals and hate being imprisoned.

  1. Respect its times and spaces

Cats are habitual so they hate feeling forced to do something. Playing with him, stroking him, eating, drinking … if he doesn’t want to do it you will have to respect his will, his times and his spaces. Any change can cause stress in the animal.

  1. Don’t pull his tail

The tail serves the cat to maintain balance and communicate. You don’t have to pull Micio’s tail firsthand and you don’t have to allow other people, even if they’re children. This behavior annoys the cat but is also risky because the tail could be injured.

  1. Don’t grab it by the scruff

You may have seen someone take the puppies from the back of the head, closing the excess skin that accumulates in this area between the thumb and forefinger. Well, this is not done. The cat feels uncomfortable, vulnerable and defenseless because in that position he is unable to control movements.

  1. Learn to interpret his language

Over time you will get to know your four-legged friend, you will understand the meaning of the position of the tail and you will have your own cat-man dictionary.

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