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Top 10 Regrettable Consequences – Sleeping With Cats in Bed


Top 10 Regrettable Consequences – Sleeping With Cats in Bed

Sleeping With Cats in Bed Benefit | Dangers| Consequences and harm – Most owners of cats imperceptibly get used to the fact that pets go to bed with them in bed. To wake up in the morning with a pet in your morning, you don’t have to fall asleep with it. It happens that cats do not even sleep next to the owner, but on him. This phenomenon has opponents and supporters. However, despite the prohibitions, pets stubbornly follow the person. There are several explanations for this phenomenon.

Closer to heat

It is known that animals love heat, cats and cats are considered especially heat-loving. In representatives of this family, body temperature normally exceeds human by several degrees, respectively, comfortable for humans, air temperature is not pleasant enough for cats. This physiological feature explains the desire of fur seals to be closer to the person from whom the heat comes.

It happens that pets bridge to heaters, batteries, other sources of heat. However, lie down next to the owner they like more. It is worth noting that a person sleeps much calmer and warmer if a warm fluffy lump snakes nearby.


Most cats are owners and are very jealous when someone encroaches on the attention of one of the members of his social group. Despite the suppleness and calm disposition, cats are able to claim rights even to “their” person. When they sleep near or above, then the rivals do not have the opportunity to claim you and your attention.

They don’t care who will compete – a child, spouse or other pet. And this has its advantages – thanks to the protection from the side of the cat you are ensured a calm and serene sleep.

Fear of loneliness

In this, animals and people are in solidarity. There are situations in a person’s life when sadness piles up and is alone contraindicated. Here the help of a cat is invaluable. These fluffy warm creatures are able not only to keep company, but also to calm their master. Cats and cats in the bulk are sensitive to changes in human mood.

Moreover, in caring for the animal, its own problems are not so terrifying. Working owners have no time during the day to pay attention to the pet, so communication before bedtime compensates for this gap.

Safety comes first

Our purring pets are descended from wild cats, which, according to popular belief, guarded the entrance to the other world. During sleep, a person is most vulnerable, so reliable protection does not hurt. Cats have a sensitive dream, excellent hearing, thanks to which they feel danger before a person. Thanks to animals, more than one human life was saved. Do not drive away the animal, if he likes to sleep next to you, this can prevent trouble.

Recovery of emotional balance

Specialists have long proved that smooth feline movements, monotonous purrs have a beneficial effect on the psychoemotional state of a person. The calm breathing of a sleeping cat, the warmth and purring of a pet can have a hypnotic effect that is better than any expensive sleeping pill. Usually, people who are lulled by their pets fall asleep faster and sleep more calmly.

Down with the pain

There is an opinion that fluffy pets are able to determine the place where a person experiences pain and reduce soreness or cure an ailment. Reliably, the reason why cats lie on a sore spot, scientists have not yet determined. But thousands of people were convinced that this works. The mechanism by which cats determine a diseased organ is understandable – the area where the diseased organ is located has an elevated temperature.

But the scientists have still not been able to find out the mechanism for stopping the pain syndrome. It is difficult to say what the healing abilities of the representatives of the cat family are connected with, however, many people have benefited from such therapy.

Live alarm

Pets that live long with one owner get used to the rhythm of human life. Often after a hard working day, with late going to bed, you can fall asleep so tightly that you do not wake up from the sound of the alarm clock. An animal that is used to lifting at a certain time will do its best to wake up the owner. To this end, cats purr, lick their hands, face, try to pull off the blanket. After repeated attempts by the animal to attract attention, you have to get up.

It is worth considering that sleeping next to an animal can be unsafe, especially when the animal is walking on the street. To eliminate unpleasant moments, before the animal tries to get into the bed to the owner, you need to wash his paws. Animals that have chosen a master’s bed should be treated for skin, intestinal parasites. If you suffer from allergies, carry out regular grooming of the pet, combing. Be wary of animals wanting to sleep with young children.

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