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Top 10 Out of 12 Most Unusual animals: Names | Features| Behavior

Wild animals

Top 10 Out of 12 Most Unusual animals: Names | Features| Behavior

Top 10 Out of 12 Most Unusual animals: photos, names, features, behavior –  The nature of our planet is very diverse and full of amazing creatures, the existence of which few people know. Their appearance is striking in its unusualness and can even inspire fear. We invite you to get acquainted with these strange creatures in our article. In this list, you will surely find several animals that have never been heard of.


In the mountain forests on the islands of Haiti, Cuba and in Latin America, unusual animals live – the toothfish. They feed on insects and have a body length of 25 cm and about one kilogram of weight. The scabies are poisonous – poison is produced in their saliva, reminiscent of snake in composition. It is not fatal to humans; the bite of an alkalis tooth is dangerous only to the victim.

There are cases when, in fights between these animals, they died from the poisonous bites of the enemy. There are only two types of click teeth; their coat color varies from tan to reddish.

Maned wolf

This animal with an unusual appearance lives on the plains of South America. In the process of evolution, the animal has acquired long legs, helping it to move freely in the tall grass that grows in its habitat. The maned wolf eats plant foods and the meat of small rodents, reptiles and snails. May even attack pets and birds.

Sea Cucumber (Halothuria)

Animals live in the depths of all oceans except the northern Atlantic and eastern Pacific. The second name given to them by scientists because of the light pink hue of the skin and plump little legs is a porpoise. The animal belongs to the class of invertebrates and has a size that allows halothuria to fit in the human palm. They do not carry any threat to humans and can even live in an aquarium.

Deciduous sea dragon

This marine inhabitant can be found only off the coast of Australia. This fish was named for its fantastic translucent fins. They constantly sway from the water and resemble the rustle of leaves from the blow of the wind. Such an unusual plumage was not given to the fish for beauty at all – it is a way of disguising itself from predators. Sea dragon can change the color of the fins and remain invisible, merging with algae. Despite its defenselessness, the fish is also a predator and feeds on shrimp and small fish.

Venezuelan white moth

Scientists suggest that this moth with an amazing appearance belongs to the new Lepidoptera family, opened in 2009. Zoologists still have not been able to describe this species. There are no reliable data about him, only photographs of a Kyrgyz zoologist taken in the Venezuelan National Park and guesses by scientists.

White leaf or fruit vampire

This cute and unusual animal lives in the forests of Central America and is a representative of the subfamily of fruit vampires. During the day, the bat hides in the leaves of trees, and at night drinks fruit juice and flower nectar.

An interesting feature of white leaf-bearing trees is their ability to independently construct tents from leaves where they live in the daytime.

In such tents, animals live in groups of up to eight individuals. For bats, the construction of such a shelter is rare, because they usually find ready-made places of refuge. This species is listed in the Red Book, since it is on the verge of extinction.

Fish drop

This deep-sea fish that lives in the depths of the oceans amazes with its bizarre appearance. With a small length of 30 cm, its weight reaches 12 kg. For the first time they learned about this unusual creation in 1926 – fishermen accidentally caught fish in their nets.

The drop fish does not have a swimming bladder, this feature is associated with adaptation to a large depth of habitat. She swims slowly in the water column or even in a motionless state with her mouth wide open, waiting for small prey, which she swims in her mouth. Very little is known about this species of fish; it is in danger of extinction, like most other animals with an unusual appearance.

Striped track

The animal belongs to the family of tenreks, numbering 24 species. Among all members of the family, striped tenrek is the most unusual and interesting species. His body is about 15 cm long, his short tail is almost invisible, and his weight is only 150 grams. Thanks to its long needles, the animal has reliable protection against enemies and reminds them of a hedgehog.

The habitat of the animal is the moist dense forests of the island of Madagascar. Favorite food of tenrek is earthworms, which are many in forests with high humidity. Animals are able to change body temperature depending on weather conditions.

Panda ant

This creature with a bright color, similar to the color of the coat of a panda, is actually not an ant, but a wasp. His body is completely strewn with small hairs, which the insect probably needs to protect against predators and have the ability to accumulate moisture. The habitat of these unusual wasps is the territory of Latin America.

Nudibranch clam Glaucus

Clam Glaucus lives in Australia and the USA on the surface and coasts of the oceans. This small creature has an amazing appearance and bright unusual color. The size of the mollusk rarely exceeds 2-3 cm, and a bright color serves the mollusk to mask from predators. Despite its beauty and seeming harmlessness, it is a carnivorous poisonous creature.

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