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Top 10 Most interesting Facts About Dogs – Breeds, hairs, teeth and lots of love

curiosity about the dog


Top 10 Most interesting Facts About Dogs – Breeds, hairs, teeth and lots of love

Top 10 Most interesting Facts About Dogs – Breeds, hairs, teeth and lots of love – Still curiosity about the dog? Despite being man’s best friend for millennia, he can still hide something we don’t know.

By now we seem to really know everything about our furry friends. But there are still strange and interesting facts that can surprise us about curiosities about the dog, the most common quadruped in our lives. And if we think we have seen all the strangest breeds, we know everything about the funniest habits, or the most absurd and particular physical characteristics of our furry pets, we will be amazed by these interesting news about the world of dogs.

curiosity about the dog
The most interesting curiosities about the dog. (Photo Pexels)

Curiosities about the dog that we didn’t know

yawning dog
Curiosity about the dog: we never have enough! (Pixabay photo)

A puppy is blind, deaf and toothless at birth

puppy dog ​​love
A loving puppy. (Photo Pexels)

When a puppy is born, it appears to be so helpless and incomplete. The surprising fact is that their ear canals and eyelids are closed, which makes them functionally deaf and blind.. The reason why dogs are born in a state where both of their main senses are so compromised, stems from the survival theory of the fittest, which means that this gives them the opportunity to develop their senses based on the environment in which they belong.

Some mammals have a long period of pregnancy and give birth to a fully functional offspring, while others give birth to puppies in a short space of time, but it will be partially immature offspring. Dogs belong to the latter category and need maximum care during their initial days. Closed eyelids protect their optical system from exposure to various objects such as dirt and dust. Relative silence is essential for the development of the ears since the sound pressure causes structural movements in the mature ear.

All but two dog breeds have pink tongues

chow chow
The chow chow (Photo Flickr

A curiosity about the dog that someone may already know, but always particular. Except for Chow Chow and Shar Pei, the two famous breeds because they have developed a characteristic black tongue, all other species have a pink tongue.

However, it is alarming that when a dog suddenly developed blackheads in an area of ​​his body where there had never been any. Dogs can develop melanoma or carcinoma, both of which are present as spots on the skin. In addition, the darker pigmented masses under the dog’s mouth can be an indication of oral cancer. If some new blackheads begin to develop in the dog’s mouth, it is always best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The only dog ​​that doesn’t bark in the world

basenji dogs agility
Basenji. (Photo Flickr)

If we are looking for a dog nicknamed the dog “that does not bark”, then we look for the Basenji. Although it is known for not barking, it certainly does not remain silent, e it has vocalizations ranging from a delicious yodel to a hair-raising cry, as well as the usual growls and moans produced by all other species of dogs.

Basenji is also known for its unique level of intelligence and defense against intruders. A basenji can be perfectly trained, and he understands every command we teach him, but his decision to obey can be based on his autonomous reasoning.

They range from 90 cm (70 kg) of the Great Dane, up to the 900 grams chihuahua

Great Dane Anxiety Dogs
A wonderful Great Dane (Pixabay Photo)

The great dane breed has a “great” reputation for its height and its fascinating nature. This breed can be 90 cm tall or more. They weigh between 50 and 90 kg. In 2012 the Guinness Book of Records registered a Great Dane named Zeus as the tallest dog in the world. This giant dog measured 110 cm on four legs.

With a maximum weight of 2.7 kg, the chihuahua is identified as the smallest breed of dog in the world. This breed has its origins in Mexico, taking its name from the Chihuahua state in Mexico. It has a small rounded head, erect ears and rounded eyes. There are both short-haired and long-haired chihuahuas in the world. Their fur can have a wide variety of patterns and colors. In fact, the chihuahua is one of the breeds with the largest combination of patterns and colors of the coat.

The most popular dog names in America are Max and Bella

Dogs count
The most common dog names. (Pixabay photo)

According to the survey conducted by Rover, the largest pet and dog sitter network in the United States, the most popular male dog name in the USA is “Max” and the female name “Bella”. As trends change, the selection of dog names also varies, from old-fashioned dog names like Lady, to names inspired by mythology like Apollo.

The top 10 male dog names classified in the US are:

  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Cooper
  • Buddy
  • Jack
  • Rocky
  • Oliver
  • Bear
  • Duke
  • Tucker

Top 10 Female Dog Names in the USA:

  • beautiful
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • moon
  • Lola
  • Sadie
  • Molly
  • Maggie
  • Bailey
  • Sophie

In Italy, however, the most popular names in 2019 were:

  • My
  • moon
  • Kira
  • Maya
  • Zoe
  • Jack
  • Lucky
  • Leo
  • Lola
  • Oliver

Puppies have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42

Clean the teeth of the old dog
The dog’s teeth. (Photo Unsplash)

Dog puppies have milk teeth, just like humans. They lose those milk teeth and have a full set of adult teeth when they are six months old, due to their rapid development and maturity. Milk teeth are also known as deciduous teeth.

Like deciduous trees, that is, which lose their leaves, the 28 deciduous teeth of the puppies are temporary and are lost during their first semester. The 42 who arrive and replace them tend to last longer than human teeth. This is due to the shape of the canine teeth and the tendency of dog food to be low in sugar, which means caries are a rare occurrence in dogs.

The most popular dog breed in the USA

labrador retriever
Labrador retriever (Pixabay Photo)

The most popular dog title in the United States has been awarded to the Labrador Retriever, also called “Labs” there, for the past 26 years. Labradors are known for being friendly and sociable roommates. They socialize not only with humans, but also with other species of dogs. The normal height of the labrador varies from 55 to 65 cm, and the weight varies between 30 and 35 kg.

its fur can be black, yellow and a delicious chocolate. Most labradors are enthusiastic athletes, who require a lot of exercise to maintain physical and mental fitness. The most interesting fact about this breed is that they are trained to help blind and autistic people in order to act as a therapy dog.

The largest number of dogs owned

mastiff english mastiff
The mastiff, English mastiff (Photo Flickr)

In the 13th century, the Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan owned 5000 Mastiff dogs. He used them for hunting and war. The word “Mastiff” refers to a group of large dogs, breeds that have played a role in the development of various bulldog and mountain dog breeds. It is also the common name for an extremely large breed of dog, also known as an English mastiff.

These dogs are huge, there is no other way to describe them. With females weighing a minimum of 55 kg, the Mastiff is by no means a delicate breed. And even if the size of the Mastiff gives it a certain degree of formibility, it is also a very noble, courageous, generous and loving dog.

Surprisingly docile and kind, the Mastiff is a wonderful family pet, although its size makes it a bit of a challenge in terms of maintenance difficulties. If we are experienced dog owners with a lot of love to give, the Mastiff is a fantastic breed to consider.

Dalmatians are completely white at birth

Expressive Dalmatian Facebook
Dalmatian (Facebook photo)

A curiosity about the dog that we could remember from the cartoon 101 Dalmatians. Dalmatians, which originate from Yugoslavia, are easily distinguished by their white coats. Their coat is totally white when they are born. Dalmatians are born with skin pigmentation spots, which are covered by their white fur.

A newborn litter of Dalmatian puppies is not recognizable by their famous spots. The spots are present on the skin of the puppies at birth, but do not begin to show up in the coat until the puppies are about 10 days old. This means that most Dalmatian puppies are born with a completely white coat.

Puppy spots continue to develop and darken rapidly, until the puppy is mature, usually between 1 and 2 years old. After that age, the dog continues to develop spots throughout its life, but at a much slower pace.

The sense of smell of a dog is thousands of times more acute than that of humans

dog sniffs
The sense of smell in dogs is the most developed sense. (Pixabay photo)

We conclude with a curiosity about the dog that is easy enough to guess. A dog’s sense of smell is his most highly developed sense, and the sense of smell of a dog is approximately 10,000 – 100,000 times more acute and sensitive than that of humans. The reason for this is explained by the fact that the part of the brain that processes the smell is almost four times larger in dogs than in humans.

Dogs have the ability to trace an odor, or even the smell of a person or object, even at a distance of many kilometers, and this makes them the perfect aid for the search for missing persons by the police and search and rescue organizations. While a human being has about 5 million perfume receptors in his nose, a dachshund has 125 million and a hound has even 300 million!

Are these curiosities about the dog not enough?

dog can eat turkey
We want more curiosities about the dog! (Photo Flickr)

Other fun facts about dogs for those who can’t get enough:

  • The first sense that a dog develops is touch.
  • A device called a “wagometer”, which can be translated as a “wag meter”, can predict the exact mood of a dog by measuring the wagging of its tail.
  • The nerves of dogs are spread throughout his body, including the ends of the legs.
  • The dog’s shoulder blades are detached from the rest of its skeleton, to offer them greater flexibility in running.
  • In Iran, it is illegal to have a dog as a pet.
  • The root of a dog’s canine tooth is longer than the tooth itself.
  • Some dogs have the ability to smell dead bodies under water.
  • Dogs don’t like being hugged as much as humans.
  • Dachshunds were bred to fight badgers in their lairs.
  • The number of eyelids a dog has is three.
  • Dogs tend to have a dominant “hand” that is often used when only one paw is needed.
  • 45% of dogs in the United States sleep with their owners.

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