TOP 10 most dangerous animals – Facts + Knowledge


TOP 10 most dangerous animals – Facts + Knowledge

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The most dangerous animals  – The World, Facts, Knowledge – People are constantly trying to improve the world, make it safer, but they are not able to control all threats, especially those coming from nature. The animal world is governed by its own laws, and man is an intruder in it, which often turns from a hunter into a victim. However, it’s not only wild animals that pose a threat – our ranking 10 of the most dangerous animals in the world proves that the biggest killers are the most innocent-looking representatives of the fauna.

1. Mosquitoes – 1,000,000 – 3,000,000 victims a year

Mosquitoes are undoubtedly the most irritating creatures of nature, but it is not for this reason that they are at the first place in the ranking of the most dangerous animals. Malaria, yellow fever and philalriosis are one of the most serious infectious diseases in the world, and mosquitoes are responsible for their spread. Despite making more and more effective attempts to protect against their bites, each year these insects kill an alarmingly large number of people.

2. Tse-tse flies – 400,000 victims a year

This small winged insect can kill a grown man with one bite. Tse-tse flies carry a borer, a parasite that is very dangerous to all mammals, including humans, causing a disease called the African coma. Two to three months after infection with the body’s parasite, extreme exhaustion and sleep, which results in death.

3. Snakes – 50,000 victims a year

The top three chilling rankings of the world’s most dangerous animals are closed by a snake. This slimy creature occurs in nature in 725 species, of which as many as 250 can kill a man with one bite. The fact that not all snakes are venomous is probably not a solemn consolation, especially considering the fact that these animals kill nearly 50,000 people every year.

4. Dogs – 40,000 victims a year

Loyal, brave, devoted and loving – dogs are called man’s best friends for a reason. Having such a quadruped is, however, associated with great responsibility – a dog in the hands of the wrong owner is a danger that not everyone is aware of. Fatal bites by dogs, which unfortunately is heard more often, are the result of human errors and omissions – the lack of wise upbringing of the dog, neglect and harassment often lead to the liberation of the animal’s original instincts, resulting in tragedy. Dogs are also the main carriers of rabies, of which one person dies every 30 minutes in India alone.

5. Scorpions – 5,000 victims a year

Just one look at this arthropod gives goose bumps. A long abdomen ending in a spike, which always seems to ominously indicate another victim, makes scorpions one of the most terrifying human creatures. Although only 25 out of nearly 1,500 scorpion species are venomous and dangerous to humans, the number of people they kill each year is overwhelming.

6. Hippos – 3,000 victims a year

Hippos, like elephants, seem to be gentle giants, but unlike their cousins ​​with trumpets, hippos are inherently aggressive. These animals are not only very strong, but also surprisingly fast – in a few seconds they can reach a speed of 30 km / h. A man near an enraged hippo has practically no chance of survival, which is confirmed by black statistics.

7. Crocodiles – 1,500 – 2,000

Crocodiles not only look like dangerous animals, they are just them. Unlike buffaloes or elephants, crocodiles are very difficult to locate. They attack from cover, so that their victims, including people very often, do not have time to react and to avoid a deadly attack. Crocodiles most often lurk on their prey in the water or right on the shore, because it is in such an environment that they have the best chance of a successful attack. Their jaws are so strong that they tear the human body without any problem.

8. Elephants – 500 victims a year

These awkward giants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and also one of the most common victims of illegal poaching. Officially, ivory trade is banned, but more and more millions of dollars worth of it are appearing on the black market. Although the only way to get ivory is to kill an animal, elephants sometimes manage to emerge victorious from a duel with a poacher – every year in Africa and Asia, several hundred people are trampled or crushed by their several-ton body.

9. African buffalos – 200 victims a year

This buffalo weighing nearly one and a half ton is called in Africa black death or creator of widowsbecause it kills dozens of people there every year. These powerful mammals can effectively defend themselves even against a herd of lions, so they have no enemies other than humans. However, armed poachers also feel fear of buffalo horns – wounded buffaloes become even more dangerous, in the fight for their lives they can chase and perish hunters.

10. Deer and roe deer – 120 victims per year

The charming Bambi deer from Disney cartoons is a delicacy, but in real life it is the representatives of his species that turn out to be one of the most dangerous animals for human life. Road signs with the image of a deer, which are often found near forest areas, should under no circumstances be underestimated. For most drivers, the head-on collision with this animal weighing an average of about 70 kilos, unfortunately, most often ends tragically – deer and deer definitely lead in the infamous statistics of road killers.

Whose presence in this ranking the most dangerous animals in the world surprised you the most?

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