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Top 10 Mistake That may Kill your Dog (Dog Care)

errors in dog care


Top 10 Mistake That may Kill your Dog (Dog Care)

Even if unconsciously, we can make some mistakes in dog care that compromise his health and shorten his life span.

10 mistakes in dog care to avoid (Pixabay Photo)

Anyone who has decided to adopt a dog knows that he has made a great commitment: responsibility for his health and well-being. Offer a healthy and happy life to Fido it is something that cannot be improvised, it must be guaranteed love, healthy food, veterinary checks and much more.

However much we can work, it is possible that in a totally unconscious way we are going to run into some common mistakes in dog care that are so influential that they can significantly shorten their life span: in this article, you will find the 10 most common mistakes in taking care of the dog and how to avoid them to make your four-legged friend live long, healthy and happy.

10 mistakes in dog care that undermine his health

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Dog care, 10 mistakes that shorten life (Photo Pexels)

The thoughtless weight gain, the passive smoking that we force him to breathe, insufficient exercise or a lack of oral hygiene care are just some of the errors that can adversely affect a dog’s lifespan. Let’s see what are the 10 worst and how to fix it: it is never too late to take care of Fido in the best way.

1. Allow the dog to gain too much weight

It is estimated that in Italian families at least one dog out of 3 is overweight: unfortunately, canine obesity is constantly increasing and its consequences on Fido’s health are nothing short of disastrous. Just think that even a few kilograms of excess weight can significantly reduce the quality and life span of Fido: therefore, be careful to know the ideal weight of your dog and keep it under control.

2. Skip the annual checks by the vet

Dogs should be subjected to regular veterinary checks every year, in order to diagnose any pathologies in time: make sure that the veterinarian gives Fido a thorough visit and the tests and examinations necessary for prevention.

3. Allow the dog to eat leftovers

One thing that all vets agree on without a doubt is that giving table food to the dog is a bad idea: the body of the dog and that of the human being are not the same, especially in the area dedicated to the digestive system.
We pay close attention, therefore: to both human food unsuitable for Fido and to educate the dog not to beg for table food.

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Take care of the dog (Pixabay Photo)

4. Neglect oral hygiene

Daily cleaning of the teeth is essential for the health of the dog, just like bathing it regularly. It is important to use specific toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, suitable for Fido’s size and age. In addition, it is good practice to have the dog’s teeth checked by the vet during checkups.

5. Little physical activity

Daily physical exercise represents one of the primary needs for Fido’s psychophysical well-being and not guaranteeing it is one of the most serious errors in dog care that we can make: you have to take your dog for a walk every day, not only for needs but also to provide him with the possibility of physical and intellectual stimulation.

6. Expose the dog to passive smoke

Passive smoking is just as dangerous to dogs as it is to humans. And we are not just talking about classic cigarettes: the electronic cigarette is also harmful to Fido, who could develop respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

7. Forget ticks, fleas and other parasites

Especially during the change of season, parasites are a problem for dogs of any breed, size and age. Ask your vet for advice on the best options for prevention and pesticide prophylaxis: from flea collars, to solutions to be applied to the skin, to medications to be taken orally.

dog puppy games
Fido’s wellness tips (Photo Pexels)

8. Don’t interact with your dog

Dogs give us love and joy in a completely unconditional way: just like humans, they are social animals that need contact with their human family and other dogs. Providing the dog with a correct socialization from a puppy is fundamental for an adequate development of his personality, moreover it is the best way to prevent Fido from becoming aggressive or fearful.

9. Not respect the needs of the breed

Each dog breed has its own peculiarities and specific needs: for example, there are dogs with a flattened muzzle such as English bulldogs or boxers who must be kept away from the too hot heat and should not tire too much in summer, to avoid problems typical of brachycephalic dog breeds.

10. Leave the dog outside without supervision

Letting the dog go out alone, without any supervision, is an error that can prove fatal: an accident with a car could occur and the dog would end up hit, with potentially tragic consequences.

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