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Top 10 Dangerous animals with a harmless appearance


Top 10 Dangerous animals with a harmless appearance

In nature, there are animals that make it clear that joking with them is bad. These representatives of the animal world usually have an awesome look – huge body sizes, sharp claws, fangs. However, there are species of animals that do not have a deterrent appearance, and at the same time can be dangerous for humans. When you see a representative of the fauna with a pleasant appearance, do not rush to wrap him in a hug, to stroke him – this can be unsafe. The reason for this is the struggle for survival.

Raccoon – strip

On the Internet, “walks” a huge number of videos with these cute animals. In some countries, raccoons are kept as pets. These big-eyed pets have a high level of intelligence, good looks, and fun habits that push people to take them home. However, do not be seduced by the attractive appearance of these mammals. In the struggle for food, they are able to rush to attack the enemy, even if it is the owner. Raccoon Claws are the main weapon for survival. After a raccoon attacks a person, the latter will have to heal wounds for a long time.

Mute swan

Majestic birds attract everyone’s attention with their surprisingly attractive appearance. Their grace, beauty do not cease to delight. Despite its small size compared to humans, this bird is capable of causing significant harm. This is especially true for socket protection. Do not try to approach the nest of swans where there are chicks or eggs. A swan is able to attack anyone who encroaches on its nest. Often birds attack from the air – they crash, knock a person down. In cases where the attack occurs on the water, the bird tries to prevent the person from raising his head above the surface of the water.


Nimble small animals with a furry tail are described in fairy tales as cunning and thieving. Most often, foxes are kept apart, not gathering in packs. However, in addition to these features, they are capable of causing significant harm not only to poultry, livestock, but also to humans. Cornered foxes are capable of manifesting aggression. From their bites often suffer domestic dogs, children. Great danger is their ability to tolerate rabies, other infectious diseases.


Outwardly, these mammals resemble teddy bears. They feed on the leaves of trees, on which they spend most of the time. The body weight of an adult is not more than 15 kg. Therefore, koalas do not carry mortal danger to humans. However, if you decide to approach their cubs, be prepared for long claws, sharp fangs and powerful jaws to be used. Koalas attack if they feel danger to themselves, cubs. The attack of these animals can result in soft tissue injury. In rare cases, they can tear off a limb.

Fat lory

A charming animal looks like a cartoon hero. Its large, round-shaped eyes add charm to a small face. The size of the loris allows you to confuse an adult male with a cub of some animal. With an unusually “pretty” appearance, Loris have a mortal danger. These animals produce a toxin that is dangerous for other mammals. Contains poison in the glands that are located on the elbows. When danger occurs, the loris collect poison in their mouths and bite the offender, injecting poison into his flesh. Females apply poison on the skin, wool of the cubs so that they do not become prey of predators, who, knowing this feature, bypass small loris.


The size of beavers does not cause concern in humans. But it is worth remembering the sharp long teeth with which animals build dams. When bitten, these long incisors are able to bite and bite a limb. Beavers rarely attack. The reason is an encroachment on their territory, which they zealously defend. There are cases when, after a beaver bite, people died from blood loss.


Graceful wild animals annually dump old horns. Growing these growths become terribly sharp. During the mating season, males make horns. For animals, this activity is not dangerous. If a person decides to approach the deer, he will be accepted as a threat. For their own protection, deer use the ram at high speed with sharp horns, which carries a mortal danger to humans.


Charming animals with an unusual appearance are fraught with danger for other mammals, humans. Little young platypus is harmless. As they grow older, they grow stings – spurs that are connected to the gland in the thigh that produces toxins. During the mating season, males use spurs with poison as a weapon against an opponent. A poisonous cocktail from the platypus gland can kill a small animal. For humans, this poison does not carry mortal danger. However, after poisoning a person with soft tissue, muscle pain will continue for several months.


Massive animals have a calm disposition, can be trained. They are often used as labor. With proper care, a good attitude, elephants are condescending to humans. Being stressed, elephants are able to trample the offender, pierce him with tusks.


Friendly slow animals create the illusion of harmlessness. Indeed, when pandas do not need food, are in comfortable conditions, they will not attack. But feeling threatened, the pandas attack without delay. These animals belong to the bear family, which are predators. Pandas can injure with claws and teeth that are not compatible with life.

For safety reasons, do not approach unfamiliar animals.

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