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Top 10 curious facts about dogs

10 curious facts about dogs


Top 10 curious facts about dogs

Some things and curious facts about dogs that will surprise you, some of them will help you understand and get to know your favorite pet a little more.

1. Dogs have about 100 facial expressions, most of them are made by changing the shape of the ears

2. Dogs only sweat on the soles of their feet and therefore the only way they have to discharge heat is to jelly through the mouth

3. Many dogs walk in circles before bedtime and it is an instinct they have inherited from their ancestors. The wolves and wild dogs walk above the ground to plan the herbs and scare away bugs or snakes from the place before bedtime.

4. Dogs cannot distinguish as many colors as humans, but they can see shades of blue, yellow and lilac. However they see the color red as gray.

5. Dogs owe their great sense of smell to the up to 300 million olfactory receptors that they have in their nose (humans have 6 million) and the part of their brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than the part that It controls it in a human brain.

6. Dogs can smell small changes in the smell of their masters such as sweat if you are nervous. Thanks to this ability, they can sometimes detect if a family member has a disease.

7. Although they are born deaf, adult dogs have a sense of hearing 4 times larger than humans. They use their ears as radar plates to locate the source of a sound. Like humans, dogs lose hearing ability with old age.

8. A dog’s memory lasts about 5 minutes. Therefore, if he is scolded for an hour after he has done some stumbling, he will not understand why.

9. A dog’s pupils are large and his eyes have a very large field of vision – that is why they are able to follow moving objects.

10. Dogs have much less taste buds than people, probably less than 2,000, so it is the smell that attracts them to a particular food.

You know more curious things about dogs, you will not love knowing them, leave your comment and tell us

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