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Top 10 Curiosities and interesting facts about Black Cats

Gatos Negros curiosidades


Top 10 Curiosities and interesting facts about Black Cats

The black cats They are mysterious and elegant. They hide a lot of curiosities and talk, both good and bad, and probably some you don’t even know. Considered magical, praised and hated at the same time, has not stopped talking about them.

Interesting curiosities Black Cats

Discover the most interesting factors, legends and curious details about black cats!

Black cats are more likely to have a stronger immune system.

If you have a black cat, you’ll be glad to know this: Melanism can improve their immune system, thus strengthening its resistance to pathogens. So black kittens may be less likely to get sick than other cats

Curiosities about Black Cats

They are commonly associated with Halloween and witches

Everything began in the Middle Agesthey saw them dark as it was said that the witches took the form of a black cat … and began to exterminate them. Poor things, what was their fault! And because of this, they also began to form part of the typical Halloween decorations.

Black Cats Curiosities

In Egyptian culture black cats were revered and admired

The feline figure with black fur was associated with goddess Bastet, protector of the home, what It brought joy, harmony and happiness. The Egyptians admired animals in general. If someone killed a cat it was considered as a capital crime

Curiosities about black cats

They are considered bad omen in various parts of the world

This it also started around the Middle Ages, since they were associated with the witches. In many parts of the world, the superstition of crossing with a cat black is bad luck and in other places even having it as pets … Angelic!

-In Ireland, if a person cross with a black cat a full moon night, you will think that in the next few days You run the risk of suffering from some disease.

Curiosities black cats

Usually black cats have yellow eyes due to melanism

Melanism is basically the opposite of albinism. The large amount of melanin in cats is what makes them have such black hair, and they have so much melanin that it causes them to have, usually, that golden / yellow color In the iris of his eyes.

Curiosities about black cats

In some cultures, black cats are considered good luck

They are not always considered a bad omen. In Asia and the United Kingdoma black cat It is usually considered good luck. Although as in everything, there are exceptions: in another large part of the United Kingdom, what gives bad luck is to cross one, but Don’t have it as a pet.

-In Scotland, if someone sees a black cat near their home, you will see it as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for his family.

Black cats curiosities

In ancient Rome, they also appreciated black cats and were associated with good luck

Formerly in Rome, cats in general were considered as partners in life and death. For them all The cats were sacred. Further, it is known that it was they who introduced the cats, usually, in Europe.

Black cats curiosities

The color “Pure Black” is only considered for certain races

There are many types of black cats, but only a small number of races are officially listed as “Black” according to the CFA (Cat Fanciers ’Association). Only 22 races approximately They are races are solid black.

Black cats curiosities

Black cats are the cats that take the longest to get a home

Whether by absurd superstitions, hobbies, or because it simply isn’t the “most demanded color” In cats, poor black kittens are The last to be adopted. Black cats are completely the same as any other cat!

Curiosities and interesting facts about black cats

Your hair color may change slightly with age or the sun.

When they get old, they can get white hair (gray hair) Just like people. If they take too much sun they can “rust”, not literally clear, but the sun can eat part of the color and them parts usually appear in coppery tones.

curiosities black cats

Definitely, Black cats are very special and it seems that their legends and curiosities will still be with us for many more centuries.

Greetings friends of the black kittens!

Curiosities about black cats

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