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Top 10 Cats To never Hav as Pets – Reasons| breed | Features

Top 10 Cats To never Hav as Pets - Reasons breed Features


Top 10 Cats To never Hav as Pets – Reasons| breed | Features

Top 10 Cats To never Hav as Pets – Reasons| breed | Features – Buying a little kitten, people hope to find an affectionate and reliable friend in it. Most believe that feline representative will certainly flaunt, purr and allow themselves to be stroked. However, this is not quite true. The nature of the pet is affected by: upbringing, living conditions, and heredity. There are breeds of cats that from birth are endowed with an attractive appearance and a nasty character.

If you do not first familiarize yourself with the character features of the selected breed, you can get instead of a companion a selfish and wayward predator of small size. We offer an overview of breeds that are genetically prone to unjustified anger, aggression.

Balinese cat

Sullen pessimists are hiding behind an unusual coloring, graceful gait. These cats are extremely rarely in a good mood. On a light body, a dark mask on the face clearly stands out. Bright turquoise eyes look at everyone with an appraising gaze. The nature of the Balinese Cats from the side is not surprising. They spend more time at rest. They do not tolerate violence against themselves, do not suffer attacks of affection for the owner. Inadequately respond to the desire of children to play with them. When strangers come to scrap, it is better to isolate balinesis.


These cats have always been famous for their obstinate character. The Siamese are constantly watching the owner. When committing a mistake in handling them, Siamese cats can take revenge for a long time. This is expressed in damage to household property in various ways. Due to its attractive appearance, the breed has been popular for many decades. However, you should not start Siamese if children live in the house. These cats do not tolerate forced affection, are able to show aggression towards the offender.


Like all residents of Foggy Albion, British cats are calm, calm and willful. Breeders and cat lovers admire the thick coat of these cats. Outwardly, they resemble a huge plush toy. Nevertheless, with a magnificent appearance, the British are proud, do not like to be squeezed, stroked without their permission. These pets are wary of strangers. They are capable of loyal love for the owner, while preferring to be alone and at a distance.

Maine Coons

The largest feline pets weigh 16 kilograms. They are covered with thick long hair, fluffy tassels are present on their ears. Maine Coons have a restrained character, a high level of intelligence. In relation to the owner behave calmly, complaisant. There are times when the mood of cats changes dramatically. During these periods, they are able to attack the offender, who often acts as a stranger. Maine Coons require constant attention. Leaving them alone, you risk finding a pogrom in the home.

Abyssinian cats

Elegant tricolor representatives of the Asian continent are able to love the owner immensely. But, this does not prevent them from showing negative character traits. This is mainly manifested in vengeance, vindictiveness. If they do not like the actions towards them of the owner, other members of the family, they are capable of “terrorizing” the offender for a long time. Abyssinian cats are capable of stealthily rushing to attack the ankle of an unpleasant person, spoiling their shoes, biting and scratching furniture. Do not try to punish your pet for damaged things, this will aggravate the situation.


Cats that look like small cheetahs have recently been bred. Their elongated body, amazing color do not leave anyone indifferent. In the veins of these animals flows the blood of a serval, Siamese cats. The savannahs are overly active, curious. They do not like forced games, affection. Having larger sizes in comparison with relatives, make them dangerous in case of attack. Aggression in them causes the appearance of strangers. With the right attitude, they can be trained.

Reed cats

These are large wild cats. They warn with all their looks of the danger they carry. The similarity to the wild trot is not only external. The character of reed cats leaves much to be desired. These predators are not able to live in an apartment, they must hunt every day. Does not tolerate coercion. Capable of aggression towards any person.


Like reed cats, veins preserved wild lynx genes, which determines the characteristics of the character. The animal looks very cute. But behind a harmless appearance lies a secretive predatory animal that can attack at any opportunity. Not amenable to education, training. Its excessively long fangs in case of attack pose a threat to humans, especially for young children.

Siberian cats

Fluffy, unpretentious and hardy cats have long been loved by man. They are smart, independent. They perfectly cope with the task of protecting the home from rodents. They are very attached to the owner who treats them with respect. From violent caresses leave. In case of resentment, they will surely be remembered and avenged.

Bengal cats

An interesting color, high intellectual abilities make these animals in demand. However, they do not tolerate restrictions of freedom, do not go into the arms, instantly attack any moving object.

When choosing representatives of the breeds represented, be prepared for the manifestation of freedom, sometimes aggression.

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