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Top 10 Best-selling dog breeds: Extraordinary specimens



Top 10 Best-selling dog breeds: Extraordinary specimens

Best-selling dog breeds in Italy: Let’s find out among the companion dogs, Molossians and dogs which are the best-selling breeds in Italy. Characteristics of our four-legged friends.

Best-selling dog breeds in Italy. (Adobe Stock Photo)

Italians have always been lovers of pets, often they turn to the kennels to be able to adopt their four-legged friend but still today they are there certain breeds that continue to be purchased.

Best-selling dog breeds in Italy

Dog names
The best-selling dog breeds in Italy (Source iStock)

The man’s best friend is confirmed to be the dogin fact in most Italian houses we find him as the first choice of pet. Let’s see in order which of the best-selling dog breeds we find in the list below.

German shepherd

The intelligence of the German shepherd (Pixabay Photo)
German shepherd (Pixabay photo)

The German shepherd, as its name indicates, is a breed originating in Germany. Medium-large, strong and muscular specimen and has an athletic and agile appearance. It has a head well proportioned to the body, straight ears oriented forward and slightly slanting dark eyes give this sheepdog an always awake and attentive expression.

The hair can be black with brown tan markings, yellow or light gray, black or single-color gray or gray with brown markings. Characterally we speak of a reliable and gentle, courageous, tireless dog.

It is used as a service dog and watchdog by the police, the army and customs, as a dog from rescue and therapy, as an avalanche dog and guide dog. All this thanks to his strong intelligence, his ability to learn and his strong goodwill immediately accepts new challenges.

He is an excellent companion, very suitable for family life. The German Shepherd is very sociable, loves to be with children and is very tolerant of other pets. His only claim, being a very active dog, needs both physical and mental stimuli.

English setter

English setter
English setter. (Pixabay photo)

Among the best-selling dog breeds, there is the English setter and a dog originating from Great Britain and a medium-sized dog, the body is well compact and equipped with agile musculature. It has a head well proportioned to the rest of the body and neck and the ears are dangling by nature.

The colors of the fur are very particular: black and white (blue belton), white and orange (orange belton), white and lemon (lemon belton), white and liver (liver belton) or tricolor, i.e. blue belton focato, or liver belton focato. The English Setter is one of the most elegant among set dogs, but today it is more popular as a companion and show dog than as a working dog.

Character is a very sociable dog, fond of his family and who does not like to be alone for long. He is also very active and fun-loving, in fact he loves to stay in the company of children. He is able to adapt to city life despite his hunting nature, but he struggles to stay in the apartment and at the same time hates being alone.

dog snow paws
Labrador retriever (Pixabay Photo)

Labrador retriever, known more simply also as Labrador dog is a breed native to Newfoundland, a Canadian island, although Labrador Retriever origin is attributed to England. It is a medium-sized dog with a muscular, strong and compact body, slightly longer than tall.

The Labrador’s head is wide and has an enlarged muzzle with a strong jaw. It has ears that hang naturally on the sides of the head, eyes that are coffee or brown in color, with a lively and intelligent expression.

Character is a sociable, friendly, loyal, intelligent and fun loving dog. He loves being with family and needs a lot of socializing. This makes it very suitable to be a perfect playmate for children.

It is also very sociable with other dogs or with strangers. His requests are activities, long walks and he is also a great lover of water and loves to swim like few breeds.

Golden retriever

Easy to train dog breeds
Easy-to-train dog breeds: Golden Retriever (Photo Unsplash)

The Golden Retriever is a dog breed of English origin, widespread in both Europe and North America, it differs in two types: British and American. The Golden retriever has a harmonious and balanced body, robust but elegant.

The head is large but proportionate, the ears dangle naturally on the sides and the eyes are dark brown, round and well spaced. The tail is long and does not appear curled at the end.

Characterally he is an obedient, intelligent, sociable and faithful dog. This breed loves the social environment and the warmth of a family, becomes attached to all members of its human “pack”. He loves to play especially with children, this is because one of the characteristics of the Golden, in fact, is that of being able to remain “puppy” for many years during the growth.

Its maturation, in fact, is completed around 3 or 4 years. The Golden Retriever is able to endure their often too agitated games that require great patience, always and with everyone. He is a dog who loves his family and has excellent social skills with other dogs.


chihuahua trembles
Chihuahua (Photo Unsplash)

Among the best-selling dog breeds there is also the chihuahua, which has unknown origins, this dog named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Others believe that the breed may have descended from Spanish dogs no less than the 16th century.

There are two types of Chihuahua that differ from each other in the hair: there are specimens longhaired and other shorthaired. It is a dog with a small and dry body, a protruding skull, large straight ears and a short muzzle. It is also easy to manage because, given its size, it is possible to carry it practically anywhere.

He is characteristically a brave, determined, independent dog. Not very sociable with strangers and other dogs, unless they are of the same breed. Like all small dogs, they may be more likely to bark than some large dogs.

They can also try to dominate their owners, but tends to bind a lot to its owners even if they become fond of one only. Chihuahua adapts very well to home life.

Jack Russell Terrier

jack russell
Jack Russell Terrier. (Pixabay Photo)

Among the best-selling dog breeds in Italy, we have the Jack Russell Terrier, this breed is named after Reverend John Russell, who bred one of the finest strains of fox terriers in England. It has a compact and muscular body, small in size. The head is wide and flat, the neck sturdy, strong jaws, a dark-colored truffle, soft ears that fall downwards, almond-shaped eyes and lively expression.

It has a more or less smooth hair, with a white base color with tan spots which can be of different shades of fawn. Characteristically the Jack russell Terrier, he is very lively and intelligent, brave, confident, proud and daring, sociable, affectionate and therefore suitable for the whole family.

He was born as a hunting dog but has become a lovable companion dog, it adapts to apartment life but needs its spaces and times of life in the open air. Which is why a house with a large fenced garden is right for you.


large breed dog
The Rottweiler. (Pixabay photo)

The Rottweiler is a Molossian dog breed and despite this it is among the best-selling dog breeds. It was born in the German city of Rottweil during the 19th century. It is also one of the dogs most used by the Austrian police, and in Brazil it has been placed in a paratrooper commando.

It is also used as a personal and home defense dog. Today it is in third place by diffusion in the United States and is increasingly popular in Italy. It is a giant breed dog, robust and powerful, strong and resistant.

The head has is moderately proportioned, the ears are therefore well spaced, furthermore they are small, triangular and hanging. The eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. The hair is hard and compact while the undercoat remains softer. The tail is short and is carried horizontally.

Characteristically stands out is its versatility and intelligence. He needs a master who trains him calmly and gently and who is consistent only in this way the dog will truly recognize his authority. If well trained and loved, the Rottweiler is a very obedient and disciplined dog.

He is very possessive with his family and his owner especially and if he feels threatened or feels his family in danger. Not very suitable for children due to its size.

Cane corso

Dandruff in the dog
The reasons for hair loss can be genetic. (Pixabay photo)

Among the best-selling dog breeds in Italy, we have the Cane Corso is a dog of Italian origin, from the Latin cohors, a term that has a double meaning: it means courtyard or courtyard, but also means guardian. It belongs to the molossoid group, has a massive, robust, strong and compact body.

It has a large head and a massive neck, the ears are triangular in shape, medium in size and pointed. The eyes are large and dark and give it an intelligent and alert air. The color of the hair can be black, gray, fawn or brindle.

The tiger version exists with both tawny and gray base. The Corsican dog has a hunting dog character and livestock protector but today he has adapted to family life and its protection.

Character is a quiet dog, rarely excessive in his demonstrations of aggression, confident and balanced. Despite his powerful physicality, of which he is aware, is a fantastic playmate for kids.

Italian hound

Hound. (Pixabay Photo)

The Italian hound is a dog with very ancient origins. In fact, it is believed that it derives from the racing dogs that lived in ancient Egypt, arrived on the coasts of the Mediterranean sea, and therefore also in Italy. A breed always used only for hunting, known for its endurance and its olfactory capacities.

He has a well-dried and fairly muscular body, it has a proportionate and oval head, the eyes are large and bright, dark ocher in color, with a sweet expression and an almond cut, the ear is triangular and turned inwards.

The hair is satin and fawn colored unicolor in all its shades from bright red to washed out fawn and black and tan. The tail is carried hanging, in action it rises up to go beyond the back line. A curious peculiarity of both varieties is the tone of voice, which is particularly ringing.

Character is a very good dog, not aggressive at all but his nature is hunting, so he is not suitable for apartment life. It a little shy with strangers but he is a very mild dog.

Let’s say it’s not your typical walking or companion dog. He is happy when you take him hunting. Alternatively he loves to explore the woods together with his owner, to whom he is very obedient and attached.


boxer dog
Boxer dog (Pixabay photo)

Among the best-selling dog breeds in Italy, there is the boxer, whose origins are related to Germany, the presumed date is indicated around 1870, he is a medium-sized dog, robust, with balanced musculature. It has an arched head free of deep wrinkles, black nose, dark brown eyes, not too deep set, which give it a lively expression, thin and spaced ears.

The hair is shaved, adhering to the physical and shiny, it has shades, according to the standard that must not be removed from the following colors: brindle, fawn or white. The tail is attached high and clearly visible. Characterally he is affectionate, lively and protective, sociable character loves to live in the family.

It is not suitable for apartment living and is too turbulent for small children and frail elderly people. the boxer is an active dog who needs space and a very energetic owner willing to play and go out for long walks even in places where it is possible to leave him free on a leash, but with the right precaution being inclined to escape.

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