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Top 10 Adorable Dog breeds – Pictures |Sizes | Appearance, | Features


Top 10 Adorable Dog breeds – Pictures |Sizes | Appearance, | Features

Top 10 Adorable Dog breeds – Pictures |Sizes | Appearance, | Features – The modern rhythm of life leaves its mark on the choice of a pet. Increasingly, when choosing a puppy, preference is given to small breeds. Indeed, they do not require a lot of space for maintenance; they can be taken on a trip, for a walk and for a visit. Kids are more active than representatives of large breeds, have a playful disposition. In addition to the positive aspects, there are small nuances of their maintenance – in the cold season they need warm shelter, clothes for walking on the street. If you are not afraid of difficulties of this kind, we offer an overview of dog breeds of small sizes.

Small dogs: breeds, photos, sizes, appearance, features


A fluffy kid has a cheerful kind disposition, loves games surrounded by kids, which attracts active facial expressions of a good dog. Affenpinchers do not grow higher than 30 cm in height, and their weight does not exceed 5 kg. Such dimensions allow you to take your pet with you to crowded places, on a trip. These dogs are attached to the owner, who are trying in every way to please. We are ready to give their attention around the clock, which makes them excellent companions for single, elderly people, families with small children.

Yorkshire Terrier

Cute dogs are flexible, instead of hair, they grow hair, to which the person does not develop an allergic reaction. Their long hairline is great for doing various hairstyles.

Yorkies need daily care, washing after eating. Playful, active, calmly endure cosmetic, hygienic procedures. Can be trained in a playful way. The body weight of these mini-dogs is a maximum of 4 kg., In height they grow to 25 cm.

Chinese Crested

If you are looking for a faithful companion, then this breed is for you. The crested ones are surprisingly loyal not only to the owner, but also to all the family canyons, they love to be surrounded by people. Unobtrusive, ready to wait for the owner to allocate time for playing with the pet. The appearance of the representatives of this breed will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dogs calmly endure trimming, washing, their toned body is admirable. On their face you can see an expression resembling a smile. Crested weigh up to 3 kg., In growth reach 35 cm.

Brussels Griffon

Naughty little dogs easily make contact with a person, which makes them universal favorites. They get along well with other animals, like active games with children, endure all the necessary procedures for grooming. They love affection, do not resist increased attention from outsiders, which allows you to take them with you to crowded places. They listen and execute commands, are optimistic about the opportunity to play. Griffons are small in size, height – up to 30 cm, weight – up to 5 kg.

Bichon Frize

Similar to yorks, but the coat is silky, soft. Outwardly, the kids look like teddy bears.

They are characterized by kindness, gentleness of character, lack of malice and aggression. Easy to train, like outdoor games. Dogs require regular grooming – grooming, combing their hair, daily walks with active games. With a lack of attention, physical activity can find something to do on their own, which leads to damage to the property. In height they do not grow above 28 cm, the mass does not exceed 5 kg.

Silky Australian Terrier

It has an external resemblance to the Yorkshire Terrier, but differs in the length and structure of the coat. Auspicious Australian terriers are obedient, they are easy to raise for specific living conditions. Dogs need daily walks in the fresh air, like active pastime. They will be excellent companions for a young, middle-aged child. Do not grow above 25 cm.

Italian lapdog

A fluffy little dog with curly hair looks like a toy. Small black eyes-buttons stand out on a snow-white muzzle. Dogs have angelic patience, are easily trained, have a high level of intelligence. Bolonki get along well with children, which are followed everywhere. As a care, they need to comb their hair and regularly cut. Non-aggressive, have a height of up to 35 cm, weight up to 4.5 kg.

Rabbit dachshund

Short glossy hair, muscular elongated body and small size are the main external characteristics of this normal dog. This smallest of the dachshunds is active, well physically developed, has a unique hearing, flair. Like all normal dogs she has a hunter instinct. In the absence of sufficient physical activity strives to dig holes in all accessible places. In the absence of attention from the owner is capable of damaging property. Like all dachshunds jealous and wayward. Listens to one owner, whom she chooses herself, the rest of the family may not even be given into her hands. Rabbit dachshunds grow to a height of 18 cm in height, their body weight is 4.5 kg.

Pomeranian Spitz

Fluffy dense coat, attractive muzzle favorably distinguish Pomeranian from all miniature dogs.

It perfectly copes with the duties of a watchman – when strangers appear, it instantly alerts the owners with a loud bark. Great for families with children with whom they like to play. Excessive activity, loud voice – character traits because of which this breed is not recommended to be brought to older people. With growth up to 25 cm. The weight of the pets is not more than 3.5 kg.

Despite their small size, small dogs have different personality traits. Before you start a miniature pet, find out from the breeders the main features of the content of the representative of the selected breed.

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