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Top 10 + 1 Ways To flood Your Dog – My dog wants constant attention



Top 10 + 1 Ways To flood Your Dog – My dog wants constant attention

My dog wants constant attention – The attentions that Dog loves to receive – 11 things the dog likes to do: basic but also fundamental tips to make Fido the happiest dog in this world.

11 things the dog likes to do. (Pixabay Photo)

Anyone who has a dog at home knows how small or big these puppies are, they love to be pampered, spoiled and caressed. They would love to be able to eat all day and play with you all the time.

However there are also other situations and many other attentions that the dog loves to receive, more precisely we have identified 11 things that the dog likes to do. Let’s discover them together, so that we can make him even happier to live with those who reciprocate his unconditional love.

The 11 things the dog likes to do

Among the things that the dog loves to do there is listening to music, playing, digging. (Pixabay Photo)

In this article we have considered giving precedence by emphasizing which they are the 11 things the dog likes, understood as situations that the dog likes to share, cuddles he loves to receive, pastimes he loves to undergo. Let’s find them out together!

Be caressed

The dog loves to be caressed and this practice is good for both him and us, it helps to relax both Fido and his owner. And there are some parts of the body where the dog prefers to be caressed and they are: the chin strap, the chest, the shoulders, the belly, while others, if touched, disturb or worse can trigger the aggression of the dog, and are the head , the tail and the legs.

How can we understand if the dog likes contact with our hands? Simply by observing his behavior when we reach out to him: if he moves away or on the contrary he approaches to be touched.

If it approaches further to increase contact, it means that he really likes to be caressed and you can continue with the caresses towards the ears or the back, if something goes away it’s not working.

Digging holes

Digging a hole in the garden can be one way your dog tries to reduce boredom. But it can also dig holes to build a safe den and stay out of harm’s way. This behavior is often put into practice by pregnant dogs before giving birth.

In the digging hole, your dog may also be hiding food from us. Although you give him the bowl with his food, every day, his wolf instinct pushes him to hide the food to keep it. It could dig to create a cool place to shelter from the heat. Finally, your dog may dig a hole in the garden to try to escape.

Good nutrition and little extras

Feeding your dog is definitely a very important aspect if you want your four-legged friend to grow up in a healthy way and maybe even longer. Healthy nutrition also influences his physical appearance as well as his happiness since a healthy and healthy dog ​​is also a happy dog.

Croquettes, tins, homemade food are just the main types of food you can feed your dog with obviously always keeping in mind that the dog has different needs depending on the size, age, breed and state of health.

A healthy and balanced diet for your dog means providing about 50% of animal protein to his feedi (meat, fish, egg yolk and fresh cheeses) and 50% of vegetables and carbohydrates such as pasta or rice cooked very well, thus avoiding the various foods that it is better not to provide to the dog, even if this does not exclude the possibility of spoiling it from time to time is certainly not wrong.

Maybe preparing desserts especially for him like biscuits. These foods will allow you to make him happy and at the same time they will allow him to take specific nutrients that will balance his diet in a correct and healthy way.

New toys

At the time of purchase, you can consider these four varieties of toys, namely: balls, ropes, chewable and plush toys. All this will have to be selected based on the age, breed and size of the dog, there are many options made according to the different ages of your dog.

The dog will love how children receive a new game from time to time that will also do him a lot of good in stimulating his mind and avoid getting bored and doing damage in the house. Logically, if the game is also accompanied by the fact that you take a few minutes to have fun with him, this will make him the happiest dog in this world.

Socialize in the park

The socialization phase in the dog is fundamental for the puppy who begins to know the outside world and eliminate his fears, interacting with its surroundings such as other animals.

What instead it’s wrong, to think that as an adult the dog no longer needs to go out and interact, but rather it is precisely the most wrong attitude that we can make our four-legged friend take.

It should be normal for the adult dog to meet other dogs and not show aggression, just seeing family members on a daily basis only makes him unsociable and aggressive towards the outside world.

Physical exercise

Going to the park to socialize hides another important point for Fido, namely the possibility of keeping fit, doing daily exercise and us together with him. The dog has a daily need to run, to feel free, it does him good for muscle tone, bones but also psychologically, remember that they are animals and as such they are born free.

The less fortunate that they don’t have the opportunity to go swimming, a sport that completes physical activity, can, as previously mentioned, go to the park and maybe we can have fun with the dog to throw the ball. All this can only do good for the dog and for ourselves.

The music

Among the 11 things the dog likes, recent studies have shown how the dog likes music. The dog feels attracted to the sounds and this completely relaxes him. In general, the dog prefers a type of music where he can also listen to the voice, as it gives him security.

He also loves classical music which, like man, brings serenity while as we can imagine rock or heavy metal creates some disturbance and nervousness. Music is a good tool to reassure them even when they are alone in homes.

Traveling with you

The dog as we have been able to understand over time does not like to be alone in the house, which is why he will be the first to approach the door whenever you are ready to go out. He will hinder your exit by asking you with those sweet eyes to be able to go out with you.

He would accompany you wherever he has full confidence but above all, as we have just said, he does not like to be alone, he feels part of the family and would never separate. Take it wherever it will be good for him as for you, the dog likes to travel with you.

To sleep with you

Among the things just mentioned, the one he loves most is sleeping with his master. Dogs by nature as long as they live in the pack have the habit of sleeping all together and therefore sleeping with you brings him back to that feeling of belonging, at that moment he feels part of your family.

sure not everyone agrees to let the dog sleep in his bed and this is also right, but the advice we feel we can give and give do not leave it outside the closed door if you really don’t want it in your bed.


Especially when he’s small, the dog loves to gnaw anything and in particular furniture slippers and chairs. Puppies feel the need to bite as their gums hurt and the teeth as they are gradually developing.

While for the adult dog this practice of biting furniture etc., in most cases is not normal but at the base there is some reason for suffering, for example: hyperactivity, separation anxiety, anxiety, stress and boredom.

At this point it will be essential to identify the cause and then intervene in the best way. It is important to start educating our dog as soon as possible, arming ourselves with a lot of patience.

Be rewarded

The dog is a very easy animal to educate, being among the most intelligent pets but his learning is also very tied to the type of encouragement and the prize waiting with gluttony. The dog the more he feels his master’s esteem and sees the steps forward that he will take in learning the more he will learn.

The dog needs to receive mental stimuli and tends to be obedient to orders if in return he receives signs of affection and a tasty reward. All of this strengthens our bond with him.

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