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This football champion celebrates Super Bowl victory by paying adoption fees for shelter dogs


This football champion celebrates Super Bowl victory by paying adoption fees for shelter dogs

When a known character manages to put his celebrity to good use to do good to those who need it, his actions certainly deserve praise and attention. Of course, it is easier for a famous person to dedicate part of their earnings to charity, but it is not always so obvious.

In the United States, for example, the Super Bowl it is the sporting event which, every year, records a record number of plays and appearances. We are obviously talking about the final of the American football championship which, by 2020, recorded the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs. One of his players in particular stood out for a truly memorable gesture.

Derrick Nnadi, a 23-year-old defender, has decided to celebrate the important victory in a wonderful way. Like? Paying the adoption fees for all the dogs of the KC Pet Project refuge, making them immediately adoptable. It is not the first time that Derrick decides to do such a thing: even during the championship, with every victory he made a dog adoptable.

In this case, however, it really went beyond funding the adoption costs for the many four-legged friends of the facility located in Kansas City, in the state of Missouri. The figures are around $ 150 per dog, and those who decide to take them with them cannot always support them, depriving the animals of having the possibility of a new home.

Via Facebook, KC Pet Project announced the news, revealing to the world the beautiful gesture made by the player. After all, a victory like that obtained at Super Bowl it certainly deserved a worthy celebration, and the one chosen by Derrick was a way as useful as it is commendable

Nnadi is a true dog lover and, thanks to him, all four-legged friends present in the refuge will be able to find stable accommodation in which to feel protected and loved as they deserve. No doubt about it, we are facing a true champion: not only of sport, but also of generosity!

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