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These 28 reactions from animals that go to the vet

These 28 reactions from animals that go to the vet


These 28 reactions from animals that go to the vet

When it’s time to go to the doctor, your children often pull their heads. Sometimes they even get angry. We can understand them. Going to a doctor’s office is rarely for good reasons, or to get vaccinated. Which, when you are little, is really unpleasant.

This time, the children strangely resemble animals. Do not believe that a dog and a cat particularly appreciate visiting a veterinarian. Their reaction can be significant. Take a look for yourself with our photos below.

1. “Did you look at me well? I hope we go to the park!”

© Troyster143 / reddit

2. “No, no, please don’t let him take me!”

© Scriblette / reddit

3. “When I think my master told me we were going to the groomer … look, I’m not going to dare to go out!”

© musky13 / reddit

4. “Do we really have to go to the vet?”

© GoldenTogepi / reddit

5. “He’s trying to tell me I’m too fat, right?”

© SonyCOX / pikabu

6. “Yes, well, I understood that I had to reduce the quantities, but I’m hungry …”

© Ovaryeacting / reddit

7. “Before going to the vet … after coming back!”

© SeeElAre / reddit

8. “Don’t let go, don’t let me go with this gentleman!”

© Misterguinness / reddit

9. “Ah, I knew there was a way to disappear!”

© shadowinc / reddit

10. “If you want to prick me, you will have to come and get me!”

© a_mccut / reddit

11. “Stay lying down, don’t move, hopefully he won’t notice you”

© dog_drool_dayz / reddit

12. “Is it okay? Are we going home?”

© PandorasFox / reddit

13. Isn’t he exaggerating a little?

© foxmalts / reddit

14. “My friends, don’t come in here, run away!”

© stephiejeanmachine / reddit

15. “Let me out! I don’t want to go to the doc’s”

© bushmaster69 / reddit

16. “Here’s what you deserved for sterilizing me”

© thefantasticme2093 / pikabu

17. “Maybe if I’m cute, she won’t give me to the vet”

© MartyFromNC / reddit

18. “When you notice that you are going to the vet”

© GallowBoob / reddit

19. “For the first time in my life, I’m going around the corner voluntarily”

© zapperdude60 / reddit

20. He too in this capacity …

© sgthompson640 / reddit

21. “Look how wise I am, won’t you hurt me, promise?”

© JunkyardForLove / reddit

22. “Have mercy on me, leave me here, I won’t bother you”

© QEDomelets / reddit

23. When you became aware of where you were going

© Vexinglotus941 / imgur

24. “I will set an example to be seen by the veterinarian”

© Sprinterstar7 / pikabu

25. “Are you going to finish with a bandage on the tail?”

© BoulderBaked420 / reddit

26. “Don’t think you will get away with this”

© rlk13 / imgur

27. “My friend is scared before going to the vet, so I console him as best I can”

© u / Federer45 / reddit

28. “Uh … gently behind, I don’t know what’s going on”

© u / fugololo / reddit

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