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These 26 animals who like to do stupid things

These 26 animals who like to do stupid things

Animal Fun

These 26 animals who like to do stupid things

An animal does not always go in the direction desired by its owner. He can rebel kindly. He can do as he pleases, to the point of causing some hassle every day.

The owners of these animals were probably unlucky at the time. Unless, for their companion, it is only a game. Anyway, with their boils, how can they blame them? Look for yourself!

1. “I was once told that it was good, so I want to know for sure!”

© magmidd / twitter  

2. It must be said that the place is hot!

© pinnipedmom / reddit  

3. Drink this coffee after the passage of the pigeon … no thanks!

© GallowBoob / reddit  

4. “What? Me? But I did nothing …”

© unknown user / imgur  

5. “You seriously think I have something to do with it? Look, I’m sleeping”

© mbo42 / reddit  

6. “Good, and if I make the big eyes, they let me out more easily?”

© bvbillionaire / twitter  

7. “So how does this dress fit me?”

© articulateantagonist / reddit  

8. “Go ahead, you can continue, the owners have not yet returned!”

© jennthemermaid / reddit  

9. Caught in the act … Difficult to deny the obvious

© unknown user / imgur  

10. “What does it do if I press my nose?”

© jatan194 / reddit  

11. Even if she hadn’t written it, it showed

I went into a trash can and ate a hotdog

© dogshaming / twitter  

12. “Gently, boy, I just wanted to play”

© unknown user / imgur  

13. “How do we start spraying?”

© Paige_Lynn / reddit  

14. Have you ever seen cats on two legs?

© teemarsh / reddit  

15. “I found this bone and paper mix excellent!”

© KLJones_Science / twitter 

16. “It’s good for wiping the paper towel, right?”

© KRegister / reddit  

17. “Perfect this pot, just the right size!”

© Victoria_88 / reddit  

18. “Don’t touch today, I’m not in high spirits”

© EupraxiaCM / reddit  

19. This cat likes to hide the hair bands under the stove …

© peachy_green / reddit  

20. “It’s the other, but not me!”

© Sandvich1015 / reddit  

21. “Can I touch what you eat?”

© capresesalad1985 / reddit  

22. “This is the way I found to express myself …”

© HairoftheDog89 / reddit  

23. “When do you hit the ground three times like on TV?”

© like_big_mutts / reddit  

24. “Here is my new plaster on the paw”

© MartyFreeze / reddit  

25. You win a cat when you come across the free park

© OutOfAbyss / reddit  

26. “Yes, I see that you are looking at me, but you will not catch me”

© Gracynvh / reddit  

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