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These 25 pets are like their masters

Animal Fun

These 25 pets are like their masters

Many veterinarians will tell you that most pets are like their owners. Does this hold true for you?

Here are 25 pets who copy their masters rather well and know how to be comfortable! Do you have pets? What are they doing like you? Tell us your anecdotes in the comments!

1. Big kitten takes a nap break next to his little protege

© innana96 / imgur

I take care of you little piece!

2. Like father, like son

Who do you think takes the best break?

3. Who do you think is the deepest sleep?

Note that the dog still took 2 pillows!

4. Do you see something interesting man?

© unknown / imgur

What an adorable duo!

5. That smile !!!

© unknown / imgur

Hey yeah! I too can smile!

6. The naval battle is also played out between humans and animals!

© subyamxapa / imgur

I sank your aircraft carrier old man!

7. The best sleep companion in the world

© unknown / imgur

Aren't they just adorable ?!

8. Are we taking the break for the selfie?

© GymLeaderDani / imgur

More than a friendship reigns between these two!

9. Who told you to enter?

© unknown / imgur

Get out of this room immediately! You are not welcome!

10. Completely abandoned on its master!

© vloss / imgur

This man did not want a cat, his girlfriend forced his hand and here he is two days later!

11. Maybe a problem?

© unknown / imgur

My master has the attitude, I have the style! Each his own !

12. Why is everything so small with my masters ?!

© unknown / imgur

I wish I could put the rest of my body on the couch!

13. I love that my mistress plays sports! My pillow is the most comfortable in the world!

© unknown / imgur

We can sense that he could stay here for hours!

14. The most crazy family!

© TheKoki / reddit

And the dog is no exception to the rule!

15. This cat seems very concerned by his reading!

© mlc2475 / imgur

My cat loves to do the same thing as me, so he reads too!

16. Because they love to ride bikes!

© antinbath / imgur

A duo of adventurers

17. Duel of tanning

© deftkillerstu / imgur

When your parents send you this type of photo, you know you've already been replaced!

18. Sharing meals is the basis of real friendship

© unknown / imgur

Best friends share everything anyway!

19. Come on, let's go, hit the mushroom!

© unknown / imgur

Sometimes I wonder if my dog ​​is not a human in the body of a canine!

20. It is necessary to initiate it very young to the business!

© FuzzRay / imgur

They assimilate better little ones and quickly get a taste for work!

21. Sweet dreams!

© unknown / imgur

It makes you want to go to sleep doesn't it ?!

22. A cat will also share your difficult moments after breakup

© gangumangu / imgur

Let's watch a series both!

23. Here's why men prefer dogs!

© unknown / imgur

They love to sit on the couch in front of the TV!

24. Yes !? Maybe a problem?

© FairDinkemAussie / imgur

Bring me a bone and some water please human!

25. The papatte in the air, one like the other!

I love being the first thing my mistress sees in the morning when I get up!

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