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These 24 animals with color and special characteristics

These 24 animals with color and special characteristics


These 24 animals with color and special characteristics

There are many animals on the planet. There are more than 2 billion animal species, against a single human species. Among all these animals, some have their own characteristics.

Each species has its codes, its colors, its genes, its history. So when some dare to differentiate, they are all the more easily noticed. Like these animals below which have a color of their own.

1. This dog has freckles all over his body

© Berlinthebattleturtle / imgur

2. It’s the Zorro cat version!

© unknown / imgur

3. As it is cold outside, we recommend wearing socks

© unknown / imgur

4. A very difficult cow to pin down

© Maklo_Never_Forget / reddit

5. Has a nice mustache

© IBringTheAnswers / imgur

6. This is proof that makeup can bring out the eyes

© WhyAreYouLikeThat / reddit

7. A striped snake on the California side!

© topscene / reddit

8. A double-sided cat, like in Batman?

© JakeDaDerp / reddit

9. A fish that is a little too red, as if we had abused the saturation

© HolyMarlin / reddit

10. This cat is still amazed, the proof with its black hairs …

© Oc Simore / twitter

11. This dog has dark circles, he should sleep more

© The1uniquesnowflake / reddit

12. A magnificent albino peacock

© thegreatkumquatmassacre / imgur

13. A parrot with 6 different colors

© wikipedia

14. An Atelopus frog from the Suriname highlands

© Kerry Ward / twitter

15. A rottweiler with a very strange mask

© iklegemma / reddit

16. A Calico Dominican boa with red spots

© WhatDoYouWantMeToMakeHimSayNow / imgur

17. This cat is always surprised apparently!

© OMG BANYE / twitter

18. This dog has a heart-shaped nose

© Berlinthebattleturtle / imgur

19. An albino crocodile, who recognizes himself well in the water, a pity for him

© thegreatkumquatmassacre / imgur

20. This cow is apparently religious in another life

© IBringTheAnswers / imgur

21. An Indian frog with blue balls

© goodbeertimes / reddit

22. A sumptuous pink dolphin

© KingAlfonz / imgur

23. Watch her eyes and be hypnotized

24. A blue lobster rare enough to be highlighted

© NowThis / twitter

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