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These 2 Russian Blue breed kittens all enchant with their green eyes and silver fur

These 2 Russian Blue breed kittens all enchant with their green eyes and silver fur


These 2 Russian Blue breed kittens all enchant with their green eyes and silver fur

Cats are loved for their independent character, their enigmatic and unpredictable behavior. There are many cat breeds that over the years have obtained the coveted pedigree, and some show very particular characteristics. Nowadays, it is not at all uncommon to find social profiles dedicated to cats, where beautiful photos are published that show them in all their splendor.

Xafi and Auri they are among the cats to whom an Instagram profile is reserved, and it is precisely here that they have become famous: here is the beautiful couple of Russian Blue cats.

Here they are Xafi and Auri the two puppies of Russian Blue cat, American type. It is a very particular breed of cat, characterized by a short, dense, very soft hair, from gray-bluish shades and green eyes.

Xafi and Auri, in particular, belong to the subgroup American type, whose belonging cats show a more slender body with very long legs, wider ears and round eyes.

Xafi and Auri are of a beautiful gray color which in the light of the sun reveals occasionally light blue shades. The eyes are also noteworthy: they are not only green as this breed wants, but they show different shades, in particular shades tending towards light blue towards the central portion.

Like the other cats of this breed, Xafi and Auri also have gentle, typical “cat-like” ways, they are very intelligent and independent by nature. I’m skilled climbers, and they love to perch on the shoulders of their masters. Cats of this breed are playful, so much so that some specimens also learn some commands such as dog puppies.

Don’t expect meowings from these cats: they can make short chirping sounds, but in general they are a very silent breed.

Xafi and Auri are two females, born respectively in April 2016 and September of the same year. In fact they are blood sisters, the parents being the same, but belonging to two different litters.

Being sisters, their appearance is very similar but, according to their masters, Anneken Prsck and her partner, are different from each other like day and night: Xafi, in fact, has a slightly lighter coat and a more muzzle angled. Auri, on the other hand, is darker and has larger ears and a rounder muzzle. Even their meow is different, besides the movements.

Xafi’s name is a diminutive of Xafira: it was chosen to remember the letter ‘X’ with which the litter to which it belonged was called. Also, Xafira has to do with ‘sapphire’, the blue colored gem which is also one of the nuances of the cat’s fur.

Auri, on the other hand, is the name chosen to remember the belonging litter, indicated precisely with the letter ‘A’.

Although the two cats were approached at different times, they immediately adapted to each other. In a short time, each one found its own space in the house and found benefits in the company of the other

Cat lovers will surely appreciate this breed, and in particular the two beautiful kittens Xafi and Auri: their enigmatic smile is what most fascinates those who meet them at home or on their personal Instagram channel!

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