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These 19 reasons that make Australia a country like no other

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These 19 reasons that make Australia a country like no other

It is a land that everyone dreams of one day visiting. Australia. This large island, cut off almost from the world, which is only accessible by plane or by the more adventurous, by boat. This island which has several climates and species that we only see there.

Australia is fantasizing, dreaming. It's the trip of a lifetime. Short, medium, long? Regardless, the whole thing is to visit this country. And for those who can't get there, enjoying it in photos is just as confusing, magical.

Finally, magic sometimes has its limits. The photos below do not necessarily boast the advantages of this country.

1. Everything is gigantic in Australia, even the moths or bats!


2. He's upset that he can't fly!


3. The species of spiders are numerous, and can visit your toothbrush …

© unknown / imgur

4. … or accompany you on a walk

© Daniel Munoz / Reuters

5. In Australia, crocodiles can scare

© Trevor Frost /

6. In reality, the Koala can turn into a real danger …


7. Rays are also dangerous, at times …

© unknown / imgur

8. Always check your shoes before putting them on, especially in Australia


9. Snakes can nest anywhere …

© mondo8205 / reddit

10. In Australia, waitresses are recruited capable of catching a small crocodile or lizards

© mattsonhayhurst /

11. When you're tired of bills!


12. Even trees are dangerous!


13. A quotation says that in Australia, it is better to take a billiard ball than hail!


14. Neighbors are sometimes strange in Australia!

© Rodney Langham /

15. And sometimes even break into your home!

© TlNYshark /

16. How to sleep on your 2 ears? This man has the answer …

© Vicki Lowing /

17. Snake cereal!

© Dany Boiiton /

18. No one wants your death in Australia!

© Rick C

19. Finally, especially them!


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