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These 19 photos that show that the cats are all pretty crazy


These 19 photos that show that the cats are all pretty crazy

Owning an animal, and more specifically a cat, is the assurance of not having a day like the previous one, or the next. Cats avoid monotony and always question yourself.

Because, sometimes, often, they are inexhaustible and always find places to put themselves. Their madness is beyond measure and can make you smile, laugh, cry, grumble. But you love them. A little anthology, below, of your favorite companions!

1. “Don’t dare come and get your property, it’s mine!”

© unknown / imgur

2. If something doesn’t work afterwards, we know why! The computer was of course disconnected.

© unknown / imgur

3. “Is it me where it smells of grilled hairs?”

© AsadQayyum / imgur

4. “Sorry man, but your things prevented us from settling in!”

© unknown / imgur

5. “Don’t leave me! I stay hooked!”

© Kal-El99 / reddit

6. And there you have it, all you have to do is eat again

7. “Do you know there is nothing more comfortable than your bed?”

© kittypotter / reddit

8. “Friends, can you bring us some fresh fish? Thanks!”

© ZigguratofDoom / reddit

9. It only needs to spread its wings!

© HSimpson818 / reddit

10. “I told you we needed a cat door!”

© Enter_Text_Here / reddit

11. “It’s not all, but if you wait to eat, I eat now!”

© unknown / imgur

12. “Do I really hesitate … money or a meal?”

13. “Here, no one can steal my share!”

© unknown / imgur

14. During a heat wave, all means are good for cooling off!

15. “I’m so ashamed that I want to disappear!”

© PeanutbutterPirate / imgur

16. When your cat is not very selfie!

17. “Arf, this section is really not practical for looking outside!”

© taraclaire / reddit

18. “Make the invisible, do not fall, do not make the slightest noise …”

© unknown / imgur

19. “No but do you really think you can get rid of my hair?”

© this_immortal / reddit

20. “Can we play hide and seek?”

© twelfthdr / imgur

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