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These 19 behaviors that show animals can be funny

Animal Fun

These 19 behaviors that show animals can be funny

Animals represent an inexhaustible source of pleasure and happiness. Many are breathtakingly beautiful. Their intelligence is often overdeveloped, surely also neglected by humans.

Funny scenes take place under the eyes of amateur or professional photographers. They have reported many pretty funny and extremely rare shots. Below, they could strongly claim interpretation prices. Because they are truly actors!

1. And one, 2, 3, everyone with me!

Laszlo Potozky

2. "I do my daily gym!"

Geert Weggen

3. "Have they spoken to me?"

Shane Keena

4. A small bath never hurts

Yusuke Okada

5. "Yes, I won a camera …"

Michou Von Beschwitz

6. "Nooooon, don't go, not now!"

Muhammad Faishol Husni

7. When your mother gives you a soap!

Nick Parayko

8. Disaster!

Daniel L. Friend

9. "Do you have a mobile?"

Amy kennedy

10. Youps!

Jakob Strecker

11. "I greet you, but I don't get up!"

Simon Gee

12. He teaches her dance before marriage

Luca Venturi

13. A squirrel wig!

Maria Kula

14. Fall asleep everywhere!

Denise Dupras

15. "Ahahahah, it's tickling!"

Michele Hall

16. They too can smile!

Tanya Houppermans

17. "She's very good, that one!"

Amy kennedy

18. A very classic language print!

Barney Koszalka

19. "Let me do this!"

Dmitry Utkim

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