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These 19 baby donkeys who crack the net

Animal Fun

These 19 baby donkeys who crack the net

Donkeys are often prone to mockery or questionable jokes. Besides, the expression, "you are a donkey" is not very flattering and brings out the lazy side or even the idiot of the individual in question. And yet, the donkey is an animal with multiple qualities and an often irresistible face.

This is even more true for the youngest. Babies, called donkeys, usually have heads to make any individual shudder in front of him. These photos, below, may make you think about adopting a donkey (if you have the space, of course), or to reconsider this animal at its fair value.

So which colt would you adopt if you had the chance?

1. Sparky and his friend Ted … inseparable

Craig Borrow

2. The delicacy of the donkey is one of its qualities


3. Just watch, and admire

Klein and Hubert, Klein and Hubert

4. The emerging friendship between a colt and a horse


# 5 Extra Floof

6. "Cool, baby"

7. A little donkey named Dougie


8. He is only 7 weeks old


9. "Look, I'm running"

Jean-Louis Klein & Marie-Luce Hubert

10. A helpful colt for its young protégé


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